Favorite Spring Outfit: Fun Hoodies & Denim Cut-Offs


I have two favorite pairs of denim shorts that I will be wearing on repeat throughout the summer.  Both are from American Eagle, and both are currently on sale for under $30.  Seriously.  These slouchy bermuda shorts (the most comfortable shorts I’ve ever put on) and these midi shorts will be my go-to’s this summer.  The midi shorts are the perfect length . . . not so short where you feel too exposed, but shorter (and tighter) than bermudas so they feel a little sexier.  You can run around in them (and chase your littles) without feeling like your booty is hanging out and they’re soft and comfy because of the stretchy fabric.  They go with everything from a swimsuit and flip flops at the pool or with a button-up and heels for a night out.

One of my favorite ways to wear them is with a comfy hoodie at the beach . . . when the sun is past it’s prime and there’s a soft breeze off the lake (how gorgeous is Lake Superior?).  I found the best hoodie a few weeks ago . . . super-crazy-soft and comfy and I’ve been searching for more like it ever since.  I mean, I did come across this hoodie with a llama with a unicorn horn and pink hair standing under a rainbow on the front, so . . . I can scratch that one off the list.  One can only hope it’s as soft and comfy as the one I’m wearing.  (But seriously, is it bad that I want that llama hoodie?  Or maybe you’re more of a cat person?  Wookie? Ok, I’ll stop.)


Alternative Women’s Hoodie: Runs a bit small (wearing size medium) but is super soft, crazy comfortable and available in lots of colors and patterns.

American Eagle Midi Shorts:(Currently on sale for UNDER $30).  I sized up – wearing a size 10 and am normally a size 6/28 . . . the bigger size is much comfier, IMO. I’m dying to try these Boy Midi shorts . . .

Nickel & Suede earrings in Luxe Linen . . . my favorite wear-with-anything-and-everything earrings.

Steve Madden Slip-On Sneakers: similar and on sale for under $40.

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