Hospital Bag Checklist: What I Packed As A New Mom


They say you should pack your hospital bag about one month before your due date. I wish I had it all together to pull that off, but at the time of writing this, I’m one week out (yay!) and feeling pretty proud to be all packed up and waiting for my little one’s arrival. Let’s just say…TGFA (Thank god for Amazon).

Hospital Bag Checklist: For Mom & Baby

However and whenever you prepare it, the hospital bag is one of those big things you anticipate all throughout your pregnancy (or at least I did!). It’s a fun — and slightly nerve-wracking — last step before baby and personally, I loved doing a little shopping in preparation for the big day.

Aside from the big things like your insurance card and ID, a properly installed car seat, and a going home outfit for the baby, let’s talk about what else made it into my hospital bag that I feel will make me (and baby!) a bit more comfortable during our hospital stay.

Clothes & Comforts for Mom:

  • Pajamas with easy access for nursing / skin-to-skin – Nordstrom moonlight pjs are my all-time favorite, I’ve been wearing one size up all throughout my pregnancy.
  • Going home outfit – I opted for a matching set and comfortable leggings, one size up
  • Uggs/easy shoes to slip on for going home – Simple black Uggs are my go-to for colder months.
  • Nursing bras – I’ve already started wearing these. Nothing glamorous, but they seem to do the trick until I get the hang of things.
  • Maternity/postpartum underwear – I’ve tried all. the. underwear. These seem to be the most comfortable, so far.
  • Cozy socks
  • Slippers – I’m leaving my nicer Uggs at home, and got these instead.
  • Shower shoes
  • Dark towel for after your shower
  • Pillow + colored pillowcase – I prefer this in case hospital linens are white, or something gets on the pillow during your stay
  • Portable charger or extra long phone charger
  • Toiletry bag – I filled with good hair ties, toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup remover, cotton pads, cleanser, moisturizer, mini shampoo/conditioner, mini dry shampoo, soap, aquaphor, light makeup
  • Kindle – I love my Kindle for some downtime, but it also helps me fall back to sleep if I have any time to rest

Clothes & Comforts for Baby:

Optional Things to Pack Based on Your Hospital (but may be nice to have):

Everything I Packed In My Hospital Bag As A New Mom

What to pack for the hospital: a new mom's guide

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And that’s it! If you too are preparing for a new baby, enjoy it! I’m wishing you all the best and hoping this hospital bag checklist was a helpful one.




  1. My babies are all grown up but this is still helpful as I plan to give my niece (due in June) a hospital/baby care bag and some of these items would be perfect for that!

  2. Depends and hydrogel nipple pads (that you can put in a mini fridge or cooler) were lifesavers. Get two sets of the nipple pads so you always have one that’s cold. Pay for the private recovery room upgrade if it’s available and not covered by insurance. Worth it.

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