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Hi, all! If you’re anything like me, you’re sitting in front of the computer right now after a (give or take) 5-day Thanksgiving food and drink bender, slightly delirious from the food coma thinking, “December already?” In my mind, summer was in full swing about 5 minutes ago. Sigh.

To get past my seasonal denial (it’s a thing) I look forward to holiday parties and get-togethers to get me through the colder days ahead.  Hey, just because I can’t stand the weather doesn’t mean I can’t embrace the season, right? My December calendar is already looking full and I’m guessing by now, yours may too. I’ve got my outfits covered (thanks to a little inspo from my TME teammates) but now’s the time to stock up on whatever catches your eye, from multi-purpose bags to fun containers and tea towels for wrapping up gifts of food, wine or whatever! ModCloth is a one-stop-shop for ANYONE. We’re talking girlfriends, guys, moms, neighbors, and everything is unique, affordable and most importantly, stuff I’d actually love to receive.

SO – Let’s talk holiday hostess gifting. *Drum roll please…*

Don’t get me wrong, all gifts are great gifts if you’ve taken some time to consider the work/money/time your host or hostess has put into the gathering and picked something special to show your appreciation. But I’m going to play devil’s advocate here – we might need to leave ugly gift wrap in 2016. Not to mention, non-reusable ANYTHING (plates, lunchboxes, napkins) is slowly but surely becoming a society no-no. Lucky for us gifters, retailers like ModCloth offer endless bags that are pretty enough to present as a gift but functional enough to use again. Mix up your gifting strategy this holiday and try something new – it’s kind of your civic duty. Plus, your hostess is going to love it.

My Favs


Are We Having Pun Yet? Tea Towel Set – Printed tea towels that read “Oh Snap!” and “Dill With It”? Yeah, I need those. And now that all of my friends have their own place, they do too. It’s super easy to wrap a bottle of wine in one of these – just check out this short, no-nonsense tutorial. If I can do it, you can do it.

The Hungoevr Cookbook – I think the misspelled title is intended to represent every single one of us who have been hungover and can’t even muster up the strength to spell it right (you know who you are). This book is hilarious with tons of great recipes whether you’ve actually done a little too much drinking or you’re just a 20-something who only eats this way. Slap a bow on it and you’ve got yourself a gift.

Playing Cookie Lunch Bag – Looking to share some of those Christmas cookies you’ve made with a hostess?  Pack them in this lunch bag and also, live by the saying on this lunch bag (I do). Adorn with a little ornament, too. I couldn’t resist this one.

Up to the Cask Bottle Opener – Since I’ve already abolished ugly gift bags, let’s keep the ball rolling and abolish ugly bottle openers, too. We don’t need ’em. This golden elephant bottle opener, however…we do. I’d hang it from a cute bottle tote as a little something extra.

Classified Vin-Formation Wine Tote – Does a wine gift really even count if it’s not in a cute tote? Of course it does. I’m not a monster. BUT a cute tote like this (especially for the wine-lover in your life) would be great to bring on picnics or even for dinner at a local BYOB.

Shop More Ideas


There you have it! Holiday hostess (and host) gifting – done. Have more ideas for reusable gift wrapping? Leave us a comment!

– Gwen

A huge thank-you to Modcloth for sponsoring this post! With holiday gifting on everyone’s mind, I was thrilled to find (and share) these unexpectedly fun items. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own.


  1. I saw a martini mug (It’s called coffee to cocktails) on their site that I’m contemplating for about three different people. It would make a great hostess gift too.

    For wrapping presents, I save my kids’ artwork all year long and use it. Especially the giant pieces of paper from their easel. It saves me the guilt of just throwing it away and the storage problem of keeping it forever, and people seem to like it. I like the look of those bags, but I like the price of kids artwork. 🙂

      • We moved two years ago, and I still have a pile of packing paper left over. I wrap gifts in it then give my little girl crayons or markers to decorate it. We write the To’s and From’s right on the paper, so need for tags either.

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