Hot or Horrid? You decide! The Two Shoes My Husband Hated


When enlisting my hubby's help in finalizing the top ten best Winter Party Shoes For Moms, there were two pairs of shoes that I found completely fabulous and sexy and fashion forward.  But, to my surprise, not only did the love of my life not like them, he hated them.  With a passion that surprised me, coming from such a typically easy-going guy. 

Here's what transpired:

Shoe 1 – Elizabeth and James Lola Open Toe Ruffle Pumps

Elizabeth and James Lola Open Toe Ruffle PumpsS says:  This shoe is crazy-sexy-hot.  Love the color, love the heel, love the ruffle detailing. Would wear these with patterned black tights and short-shorts.  Will love them all day, everyday.  Will star in my dreams tonight.

Mike says: Augh! [recoiling in horror] Baby, you need me.  Because it looks like this shoe threw up on itself.  You know when you watch a documentary on evolution?  And they show some species with an under-bite so big it can barely open its mouth?  And you watch, and you think, "man, that thing will never last"?  That's this shoe.  Something went wrong.  Something…just…went…wrong.  Survival of the fittest, Baby.  Don't bet on this one.

The Lola Open Toe Ruffle Pump retails at for $360.

Shoe 2 – Haute Dessert Heels

Haute Dessert Heels from Anthropologie S says:  This shoe has sexy librarian written all over it.  But in a funkier way.  I'd wear these with black tights and a short little chiffon-y dress, like Sienna Miller's outfit here.  What's not to like?  These are completely drool-worthy!

Mike says: Oh, hell no.  Are you serious?  You are?  Listen, if Disney were making a movie about shoes, these shoes would be the star.  These little shoes would have a great, big 'ol heart and would be trying to make it on Broadway.   There would be a bunch of other little shoes all singing and tap-dancing and lyrics like, "when life gets you down just….SHIIIIIINE….."

The Haute Dessert Heels retails at Anthropologie for $328.

So you be the judge.  Hot shoes, or horrid?  Seriously – leave a comment.  Mike and I have an open bet on these two.




  1. I think they are fabulously SEXY!!! You cant just look at the shoe on its own. You have to see its potential in the grand scheme of things. Men just dont get it!! I can just imagine the first pair with a real hard edge city outfit to offset/contrast the romantic look of them. For example, pretty sheer blouse, sexy leather pants and those shoes. I’m into it! And the oxfords definitely need a softer outfit like the example you showed. TOTALLY HOT is my vote! By the way, I LOOOVE your blog and read it religiously!

  2. I have to agree with Micheal on shoe #1. It’s like someone took a renaissance slipper and stuck a hooker heel on it. #2 is ok, but I can see how it’s attractive to women and not men.

  3. Hot for number one and horrid for number too. The second pair looks like a witch shoe to me…not in a good way. The first pair are totally hot and would be rockin’ with skinny jeans and a floaty metallic shirt. And lots of bangles.

  4. You crack me up!
    I have to admit I hate the first one. The second one would be cute with a closed toe – but the Disney movie comment is hysterical, so I will call that one a toss up.

  5. I think the first pair looks like an alien took over your feet. I’m still undecided on the second pair, though. I kind of agree with Ashley on how it’s attractive for women and not for men.

  6. Sorry Shana, I love you but I have to do with Mike on both of these. BUT, I will admit that I just purchased a pair of furry crocs and LOVE them, so, you know my style!

  7. Oh boy. This is tough. I have to say horrid. I know I know you are shocked. Here’s the thing–the inspiration behind both shoes is fabulous–ruffle, shooties, metalic colors, mens inspired, patent etc etc. But as happens all too often the inspiration took a wrong turn. I wish the first one had a different heel and balanced the size of the ruffle against the rest of the shoe. I wish the second one closed up the toe and went for buttery leather rather than patent….They both are so close to being HOT but I think they missed it. I cant believe I am agreeing with MIKE 🙂

  8. Ok, Ok, Ok – the verdict is in: You guys (mostly) hated them. LOL!!! I get it.
    And Amber…next time my husband shows up with duct-taped glasses (again!)…I will simply remind you that you once sided with him in a fashion-related dispute. ‘Nuff said. 🙂
    And Terry, Tina & Elisabeth – thanks for the love! Be comforted that we are in very good company – look what Lucky Mag featured as their Editor’s pick the other day (hee hee):

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