How Did I Live Without This Backpack-Kid-Carrier? (A Kokopax Carrier Review and Giveaway)


Mamas, you know those hiking backpacks?  The big ones?

Hi, Dad.


Yeah.  They are heavy.  I bought this one (after trying on, like 10 others), simply because it was the only backpack I found that didn't make me feel like I was going to fall backwards, turtle-like (It's MEC, btw. WOOT WOOT Canada).

Notice, however, the date. Raines is juuuust over one.  And he was in the 7th percentile for weight.  7th, Mamas.  THE SEVENTH.

How much use do you think I've gotten out of that pack since?  Yup – you guessed it:  Nada.  And certainly not with Pax.  Not. Even. Once. 

I could eat my brother for breakfast.  75%, baby.  75%.


I had pretty much abandoned back-pack use.  The Ergo I love, and used it quite a bit with Pax…but in the last several months, the kid is just too big.  Even with the Ergo on my back, I can only wear him for 20-30 minutes.  And my beloved Belle baby carrier in leopard?  Running errands (in and out of the car) only

Which is too bad, because Pax loves to be carried.  Like the big, 'ol baby he is.  Sorry buddy – your Mum is just too small.

Enter the Kokopax carrier:



I asked to review this carrier for a travel tips article we have in the works.  The literature stated that it conveniently fits into an airplane's overhead bin.  Nice!  But Mamas….this backpack has proved to be life-changing.  


First of all, it's insanely lightweight.  So even with Hefty Boy Pax, I never feel like I'm going to turtle over.  That alone rocks my world. 

But despite the smaller profile, it's still comfortable enough for snoozin':



And I love that it stands alone – even with the kiddo inside – making it super easy to get on/off.

Getting it off is so easy…he didn't even wake up.


Suddenly, I'm taking this thing everywhere.  Late night walks on the boardwalk….

Checkin' out the view – he loves how high up he is


Toolin' around town….


And you can see how Pax solved the no-sun-canopy- problem.  Stinker took my hat:



I'm wearing the Kokopax Original carrier in the Watson print.  I chose the Waston pattern simply because it was interesting, yet subdued.  Which means that, in a pinch, Mike will use it.  But he's a modern, sensitive type of guy (who'll also carry my diaper bag – aka purse – if it gets too heavy), so, you know…maybe not for everyone.

I'm also really tough.



And Mamas?  You know those days?  Those teething/whiney/getting sick/super-clingy days?  I wear this baby around the house.  Like 24-7.  The advantage with a backpack (over a front-carrier) is that I can cook.  I chop onions, I stir stuff on the stove…all without worrying that Pax will try to "help".  Why did NO ONE tell me this backpack tip with Raines?  He was ALL ABOUT the constant-carry.  Sheesh.

But the one adjustment I'd like to see Kokopax make is to add some kind of clip on the shoulder, so I could prevent my bag from sliding off.  The Kokopax straps are thick (and comfortable)…but I do have a hard time keeping my diaper bag over my shoulder.  (Obviously, this is minor compared to the fact that I'm actually getting dinner prepared before Mike comes home.  Seriously, Mamas.  He thinks I've been abducted.)

Want one?

To win a Kokopax Original Carrier (your choice of available patterns), enter one of the following ways:

1.  Leave us a comment on Facebook, telling us where you'd wear your Kokopax

2.  Leave us a comment below telling us the strangest place you've baby-worn (front carrier or backpack).

For Kokopax special promotions and new product announcements, follow Kokopax on Facebook.  And be sure to check out their accessories – in addition to totes, they have hysterical (and cute) baby-sun-hats to match your Kokopax carrier.  You can buy all Kokopax products on

Good luck, Mamas!




  1. Airport bathroom… Bar… Coachella music festival… lots of planes (but I don’t think that’s weird)… cooking dinner in front carry since I haven’t figured out how to put her in the ergo on my back by myself.

  2. Not such a strange place to wear my baby but I put her In my ergo at a la leche league meeting while three women tried to help me figure out how to nurse while wearing it. That part was weird.

  3. i love all the comments! these pictures REALLY made me miss you and Mike let alone the little guys. Cool carrier, great print. Love you!
    PS anyone that babywears to a bar hands down gets my vote πŸ™‚ love it!

  4. To the changing table. Not far but I had one on my back, one on my front, and on on the table! Now I only have one that loves a carrier and the Kokopax is exactly what I need for my chunky monkey.

  5. I don’t know if I’ve babyworn anywhere really strange, but when my daughter was an infant I carried her (and breastfed in a carrier) in MANY restaurants without anyone even realizing a baby was with us. Once she was old enough to go on my back, I wore her Ev. Er. Y. Where. Looking forward to babywearing #2 next fall. πŸ™‚

  6. I didn’t babywear much with my oldest (busted leg, couldn’t walk, long story) but with my newbie, I strap her on for everything and everywhere. Favorites include vacuuming and hiking (which the kokopax would be totally rockin’ for).

  7. I don’t know about strange…seems most of us have babyworn in the bathroom! my son practically lived in his ring sling for the first year, so wherever I went, he went πŸ™‚

  8. I used a Katan for both my babies but they have sadly outgrown it πŸ™ Now I know I need a Kokopax! The strangest place I’ve ever worn a baby was to a big rock concert. He wore the noise blocking headphones and slept through the whole thing!

  9. To the doctor’s office during my husband’s vasectomy. #3 was a wonderful surprise, but she went with us to make sure there won’t be a 4th!

  10. Maybe not too strange, but I have worn my 2 month old to a church service in a baby katan which is now too small for him. He doesn’t like the ergo and I would love to try the structured pack when he is a little older

  11. The strangest place I’ve baby worn is a ferris wheel! Yep, I had DD in the Ergo (before she became too heavy) at the summer fair, the carnie approved us and she rode the whole thing right there with me! It was awesome.

  12. Hmm…I’ve worn my daughter on my back during a photo shoot (I’m a photographer PT) more than once! Oh, and in the bathroom a few times, but that isn’t weird is it?

  13. I love all the comments! My husband thinks the strangest place I’ve worn our son is on the Las Vegas strip. We were kicked out of a casino because my son was too young, which was fine because it was super smoky, and I’m not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to bring him. I’ve also nursed both my babies (not at the same time, but that would be pretty fancy!) in the Bjorn while walking down South Broadway in Denver. I have tried at least 3 backpacks but they are too bulky, and I think this one would be perfect. Super cute!

  14. I’ve worn my baby in a public restroom many times but it sounds like it’s more common than I thought! Usually I had no other choice at the time, at least not a sanitary one.

  15. My three month-old daughter loves being in the sling or baby carrier for lots of activities. Not the strangest, but her favorite is while I’m putting on my makeup (when this occurs). She loves to watch herself (and me) in our big bathroom mirror. She becomes extremely focused and alert. Somehow I think I’ve already created a girly girl.

  16. I don’t know that I have carried anywhere weird. My daughter outgrew the carrier I had before I got a ton of use out of it. I did love to put her in that for thrift store shopping as it allowed me to use two hands to browse.

  17. In a tractor… we were visiting the in-laws farm and out and about when it started to rain so we hopped in for a quick ride to the barn!

  18. In the dentist’s chair while getting my teeth cleaned. I also ended up nursing her for a bit too. Weirdest feeling having someone poking around in your mouth while your little one is nursing like she’s starving!

  19. Well, we live overseas, so I’ve worn my youngest to Petra (where he’s been nursed sitting on a bench in front of the Treasury – twice), the deserts of Wadi Rum, etc. LOVE back carriers, but he’s 95th percentile, so light is good! (Shipping would be US, btw)

  20. Wow, this thing is awesome! I wonder if they are enough of them around that I could find one on Craigslist… hmmm…
    Anyway, strangest place I can think of might be… uh… okay no where. Just all the normal places! Errands, house cleaning, park, beach, etc.

  21. Definitely done the bathroom. Probably the craziest was rock climbing in Wadi Rum, Jordan (think Lawrence of Arabia with a preschooler, a toddler, and an infant).

  22. I wore my babe just about everywhere…planes, trains, boats, from the wilderness of Northern Ontario, to the furthest reaches of Southern Japan. And in a few months, I’ll probably be wearing her in Indonesia. That is if she’ll let me. She’s kind of not so into baby wearing any more now that she’s almost two.

  23. I guess bathrooms are the norm for babywearing. When you’ve gotta go…
    Can’t think of anyplace strange just school parties, shopping, cub scout events and camping/hiking. My face was an elementary school dance performance. It was so loud but she fell asleep in the middle of it anyway.

  24. Shana, Have you tried the Macpac? Just wondering if you tested it? We have one and it’s pretty good. I’m still using the Ergo for Julius but he’s only 10 kg now. x s

  25. I unfortunately haven’t worn J anywhere strange because I just couldn’t get the hang of the packs on my own, trying to situate and get his wriggling body into anything securely. I would love this pack so that I could get my hands back!

  26. I guess going to the bathroom. Thanks for the chance to enter here bc I don’t have fb. Watson is their nicest print-bubbles is out of stock.

  27. Funny you should ask… we are touring Portugal right now – for 5 weeks – without a stroller. Yep, no stroller, just the Ergo, in a desperate attempt to keep luggage to a minimum. Two days ago, we went on a boat trip, 10 month old baby on my back, lifejacket on my front. Pretty crazy pic!!

  28. I wore my son in a front-facing Ergo to hike the highest mountain in Maine last summer on vacation. He was 1, and I felt like a bad-ass mama by the time we made it to the top!

  29. I haven’t babyworn anywhere strange because I’m currently pregnant with #1 due in September! I’d love the chance to find some crazy babywearing places though as that is one of the things I’m really looking forward too! These look awesome!

  30. Well, certainly the bathroom. But also teaching innercity girls (but only once, when childcare fell through and he was little enough not to distract roomful of teenagers alert for ANY cute cuddly distraction), on more than one snowy hike, a merry-go-round with bigger brother, a hayride, er, well, doing most of the things I’ve had to do in my daily life! Cooking is the time I most send mental thanks to the makers of Ergo — takes an impossible, miserable task with toddler on the ground to delightful sharing task peacefully done. Anyway this carrier looks really, really wonderful, and as boy #2 is 20 months I’m very interested in a carrier that might take us further into his big-boy life!

  31. Only tried the front carrier for walks a couple of times and several times around the house. I’m thinking maybe the backpack style would be better, I just couldn’t ever get used to the front carrier!

  32. I’ve worn my boy (in the front) while in an airplane bathroom. A girls’ gotta do what a girl’s gotta do…

  33. This looks awesome. I have been shopping for a new pack since I accidentally backed over mine when I left it standing behind the car. My neighbors all laugh about the baby on my back while I mow my lawn.

  34. Where have i NOT worn my babies. I have worn them everywhere! I am a certified baby wearer. So no wierd places just everywhere!

  35. I was a student at the time so I wore my daughter all over the university’s campus, including to meet with advisers and to a few classes when I couldn’t get a sitter. Pretty sure everyone thought I was crazy, but I made it!

  36. Hmmmm… Since my little girl hates to be put down, I wear her all the time, so weirdest place? Hard to say. Perhaps to the bar to celebrate my friends graduation? (Where I pulled super-mom duty, wearing her AND nursing her at the same time!)

  37. Everywhere and anywhere! The highlights being; backstage at a Fleet Foxes show with my (then) 6 week old (with noise canceling headphones), on a train, on a horse, and in the ocean.

  38. I’m not a momma yet…but my sister is. She definitely can use this as I’ve seen her strut her stuff with a kid strapped to her in many places – the mall, Puerto rico, weddings, at my nephew’s 4th bday (my niece was around 4 months old.
    So I’d really love to win it for her…especially since I know she’ll pass it along to me when I’m ready to make some memories of my own as a momma.

  39. I wore my son around at church in a pretty sling I had made. It kept him happy & quiet. This backback looks great!

  40. When my son was about 10 weeks old, I wore him in a Moby wrap while square dancing.
    I’d love to try this carrier. My now almost ten month old is pretty content on my front in the Ergo, but doesn’t like to be worn on the back- I think it’s because he can’t look around. It looks like the Kokopax gives a pretty good view.

  41. The strangest place we’ve babyworn is on top of the St Louis Arch. My son was 6 weeks old, and we caught his first smile while towering above the city in his carrier πŸ™‚

  42. Not too strange, but challenging for this 5’1″ mama: in the public library’s family restroom front wearing one baby, changing the other baby’s diaper while helping my three year old go potty and making sure the three year old cousin with us did not pull anything too scary out of the trash. Hmn… that’s when i decided to get a double stroller! Though seeing this backpack carrier makes me think I might be up for the everyday challenge of public places again πŸ˜‰

  43. Hmmm… I think there are few places that I would ever consider weird for babywearing. I couldn’t have made it through any baby parenting without wraps and carriers!
    At 4 days old, I wore my son to Wild Birds Unlimited to shop for a mother’s day gift for my MIL. I’ve also worn my kiddo in a golf cart although I don’t golf.
    These look great!

  44. I’ve worn my babies everywhere–bathrooms, airplanes, restaurants, baby friendly bars, grocery stores, you name it. My boys love to be carried and my husband is gone 3-4 days a week, so I rely heavily on my carriers. This looks great for my chunky baby!

  45. A LA Dodger playoff baseball game-including the long hike to the stadium because we “prepped” (aka had before game beer & hot dogs) at a friends house within long walking distance.

  46. strangest place? To bed. R-man had to be carried everywhere or he would scream. So for a while I would just wear him around the house…. when he fell asleep, I could finally lay down and nap, too — as long as I didn’t take the ergo off….

  47. I’ve carried them everywhere that poeple have listed already: the washroom, the ocean (dont ask!), shopping, teaching, toddler potty training, hiking, camping, etc!

  48. Well, not too strange a place since it looks like about everyone has gone to the bathroom with a child strapped to them! But very challenging for this 5’1″ mama:in the public library’s family bathroom front wearing one baby, changing the other baby’s diaper, trying to help the recently potty trained 3 year old from falling in the toilet(seriously! WHY do they make the public toilet’s so BIG?)while also trying to keep the 3 year old cousin with us from lying on the floor or doing anything that might cause her to ingest anything too revolting. Yup, that’s when I decided it was finally time break down and buy a double stroller(though a triple would really be better). So seeing a backpack that someone petite can actually wear is exciting! I’m thinking it might just be possible to go out in public again πŸ˜‰

  49. My husband and I used to wear our super-casual ergo to church. Me in a dress, and he would sometimes wear a suit (he used to put his suit jacket over it). It worked so well, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

  50. i guess mine aren’t very weird — hiking, the bathroom, the airplane. but now that i have an almost 2.5 year old, the ergo is harder to use.

  51. I wore daughter #2 down the aisle at my SIL/BIL’s wedding. She was a mess due to travel screwing with her schedule, and it was a very small wedding, so the options were limited.

  52. While riding a camel in the desert of wadi rum……not really but how are there multiple entries for this place! Β Military families? Β My vote is for you… If not me πŸ™‚
    Craziest place for me is just while doing yard work, I know, boring, but he’s 6months and in the 98%!!!! Β I love you Z but shouldn’t you be walking at this weight? Just kidding sweets I’ll snuggle you forever!

  53. To church. Not very strange but I did no baby wearing with my first because I couldn’t find a carrier that worked for our tall and heavy child without tumping me over. Now that we have a second, I’m using a sling that I love but we haven’t been anywhere strange yet!

  54. Not exactly strange, but my husband recently carried both our boys – a 6month old in a front pack and a 2-1/2 year old on his shoulders – through Pike Place market in Seattle since I had a bad shoulder.

  55. I think I wore my daughter anywhere we went. I would love to try her on my back though, cooking dinner that way would help so much!

  56. in a front pack in the potty – yep, we had a child who was all about the constant carry! and once she was asleep in that front back there was no way I was going to wake her up by taking her off!
    And thank you SO MUCH for showing this pack – it’s going on my wish list for baby #3.

  57. Well, the place wasn’t that strange, but I did wear my toddler in the ergo (back carry) when I was pregnant with #2 many times. It was the only way I could carry the basket downstairs to the laundry room in our apartment. Now pregnant with #3, I think the kokopax would be plenty helpful!

  58. I baby wear all the time, and have even done a double ERGO wear when my daughter was tiny and my middle son wasn’t walking yet. Heavy but doable.
    BTW, you do realize that you can wear the ERGO on your back, right? I find with the bigger kids (my middle son is 75% too, after a smaller older brother) the back carry works great right up to the weight limit for the ERGO.

  59. Weirdest place? Well, like everyone else, the bathroom! This looks great as I’m struggling with my ergo and my 13 month old who is no fan of me attempting to wear him on my back. Right now, it’s front or nothing. πŸ™

  60. We only have one car, so the kiddo has been on RTD in the Moby and, once she stopped hating it like fire, in the ring sling. We just took a trip in the sling last week – tons of fun. She’s (finally!) getting bigger, though, and the Kokopax looks fantastic.

  61. I’m 5’2″ and my 13 month old has always been over the 95 percentile in weight and height… (he just turned 1 and is wearing size 2 clothes at 27lbs!) I wear him in my Beco carrier shopping at Costco! He’s too heavy for me to carry for longer than 30 mins… whats this small mama to do?
    OMG Kokopax looks cool! I need one!!

  62. I’ve carried one baby on my chest while pushing two in the cart at the supermarket. I wear the youngest everywhere, but nothing super weird comes to mind.

  63. I don’t think I babywore anywhere too strange, used it at the grocery store until she was about 10 months old, but I have been looking for a backpack carrier. My chubber girl is just too big to carry in the traditional soft carriers!

  64. I would have to say, like everyone else, the bathroom. But not just in the bathroom but standing in the bathtub pants rolled up with my 5 month old on my back in the Beco while I cleaned the tile and my toddler “cleaned the tub” (aka took a bath). My husband wore our first on his back (in a very uncomfortable backpack we never use now) walking our two goats around the neighborhood.

  65. Wore both my boys everywhere…apple picking, Notre Dame football games, museums and any other places we go! Looking forward to wearing #3 in August and would love this carrier!!

  66. Airplane bathroom while flying solo (sans husband). Subway – but that’s not too strange. Hiking, Power walking…you name it, I’ve worn him.

  67. Haven’t worn my little one anywhere weird because I don’t have a comfy/practical/light-enough carrier to GET anywhere weird! Ours only allows us the basic ’round the house duties.

  68. airport bathroom while traveling by myself (no one/where else to put him and her!), or maybe on my back while processing freshly harvested venison? Eww.

  69. Hmm.. I guess in the bathroom is the weirded place. But what option do you have while at the mall without a stroller?

  70. Not really strange, but I’ve worn my baby around the house while vacuuming – totally put him to sleep. πŸ™‚ Strangest one I’ve seen is a dad in my neighborhood riding his bike while wearing a backpack carrier. That really caught my attention for obvious safety reasons.

  71. Not so weird, but fun – hiking in Hawaii while lost trying to find a lava tube blow hole. My daughter (6 weeks at the time) and I sure got sweaty with the heat and humidity with her in the ergo. Ick! My 3 year old still loves the hiking backpack we use on occassion and he’s 95th percentile, so you can imagine how my back hurts after those hikes, sure could use something lighter!

  72. I’m currently pregnant, and don’t have a carrier yet – so I’d love one! And I’d use it alllll over, right? πŸ™‚ (who knows all the places you can carry a baby?! It’s my first! I have no idea what I’m getting into!)

  73. I haven’t worn my daughter any where strange because I simply can. not. do. it. Seriously. The 2 cup increase with nursing OMG…. the back pain! It’s horrible. I can’t add her in a carrier on top of that for more than 5 minutes. This would be great for dinner making, that’s exactly my problem right now! I can’t spend all of my time chasing her around the kitchen because she dug out the french press or some nonsense.

  74. Can’t say I’ve baby worn anywhere too strange, but I get some looks when I do. I have a home daycare so when we walk I’ve got two in a stroller, two walking and one in a sling but the backpack carrier would make life a bit easier.

  75. I baby-wore my firstborn EVERYWHERE because that was practically the only time that she would be happy/take a nap. This isn’t weird, per se, but I wore her all over Italy when she was 6 months old and we were vacationing there. It was considered unusual (babies seemed to all be in strollers, even on bumpy cobbled streets!), so we got a lot of stares but I was comfortable and happy and so was my baby! She saw Florence, the Cinque Terre, and many other places as well from her vantage point close to Mama. Now that I’m expecting my #2 child I’m excited to maybe try out a new carrier!

  76. Bathroom! When they are asleep… and you have to pee… it is almost like being able to go to the bathroom by yourself! (HA! What is that like?!?)

  77. I carried my daughter in a simple front baby carrier to Costco. I decided to buy a watermelon. Somehow I managed to pick the watermelon up. It was quit a sight, Me…my daughter…a watermelon…and way far away, the bottom of the cart. I had forgotten how deep Costco carts are. Standing at a tall 5’3″ I managed to not squish my daughter but half way into placing the watermelon in my cart I had to let go drop it to the bottom. My long arms just couldn’t reach far enough. πŸ˜‰ From that point on I decided I needed a backpack style carrier instead. haha!

  78. I carried my daughter in a simple front baby carrier to Costco. I decided to buy a watermelon. Somehow I managed to pick the watermelon up. It was quit a sight, Me…my daughter…a watermelon…and way far away, the bottom of the cart. I had forgotten how deep Costco carts are. Standing at a tall 5’3″ I managed to not squish my daughter but half way into placing the watermelon in my cart I had to let go drop it to the bottom. My long arms just couldn’t reach far enough. πŸ˜‰ From that point on I decided I needed a backpack style carrier instead. haha!

  79. I wear #2 in an Ergo everywhere, too. All shopping- Costco, Whole Foods, & Ikea happens with her on my chest. Also all park play dates so I can chase #1 without (heaven forbid!) having to put her down. Not a strange place- but today when it was time to leave the park #1 went in to tantrum mode (no shock) until I offered him a “backpack ride” aka piggy back… so there I was with a kid on my back and a baby on my front. It actually worked. πŸ™‚ Love this blog!!

  80. Not the safest but I did wear my baby while riding a cruiser bike hitched to a burley with two toddlers in tow . . . ahh desperate moments.

  81. I got into the babywearing a little late, so nowhere too weird because the little one wasn’t having it. Hope to change that with twins on the way!

  82. I’ve worn my baby to the vet with my rambunctious dog. Maybe it’s not that strange but the vet certainly looked at me like I was crazy!

  83. another for the bar and wine tasting, but since that’s not sooo unusual…probably the strangest would be the hospital. I’m a pastor and wore my daughter for a couple trips to the hospital to visit congregants.

  84. At my 13 year-old son’s baseball games, events, etc. Trust me, there aren’t many moms on the sidelines with a 13-year old AND a baby around here (and 11, 9, 7, 4 year olds in between)! We have been using our same baby backpack for 14 years so we really need it! Thanks for considering us.

  85. I can’t think of a strange place – but my 19 month old still loves being in the ergo. The backpack seems like a good second option.

  86. I thought babywearing on the toilet counted as a strange place, but I guess it’s pretty common! At Disneyland, I wore my son on It’s a Small World. He fell asleep and slept through Pirates, the submarine ride and the train.

  87. First of all – I love your blog – you’re my go to for getting dressed, almost every day. Yes, I know, I’m useless on my own.
    So for crazy babywearing: When my daughter was about 4 months old she was having one of those days and needed to be held/fed CONSTANTLY. She NEEDED holding, and my husband and I NEEDED to finish a house project: hanging closet doors in our bedroom. So I popped her in the sling and proceeded to breastfeed, in sling, while I climbed up a ladder to help guide the closet doors onto the ceiling tracks. Probably not the proudest parenting moment of my mom-days, but it got the job done. And we all survived: she’s a happy 13 month old who still loves to be in my arms.

  88. I babywore all over disneyland when my kid was 4 months old. I was too cheap to shell out for the stroller that was too big for him anyway. And I wore him on almost every ride there (he mostly slept), and figured out how to breastfeed in the ergo while in line, while walking, etc. We too have a massively heavy frame backpack carrier that only my husband can manage, it’s just too heavy for me!

  89. Strangest place I’ve babyworn? Probably not too uncommon, but I wear my son in the Ergo while I use the bathroom all. the. time. There’s gotta be something wrong with that, but Mama’s gotta pee! =)

  90. I wore my son to vote-my husband had to work pretty much the whole time the polls were open that day (I think he voted on the way to work before baby and I were awake) so that was the only way I could vote!

  91. I wore my ten-week-old son while square dancing at The Mohonk Mountain House. He was in the Moby Wrap at the time. He, too, was the “don’t you dare ever put me down” kind of baby. Now I use the Ergo on my front (thank god for the waist strap!), but my now ten-month-old doesn’t like being in the Ergo on my back- no view. I’d love to be able to get things done around the house while wearing my son on my back.

  92. Ok, that thing is badass!
    I used to wear my moby everywhere, to cook, to shop, to the park, play areas… but the strangest place i wore it was probably empty in my car so i wouldnt have to fiddle with it in the parking lot.

  93. I wore one of my twins in the ergo while trying to pee on a stall on the PA turnpike while using one hand to prevent his twin brother from escaping from under the stall and using the other hand to keep my pants from falling down. It wasn’t pretty!

  94. Lets see I have worn my children (currently pregnant with #4 so lots of kids) in college classes (when they would sleep through them, teachers thought it was awesome) bathrooms, Lord Of The Dance, hiking in lava tubes, shopping with three kids 3 and under, and tons of other places πŸ™‚

  95. I wore my baby in a Moby wrap to an academic conference talk. A scheduling snafu meant I had the baby, but I just needed to go. No one noticed until he started waking up towards the end (during the q and a) and gave a very audible, but adorable, baby yawn. He’s now way too heavy to be easily front carried. Or to stay quiet through a talk.

  96. I really wanted to love the Kokopax but it didn’t work for me–felt way heavier and more awkward than my Beco, and like it was sliding off my shoulders. It’s great that it works so well for you. I do love how high (and thus out of the way for cooking and generally accomplishing things) they are in it. Be careful setting kids down in it without holding onto them–my son (who was taller than Pax at the time) stood up suddenly and knocked himself over backwards while I was getting myself ready to put him on my back. Ouch. I felt awful.

  97. I don’t think I’ve baby-worn in too many strange places. I’ll go with baby-wearing on an airplane… makes it much easier to pace up & down the aisles!

  98. Nothing too strange about the bathroom but that’s about it… I am stalking those red saltwaters on Zappos. I found them on Nordstrom’s too in “big kid” but no red… Hope someone restocks soon! I love the idea of being able to cook while holding baby on my back. Genius. Except that it means I won’t have an excuse for not having made dinner anymore…

  99. Where haven’t I worn one of my 4?! Camping toilets…yuck, but yeah. I once wore my 3rd on my back with my 4th on the front…left 2 hands free to hold onto the other ones.

  100. Nursing while on a hike, the pub, cooking dinner, the beach, a funeral, a wedding, anytime I want the baby to take a nap somewhere unfamiliar.

  101. Um…probably in a swanky bar full of young singles…not so strange for me, but maybe too much of a dose of reality for potential hook ups lol!

  102. From 6 weeks to 6 months old I wore my little boy in an Ellaroo wrap to my graduate classes. It actually worked out pretty great; he would either sleep or listen to class discussion while I tried to take notes. I did spend a lot of time standing up in the back of class. Thank goodness both of my professors were women with children! They were so understanding. I think they actually enjoyed it, especially my social cognitive development prof – my baby sparked some discussion! This pack would be an interesting change, now that he’s 11 months maybe wearing him on my back would allow him to see more of the world? My husband and I also take him to sports events in the wrap. Recently I wore him during my father-in-law’s awards dinner/ceremony for soccer ref of the year!

  103. I don’t think this is necessarily strange but I wore my 9 mo old on the Dumbo ride, It’s a Small World, and the Pinnochio ride at DisneyLand – I think it’s the reason he wasn’t screaming like his sister on this TERRIFYING experience!

  104. I don’t think I’ve really worn my babies anywhere “strange”…just alot! Whenever we run errands, at home, walks, hiking, etc. Boy, can I identify with wanting to ccok while wearing baby!! Thanks for this giveaway.

  105. First of all – I love your blog – you’re my go to for getting dressed, almost every day. Yes, I know, I’m useless on my own.
    So for crazy babywearing: When my daughter was about 4 months old she was having one of those days and needed to be held/fed CONSTANTLY. She NEEDED holding, and my husband and I NEEDED to finish a house project: hanging closet doors in our bedroom. So I popped her in the sling and proceeded to breastfeed, in sling, while I climbed up a ladder to help guide the closet doors onto the ceiling tracks. Probably not the proudest parenting moment of my mom-days, but it got the job done. And we all survived: she’s a happy 13 month old who still loves to be in my arms.

  106. Had to let you know that I just purchased the eco-classic version of this carrier based on your review (which led me to research it further and see that it should work out well for me). My two year old likes to walk everywhere, and my one year old is too large for my ergo and bjorn carrier. I bought it through amazon (and can return it should I win your give away). After our recent airport trip with my youngest in the bjorn, I was looking for a light weight back pack carrier that I could use to and from the park everyday. It looks like this one may work out great.

  107. Well nothing too crazy here! Just cooking and the bathroom of course but that is way more common than I thought! Haha. Mom’s gotta do what mom’s gotta do!

  108. All throughout Europe (airports, restaurants, bathrooms, etc.) when we traveled there with a 3 month old and 2 year old.

  109. I’ve worn both my girls everywhere i’ve been- work, meetings, hiking, shopping, bathrooms, airports, airplanes, and wine bars. Funniest looks I got was when I was wearing a 3 mo old girl in my K’Tan in Whiskey Blue at the W in Midtown πŸ™‚
    I’d love to have one of these!!

  110. I have worn my babies everywhere in the Ergo or Baby Bjorn! Shopping, housecleaning, cooking, canning…and to many, many bathrooms. πŸ™‚

  111. No where strange but I wear baby #2 a lot in order to keep up with toddler #1. Would love a Kokopax now that my little chunk has outgrown the Bjorn.

  112. We have been going to this local place for tacos for about a year. Last visit, with babe in tow, we showed up about 2 hours later than we normally do and discovered that it really is a singles bar. So there you have it, the strangest place I have worn the baby.

  113. I used my front carrier while at the OB/GYN for my post parton checkup, it was the sling type which worked while laying on the exam table!!

  114. I regularly wear my son to church in an Ergo and the priest once referred to it as a “holster”. Not a strange place I guess, but the reaction was unusual.

  115. This carrier looks amazing! I feel like I’ve worn my son everywhere, while he soundly slept through his first Thanksgiving dinner (and I ate in peace), to many a public restrooms, to happy hours. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. πŸ™‚

  116. I’ve worn baby girl lots, but no where that strange: public bathrooms, church, library storytime, zoo, running errands and around the house.

  117. I guess the strangest would be to the bathroom, though it seems to be a common answer… now strange breast feeding locations I’ve got quite a few of those

  118. Nowhere too unusual, but I didn’t manage to figure out the breastfeeding while wearing the moby wrap which was fantastic for actually making out of the house in the those early weeks.

  119. if the picture of P in the standing carrier doesn’t sell a ton of them, I don’t know what will! (Pax in the Kokopax, how appropriate!)

  120. thought it was a strange place to wear my baby, in a public bathroom, but apparently not after reading the comments!

  121. I also wear the baby while mowing the lawn. Keeps him safe, since he is obsessed with the mower. Thankfully, my preschooler is scared off by the noise, so I don’t have to wear her, too (that would be a combined 70 pounds for both kids!)

  122. First, let me say that I LOVE carriers. My little boy is getting heavy – 23 lbs, but I still would like to carry him for quite awhile longer, so I’m super excited about this giveaway! Strangest place I’ve carried my little guy: while in the restroom, of course. But I’m sure that’s pretty common for baby-carrying Mamas!

  123. Of course there was many a porto-potty and airport bathroom that I’d rather not revisit, but I’ve also baby-worn while doing crazy home repair, like replacing a toilet and hanging drapes… πŸ™‚

  124. My husband wears our carrier while mowing, although our 30 lb 3 year old is getting a little too heavy for him!

  125. I’m all over this one -Loving that carrier! Just traveled back from the West coast and used the Ergo everywhere. Best Ergo carry to date, in line at TSA in the San Fran airport. X-ray machines were broken and we stood there for and hour and a half… My 13 month old son, did great being carried, although warm -Ergo makes us both warm. I was actually able to nurse him under my scarf and he fell asleep and thankfully, TSA let me wear him through security! He got heavy (like Pax in the 80%)so a carrier that relieves a bit of that weight would be wonderful!

  126. My husband’s been trying to wear our infant out thinning apples in the 1000- tree orchard, but the carrier he’s been using hasn’t been working out very well for that.

  127. while not that unique, i suppose, it is a little weird to wear your baby in the bathroom. i should probably feel lucky that i haven’t needed to babywear anywhere stranger.

  128. The weirdest place I wore my daughter was to a local bar for my husband’s birthday, 5 weeks after she was born. I got a “hell yeah, you go lady” from a patron, when he saw her strapped on and sleeping soundly πŸ™‚

  129. I breast fed my 6 week old in a Moby while walking around the zoo…ran into baby baboon exhibit who was also breast feeding from his momma! Loved the irony that everyone thought that was cute but no one knew I was doing the same!!

  130. I packed my baby on my back while serving food at a friends wedding! I pack my kids everywhere.
    I have yet to find a framed pack that I like and this one intrigues me!!!

  131. I got home one evening and my husband was telling me a story about how a dump truck came to drop boulders off to fix our wall but they got stuck so he had to use a bulldozer to get the rocks out of the truck. I was like, um…who was watching the baby?? And my husband said, oh, I was wearing him in the ergo. What?!

  132. We bought one a few weeks ago – LOOOVE!!!
    People stop us to ask about it all the time πŸ™‚
    My husband thanks you too! Although he of course had to add a shmerky comment – why didn’t she review this 2 years ago for E (our first)? Husbands!
    I told him to hush and keep walking πŸ˜‰
    THANK YOU Shana

  133. Oooh I love this carrier! I must get one for #2 as ergo/moby are no good for hiking, and hiking backpacks are way too big for my ‘petite’ (short) frame. Wore baby #1 everywhere, plenty of restrooms (including at home, couldn’t put that kid down), restaurants (hmm, now that you mention it probably at the bar of said restaurants too.) I still wear him (he’s a small 2) on whiny days. Fave baby-wear was at an outdoor wedding in 4 inch Jimmy Choo stillettos. (Ergo) But mad props go to our nanny who wears her 18 lb 4 month old everywhere my toddler goes!

  134. In a more detailed post, I hope to explain some of the reasoning behind our choices.
    Tremendous reasoning here. I really like looking up your posts.
    I truly have learned a lot from them.

  135. The creator of Kokopax used to be a client of mine. Great family, saw a need and filled it! Their diaper bags are great as well. Super quality and super cute!

  136. I wear my kids in the water in a mesh sling. My 3 year old calls it his “boat” and it helps him get comfortable in the water the first couple times we go each year. And makes it possible for me to take him to the pool while keeping an eye on the baby (she’s in the sling, he’s in the kiddie pool)
    But I’m wearing one of the kids pretty much all the time. I still wear my 30 lb 3 year old on my back (in a wrap) around the house when he is having one of those cranky “I don’t sleep enough” days. Or on the way home from wherever when he decides he can’t walk another step. I had back surgery when he was one and thought i would never get to wear him again! Especially after a second pregnancy (shortly after the surgery). So thrilled to be able to wear them both. Love the Babywearing snuggles!
    Oh! Maybe iits the strangest way I’ve ever worn them? Sometimes I wear both kids at the same time. 3yo on the back, 1 yo on the front. It must be strange because I don’t get any looks or comments when I do it. Everyone just avoids eye contact. But it is the way to go when I need to run out quick for something, both kids are contained and there is no stroller to lug!

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