The minimal jewelry craze is one of my fav jewelry trends in a long time. I’ve rarely been one to sport big jewelry, and now with full-time glasses, it’s especially tough. Yes. Glasses gals, you know what I’m talking about. Those of us with glasses can all-too-quickly enter the “too many cranial accessories” territory (Mitch Hedberg fans, anyone?). And I think it was Coco Chanel who said you should look in the mirror before leaving the house and remove one accessory. This has always stuck in my head any time I accessorize, and I probably err on the side of too few. Enter me having to wear glasses full time over the last year and UGH. I always have an accessory on. Always. And it’s the same one every. day. It drives this Aquarian-lover-of-change up the freaking wall.

Glasses gals, finding the spot-on combo for earrings & eyewear is TOUGH. Luckily, we've got style tips. Here's how to strike the right balance with jewelry.

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Finding accessories that work with glasses has been on my list of problems to solve for years now, but, enter the minimal jewelry trend — and hooray! Problem solved. Lots of tiny jewelry together is pretty and feminine, plus it’s not overwhelming and works for us four-eyed mamas. Good morning. Good evening. And good night. Finally, something on-trend that works.Glasses gals, finding the spot-on combo for earrings & eyewear is TOUGH. Luckily, we've got style tips. Here's how to strike the right balance with jewelry.

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The fun thing about this trend is that you can kinda go nuts and layer it without looking overdone. I went with a soft lip color here to create a more monochromatic look with my ivory top and pale pink glasses, but it’s fun to also play around with a bold lip, especially if your glasses are darker.

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Fellow glasses friends, do you have any favorite styling tips? I must say I’ve been super happy with these pale pink frames from Warby Parker over the last year. They do recede as far as accessories go, and make pairing other pieces with them a tiny bit easier than my older, dark tortoise frames. I’d love to hear what solutions you’ve come up with for this issue. OH, and I’m also loving this little gem to clean them with these days. Game-changer.


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First image by the lovely Posy Quarterman.


  1. As a fellow full time glasses wearer, I follow a one or none accessory rule. Either big earrings OR a necklace OR bracelets. If I wear a necklace or bracelets I’ll just wear studs in my ears. I also have several pair of glasses so I can swap them out and not get bored. I just ordered a pair of Warby Parker’s and can’t wait to get them!

  2. I wear glasses full-time in the winter when the sun doesn’t shine here in the grey Great Lakes region. The key is having multiple pairs of glasses. I currently have 3 pairs that I rotate depending on what goes best with my outfit! This was not an option a few years ago when you could only buy $300 glasses from the optometrist, but with the availability of online styles I was able to up my glasses game for minimal expenditure. I rarely wear earrings (sensitive skin, bummer) so I don’t often have competing “cranial accessories”, but a small silver hoop from time to time certainly works.

    • Yes, totally. I think I need to add another pair into the mix! It could be a combo of my short hair and fair coloring that is making it tricky for darker frames? Not sure. When I had longer hair it seemed easier to wear slightly bigger earrings…

  3. I wear glasses full-time by choice and have high-contrast coloring so I usually go with dark or jewel-toned frames as well. I view my glasses the same way that I view my black-shading-to-teal hair… It isn’t an accessory, it’s a part of what *I* look like.

    So, I don’t think I necessarily need to go minimal on jewelry just because I wear glasses. I follow the two-of-three rule (necklace/bracelet/earrings, although I substitute ring for bracelet because I work on the computer all of the time) and I tend to avoid long dangly earrings unless I have my hair pulled up. But I think EVERY individual style of earring or necklace goes with my glasses, just like they all go with my black hair. (And even surprisingly with the teal balayage… turns out that if you choose a crazy color that works for your complexions, it’ll go with everything.)

  4. Having said that — I just went back to look at your opening shot and your soft monochromatic look is gorgeous too! I think a lot of that is our different colorings, especially your light hair/light skin combo. Alas, glasses that recede into my face don’t work for me; I need to balance all of the pre-existing dark tones and frame my narrow eyes. (I actually think I look better in glasses than in contacts.)

    • Ah yes true! I think that is my trouble with wearing bigger pieces when I have dark frames, especially. It is definitely all about balance. I’m glad you have found what is working well for you with glasses!

  5. I have several pairs of glasses,which helps with accessorizing. I wear my tortoise when I’m wearing studs or simple weightless gold hoops. If i want to wear bigger earrings or a big necklace, I have a pair of pale pink Warby Parker’s very similar to yours. I feel they can handle something big, where my tortoise glasses ARE an accessory.

  6. Great Post! Would love to see a post about accessorizing earrings with short hair. I feel like it is hard sometimes to find the right earrings to go with short hair and outfit.

  7. This was a great read! I have always wore no jewelry on my glasses days. But never thought of trying minimalist jewelry! I got a pair of transparent (pink champagne) glasses from and I have been finding that they go with most accessories!! So that’s also an option, going with glasses that are not so “heavy”!

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