The Easiest Everyday Smokey Eye


I’ve always been the kind of girl who doesn’t get too precious about makeup. If I can swipe it on between a quick shower and running out the door, I’m happy. I hit the jackpot with Scotti as a sister for MANY reasons but when she found Sephora’s EASY Smokey Eye (emphasis on the ‘easy’) for her smokey-eye-challenged big sis, I’ve never loved her more. Watch her teach me how the fool-proof smokey eye is done.

Products Used

Sephora Easy Smokey Eye (smoldering brown) – Appropriately named (trust me) and lasts all day long.

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Pencil (dark pearl) – Add on top of your ‘easy smokey eye’ for a little bit of glow

Blending Brush – Scotti can blend blend blend with any old brush, but this one?  It makes me a star.  #kidding But seriously, it’s the only brush that saves alllll my scary smokey eye mistakes.


Plenty more of these makeup tips and tricks in our Beauty section!  Now go get your smokey eyes on, chicks!




  1. Love this tutorial! The results look so great! I’m going to try it when i get home. Thanks for the inspiration! Oh and your turtle necks look so cute!

  2. Can’t wait to try this. Scotti, is there a Sephora product I could use instead of the Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Pencil? (So I can buy it all in one place and get free shipping at Sephora). 🙂

  3. You two and your makeup videos are the cutest. Love this easy smokey eye business. Off to buy pencil and the CT shade for green eyes!

    • I would love to learn more about these sweater as well. Could you please share where could we find these or something similar?

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