How To Cut Your Skinny Jeans (So They Work With ALL Shoes/Boots)


Gang!  The long-awaited tutorial on how to crop your skinnies is here!  I’ve spent the last year or so perfecting the method, and finally have a process that has been working reliably.  The issue is, however, not necessarily how to crop them (scissors, yo), but where to crop them.  Is there one place we should be cropping our jeans such that they can still be worn with sneakers, flats, sandals, pumps, ankle boots, sock boots, and the new mid-height boots?


Let’s do it.

And for those interested, all of the pieces featured in the video can be found in the boutique below (basically all of my favs).

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  1. This is super helpful! I have several pairs of jeans that gather dust because they’re not the right length. No longer! Also, you’re really natural on camera! Well done all around. 🙂

      • Heehee! I love the earnestness. I wanted to report back that I chopped two (or three?) pairs and I wear them ALL the time now, they’re my favorites.

        Also, I just bought some vintage levis (straight leg), would you crop those to a similar length? (I don’t know if you see comments on old posts but thought I’d try.) I’m gonna re-watch this!

    • I just wash and dry them – it works like a charm. If you want more of a uniform frayed look (or just more fringe), take a straight razor and work it over the ends (go with the weave of the jean). One reader also mentioned sandpaper, but I haven’t tried that.

  2. So helpful! I have one question- when you mentioned not tucking jeans into boots, how do you feel about a classic style like the Frye harness, which at 12 inches you can’t really avoid? Thanks!!

    • Riiiiight. Forgot about those. Because you’re right – your jeans are going to end up inside. I think as long as your jeans are actually tight (more like leggings), they’ll look good tucked into Frye harness boots. I think it’s the slouchy jeans tucked into slouchy boots that feel a little too messy right now.

    • Yup. I keep trying to find a lower cost white tee….but year after year I go back to this one. It’s just the best. I buy it in a couple of different sizes for different fits. I LOVE it.

    • I’m torn. On one hand, it’s comfy and cute and a dead-ringer for my (much more expensive and beloved) AG legging jeans..but with a higher rise. On the other hand, because the rise is nice and high, it tends to schooch down. Which is annoying, but not the end of the world. Admittedly, I’ve been wearing them all week, so they can’t be that annoying, haha.

  3. Great info, I really want to do this. I want to know when it’s cold out are we just letting the socks show with the lower cut boots and sneakers? Any rules with that, color/type? Thanks

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