How to Get Those Lashes (or DIY Lash Extensions)



I splurged on lash extensions for my wedding back in 2012.  I fell in LOVE with them.  They drastically changed my makeup routine.  Suddenly I didn’t have to wear eyeliner or mascara . . . or deal with the hassle of removing my eye makeup (or that dark ring of mascara smudge under my eyes).  Only one problem: I couldn’t afford to keep them up.  It cost $375 for a full set and $60 every time I needed them filled.  (Which was about every 4 weeks  – and this in the small town of Marquette!)

I had to come up with a cheaper (and faster) way to get the lash extension look . . . because I wasn’t about to give up my newly gorgeous (fake) lashes.  It took me awhile to figure out the perfect formula, but it was totally worth it.  Now I’ll spend a little extra time on a Saturday afternoon putting them on and I won’t have to worry about them until the next weekend.  (They usually last about a week).  Now that I have Baby G, I’m all about the fastest ways to get ready and these lashes save me a ton of time.  Here’s what you’ll need:



You’ll need two different lengths of lash flares (I use long and medium, but you can also use short) and individual lashes in long, medium or short.  (I use long – go big or go home, right!?)  I find that using a range of lengths looks better because you can customize the lashes to your own eye.  This is one of the reasons that I use flares and individual lashes over strip lashes.  Strip lashes are made for a generic set of eyes that may or may not look right on you.  They have to be cut and trimmed and then cleaned after you’ve worn them . . . they actually seem like more of a hassle to me than the extensions . . .


Lash Adhesive: this is strong stuff . . . it’s made for individual lashes, not the strips.  You won’t want to rip the lashes off when you use this stuff.  If you need to remove them, use Lash Adhesive Remover.  You’ll also need a good pair of Tweezers to handle the lashes and place them where you want them to go.

How to:

Starting from the middle of the eye, apply the shorter lash flares all the way to the inner corner.  Apply the longer length flares from the middle to the outer corner.  Fill the spaces in between with the individual lashes.  Sounds easy enough?  It’s not.  BUT . . . like I said before, it’s worth it.  A few tips:

  • Apply on clean lashes and avoid putting lotion on your face or hands before you apply (it can mess with the glue’s effectiveness)
  • Avoid getting lashes wet for 24-48 hours after you apply as it helps the glue to set (you can shower and swim with them on – just avoid scrubbing them!)
  • Use the adhesive remover if you need to remove them (don’t rip them out because you’ll take some of your own lashes with . . . I speak from experience!)


Here’s the DIY extensions . . . can barely tell the difference, no? 🙂

Let me know if you guys have questions or if you have any tutorials or other makeup tips and tricks you’d like to see!  Excuse the crazy voice in the video . . . we’re all getting over the sickness around here.  (We call it that because it’s like a horrible mixture of flu/cold/fever/aches/bronchitis?? . . . lovely combination.  Aaaand we’re getting on a plane with G for the first time tomorrow.  Yeah.  Wish us luck!  At least I’ll have my lashes, right!?)




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  1. Question: So, are you putting these UNDER your eyelash, rather than over your eyelashes ( like you do with strip lashes), correct? Are you getting as close to the lash line as you can? You make this look super easy. I’m totally trying this. Thanks!

  2. Scotti! I know now what I have been doing wrong all along. I have always tried to adhere them to the top of the lash–never underneath. I bet that’s why I never succeed. I will now try this with new vigour. Thanks for this tutorial!


    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

    • I don’t usually because they look great on their own, but on those occasions when I want some “oomph!” I wear mascara that’s specially formulated for lash extensions. It doesn’t smudge underneath and I don’t have to remove it. 🙂

  3. whoa whoa, wait – are we really seeing correctly, that you’re placing them UNDER the lashes not over? This is a game changer right here. My lashes are STICK STRAIGHT, so I always have an issue with them sticking straight down under the line of lashes. This might be what I was doing wrong! Thanks – will try this!

    • Yes! I place them UNDER so I don’t interfere with them when I’m putting on eyeliner or eyeshadow when I wear it! It also makes them SO much easier to apply!

  4. My mom used to put these on weekly for nearly 20 years. 🙂 I used to let her glue some on me when I was in musicals for the weeks of performances. That glue burns like hell if it gets in your eyes. 🙂

  5. Hi Scotti! I just love your posts! You provide such approachable fashion advice. I have purchased almost EVERYTHING you have recommended. Yup! From the portofino shirts from Express to the sequin mini.. and all the Sephora make-up and even the deep waver iron. I love it all! You are the bomb girlfriend!!! Can I ask, what shirt are you wearing in this makeup tutorial? Thanks and please post more often.

  6. Scotti, this is great! Thank you. I recently tried the Younique 3D Fiber mascara and am obsessed with it for many of the reasons you loved your first set of false lashes. It gives me the most incredible lash line (no need for eye liner) thickness and length that I’ve never had before. The best part, it takes a total of 2 minutes for the results I’ve experienced with fake lashes! I’d love to hear if you’ve tried it and what you think!

    • I’ve actually never tried it but have a number of friends who sell it! If I ever get tired of these lashes I’ll definitely give it a try!

    • It took much longer in the beginning when I was getting the hang of it. Now it takes me about 10 minutes? Just give yourself extra time the first few times you try it! 🙂

    • Usually both. Some lashes will fall out along the way and then I’ll have to take the rest off. I found that after a week goes by I can usually just gently tug on them with tweezers and they’ll come off without taking my lashes with them. If not you can use the lash remover . . . sometimes I’ll add a flare or two here and there during the week if more lashes than usual fall out.

  7. I love this. LOVE. I worked in a spa for years, and would trade with the estheticians for lash extensions. I miss them like hell. I’m just wondering what your nightly makeup removing/face washing routine is like. I use a mixture of castor oil and olive oil to wash my face at night with a hot cloth, and I have a feeling that’s going to keep these from lasting long. I would avoid my eyes, but I can’t on days that I wear liner. But whatever. My endgame here is that this is awesome and I’ve always been intimidated by individual and flare lashes, and now I think I’m going to give them a try. Worst case is they don’t stay and I still look like I never sleep.

    • Wellll . . . I don’t always wash my face before bed. Bad, bad, I know. BUT . . . I would suggest doing your usual castor oil/olive oil blend and avoid the eyes. When you do wear eyeliner, I’d suggest using a makeup remover for water soluble makeup. MOST eye makeup removers I’ve seen have oil in them, but those formulated for water soluble don’t. That way you can remove the liner without the oil interfering with your lashes. I’ve used it in combination with the lashes without problems. I use cotton swabs instead of tissues as well . . . hope this helps! 🙂

  8. So I’ve had mine one for 4 days… And I feel like the ends are looking a little haggard, and not as great as they did the start with… not as much curve? How do you keep yours looking fresh? They haven’t fallen out and I’m loving having them.

  9. I absolutely love these lashes! I just got done applying them so I don’t know how I will long term but right now they are gorgeous! It took me about 1 hour to get it right so I’m hoping a few more times and I’ll get it down. I love wearing false lashes but don’t do it everyday. Thank you for doing this tutorial! Also I may go broke watching all your awesome videos! I love them! Keep them coming!

  10. So I tried this and I was rather impressed with myself that I was able to do it and they actually looked pretty good, but now they keep falling off. Any thoughts as to what I could be doing wrong? The fist time was a few hours after I applied them and I forgot about them and rubbed my eye and half the lashes came off. The second time a few came off at night- and I don’t even sleep on my stomach ): I had applied them that morning so they had all day to set. Any ideas? Thanks!! I’m loving your makeup posts!

  11. Is the glue you used the one that gets hard? I normally use the white one that dries to a clear Rubbery finish because I once got the hard black glue in my eye and it felt like a razor blade. But it doesn’t last as long and it still leaves some white behind. and thank you for the tutorial!’

  12. Be really careful of premade fan lashes. They are not made with the health of the natural lashes in mind. They weight much more than 1 itty bitty lash can handle long term and can affect the growth cycle. Lash techs are paid so much because they make tiny lightlweight volume fans by hand tha weigh a fraction and only use the smallest amount of glue. It takes a lot of training and skill. Just keep that in mind is all.

  13. Hi,

    I am just curious–why do your DIY extensions only last a week? Is it difference in materials used or something else?

    I got my lashes done and I love it but like you, I don’t want to keep spending that kind of money. I wish I could figure out a way to do them have them last as long as the the pro.

  14. This look is like a doll. With the little tufts of lash, the perfect line of fake lash, and the crayola-like brows… You are a pretty woman, you don’t have to do this to yourself. So fake. 🙁

    The heavily defined brow is definitely a look right now, like it was in the 1930s. But man, it’s been taken to such an extreme and I’ll be so glad when it’s over. I end up talking to other women’s brows, instead of their eyes or faces, because the brows are so clownish.

    • If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself. Worry about your own face and leave her’s alone. I think she looks great and is trying to help others. Much appreciated!!

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