Did you know it’s a THING to layer mascara? They actually work better together..and it makes all the difference. No magnetic lashes necessary. Go figure! #snort

The lashes conundrum has been on our minds for quite some time (i.e. should I get extensions? try a growth serum? what mascara is best for XYZ?) and Scotti to the rescue. This technique will ultimately cost you less than pricey serums or extensions and still give you all the glam.

Get Amazing Lashes

Step 1: IT Cosmetics Tightline Waterproof Black Mascara Primer – this one gets all the way up into your root and possibly the best part? Waterproof. That stuff isn’t going ANYWHERE ..until you want it to.

Step 2: IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes 5-in-1 Mascara – I mean, 5-in-1 anything sounds good to me. This brush has a ball-shaped tip that lets you really get into the corners of your eye.

Step 3: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – This is cult classic for a reason. Definitely one to try yourself.





  1. I have tried the other IT Cosmetics mascara and it is amazing! I have found that it starts to get a bit clumpy after 3 months or so… but considering that we’re all supposed to replace mascaras around then anyway, I consider it a good reminder! It’s the best one I’ve tried so far. My lashes look amazing… can’t even imagine how they could look with this layering idea

  2. I tried the better than sex mascara last year and while it looked amazing when I first put it on, I found it to smudge really bad by the end of the day, thus leading to darkness under my eyes (something every sleep deprived mother is fighting). Scotti, would this layering technique help alleviate smudging?

    • I’d like tips on removal also! I sometimes avoid eye makeup just because the process of removal can be such a pain. Would love tips, tricks or products for removal.

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