Look Younger Using Makeup: Eyes


We’re not getting any younger over here. And one thing that’s changed — fairly dramatically — in the last 20-ish years are my eyes. I can easily live with laugh lines (I think I’ve earned ’em), but I’m always surprised to see how tired (and…old??) my eyes can look, especially first thing in the morning.


There are probably procedures for this, I suspect, or just, ya know, glowing acceptance, but neither of those options work for me.

Luckily, Scotti and I came up with a few tips and tricks using makeup (and a few other genius products) that help keep our eyes looking younger. It turns out you don’t need a ton of makeup…just the right stuff, strategically placed.

Beauty Products To Make Your Eyes Look Younger (As Mentioned In The Video)




  1. Thanks for this, I need all the help I can get ?. I’m sorry to see you’re wearing a brace- I’ve been there with foot injuries, and that’s not fun. Hope you heal completely!

  2. Great video! So true about eye makeup as we get older – I never used to wear anything but mascara, now I wear eyeliner and shadow too. Thank you for the pointers on the shadow Scotti!

    • Ugh – I wish. The undereye is really smoothing and de-puffing, but I don’t think it would be great for holding eyeshadow in place. The eyeshadow primer, on the other hand, is probably the wrong consistency for under eyes.

  3. Was hoping to hear about the undereye concealer. I have dark circles ever since my first child (so that’s going on 10 years now and I’m STILL getting awakened from sleep several times a week wahh). I’m not a makeup person but I’m starting to think I look ILL.

  4. I never wear eye makeup but do take great care of my eyebrows. I am 46 and luckily meet my aesthetician years ago before I plucked my brows into nonexistence. Even before big brows were a thing, she always preached about how thick brows are crucial for a more youthful face. She tints my brows about every 2 months with an organic vegetable dye- it totally makes a difference. I also work with a plastic surgeon who always tells his potential face lift clients that they need to stop over plucking. He thinks that thin brows are more aging than wrinkles. So there’s that to think about….

  5. Very nice video, simple and to the point. I’m excited to try it The issue with me is when I use darker matte tones, browns or plums, on my lids, it looks like I have black eyes. I guess I don’t blend enough. thank you!.

  6. Shana, what T shirt are you wearing? I have such a hard time buying t shirts that aren’t fitted but love the oversized look on others.

  7. So good. I love the quick make-up tutorials you all do because it’s not overwhelming and hits all the “needs improvement” areas.

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