A Fun Outfit Formula to Try: Floral Dresses + Chic Sneaks

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What won’t I wear sneakers with at this point, honestly? Just Cams here, wearing her Golden Goose sneakers AGAIN…as per usual. I guess I’ve fully embraced the ‘sneakers with everything’ trend this past year and haven’t looked back. It just makes sense to me!

I have found that, not only do they allow for comfort, they also make otherwise dressy pieces…less dressy. As in, I can wear them on a more day-to-day basis and they aren’t restricted to the weekend or special occasions…and always someone who likes to “fancy it up” a bit, even if just for the mundane weekday tasks, I can really appreciate the styling freedom my GG sneakers have given me.

I’m pretty sure I sound like a broken record now. Oh, well. I can’t help it.

Recently, in an attempt to stay as cool as possible (hello, hot sticky Carolinas), I’ve been wearing them with a breezy, floral dress. I try to make it all more interesting by adding on some random, layered jewelry and grab a backpack…and that, my friends, is what I like to call WINNING the summer outfit game. Cool, easy and comfortable.

golden goose sneakers with dress

ruffled red dress

a casual way to wear a dress

blue printed silk scarf tied to backpack

aviators floral dress sneakers

navy blue leather backpack

short dress with white sneakers

red floral dress

red dress blue handbag

casual summer dress outfit

Outfit Details

Dress: J.Crew Mercantile Faux-Wrap Dress (TTS, wearing size 4) – great little dress. Comfortable, breathable and it’s a bit longer in the back (which I really like). It also comes in Navy!

Shop Other Floral Dresses To Wear With Sneakers

Shoes: Golden Goose Superstar Distressed Sneaker (wearing size 40/10, my usual size is 9.5) — favorite pair of shoes I’ve ever had. The cost has been more than worth it to me, believe me or not, and now I am seriously considering these mid star silver ones. One day, maybe…

If you’re looking for slightly more affordable options, P448 has a similar style to their sneakers.

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Julian (medium size, navy) – my favorite backpack, rivaled only by my white, fringe version. I have been so impressed with how well they hold up.

Sunglasses: WearMe Pro Aviators –  great, cheap Sunglasses I found on Amazon…where I tend to find all of my shades.

Jewelry: random pieces I have found over time. The ‘Carrie’ name necklace is my favorite piece of jewelry. The other sparkly necklace is costume jewelry (given to my daughter by my grandmother, actually, ha). This vintage rhinestone necklace is cool and so is this vintage faux diamond necklace. The bracelets have each of my kid’s first and middle names on them and are from Praxis-Jewelry.






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Photos by Christina Hussey Photography.


















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  1. I mean.. Cam looks super cute in everything really, but wearing sneakers with dresses? This isn’t exactly a novel idea, it isn’t fashion forward or new, we been doing this since the 80’s and 90’s. Also, I feel like the $550 sneakers are so unattainable for most moms. Maybe it is just me, but I have been reading The Mom Edit since it began as ANMJ and I am starting to find my self more and more underwhelmed and disappointed.
    I miss the posts of old that were fresh and thoughtful.

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