Welcome Home! An Urban Refresh with a Larger Plan


This one is near and dear to my big old heart! I have been, and continue to be, a gigantic Urban Outfitters fan (for more years than I can count at this point), and yet through each life stage, it just never gets old. There’s always something new, perfect, and fresh to be found. And plenty always on sale too!

In addition to urban outfitting my wardrobe since my teens, Urban Outfitters is a fabulous place to find thoughtful and unique gifts, and it’s always been a great source for something special (or, OK, fine — many, many special things) to warm wherever you call home. We have a looong history together, this Philly-based company and this Philly-based girl, and shopping their Urban Home right here and now couldn’t have been more of a pleasure! And yes…I just might have a double agenda here…keep reading on…

There’s that great expression, “while the cat’s away the mice will play…” And play I did in Shana and Mike’s master while they’re overseas! We freshened-up their bedroom with a new duvet, shams, throws, and a rug, and had a blast creating a warm, calm space for them to come home to. Well, OK fine, there’s that double agenda again…we’ll get to that!

The Rug:

So first we threw a fantastic rug, at an angle, under the bed. Even though it’s black, it really helps warm the space. Black actually does that….crazy but true. And placing it at an angle is energizing and looks great! It leaves enough of the worn wood floors and yet covers a large enough space to feel soft under foot getting in and out of bed.

Hammock Fringe Duvet Cover and Shams // Connected Stripe Rug

The Duvet, Shams and Throw Pillows:

We covered their duvet in this beautiful hammock tasseled cover with shams. Then we added some striking throw pillows that are super-soft — just enough texture….and plenty of tassels!

Hammock Fringe Duvet Cover and Shams // Connected Stripe Rug

Hammock Fringe Duvet Cover and Shams // Connected Stripe Rug // Throw Pillows

Hammock Fringe Duvet Cover and Shams // Throw Pillows

Hammock Fringe Duvet Cover and Shams // Connected Stripe Rug // Throw Pillows

The Bucket List and the Real Plan:

We arranged this whole situation while the D Team was off managing their very own bucket list…The Bucket List

Welcome Home!

And when they get home, we’ll explain to S that the real plan here…oh yes, there’s a real plan…but for big change, she loves a visual. The real plan is let’s take this whole situation into the now available guest room, exactly as is. Because it’s pretty much perfect!!! Yes? You think about that, we’ll welcome you home with some coffee, and you can have a few seconds to think on that. Then we just do it! Mike D will smile and nod. It’s S we need to work on, but this is easy work.

And, two more little notes: Urban has some great racks. Thank goodness for correct word usage there, otherwise you might all read into that! Phew. That was a close one. For real: if there’s something a city girl knows it’s that there’s never enough closet space, if any. So having plenty of these racks on hand isn’t just a fashion blogger thing, it’s a city living necessity! Scroll down for our favorites.

Second note, their amazing lighted Walt Whitman quote was a custom gift…but Urban has plenty of hip lit wall art too. Such a great way to have some fun day and night!

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Thank you to my lovely neighbor Anne for letting me clip from her garden! And to the D Team for leaving us some cool space to inspire more ideas in their amazing home.

And a giant thanks to Urban Outfitters, for just existing, creating, and inspiring for all these years, for growing in all the right ways, and for sponsoring this post! You warm this Philly girl’s heart always with your amazingly fun shop, and I love that 30 years later, it’s still the same thrill to outfit with you! As always, all thoughts, opinions, design, styling and product choices are my own.

Photo credit and a big warm hug to Marissa of Redfield Photography — woman you are the most professional and fun person to work with!

And readers, thank you for your continued support, it’s always genuinely appreciated.
xoxo, A


  1. admittedly, i wanted to crawl in and take a nap or maybe even just plop on the floor and read one of those books….but you know…’life’. xoxo

  2. Thank you so much! We genuinely had fun with this and URBN makes easy ‘work’ with such fun great options! xoxo

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