5 Ways I’ve Worn This Farm Rio Top…Everywhere


I started off on a journey to see if I could find one of those pretty white tops I see everywhere that fit with my style. My style leans more sporty, classic, menswear, cool than super feminine or frilly.

I thought I needed to order tops that were flowy and pretty without having too many ruffles or lace. (Btw, along those lines I should have ordered this one.)

A Try-on Of Farm Rio and anthropologie pretty white tops for summer

Top (M – or Nordstrom)

Well…then I fell in love with this Farm Rio top online and that theory was blown and knew I had to give it a try. It turns out it IS my style and I adore it, even if it has a little more frill than I typically go for.

Try-ons are so game changing in that way because they give you a chance to step outside yourself sometimes (even when you do this sort of thing for a job) and experiment and play.

When the weather warms up I am drawn to more femme items like dresses and billowy things and this top is just proving that point…to myself. LOL.

5 Cute & Casual Summer Outfits With Farm Rio’s Pretty White Top

Like I said, I don’t lean super femme the rest of the year, but I do love finding pretty breezy tops to wear for summer.

I love a little juxtaposition in most of my outfits and the word ‘eclectic’ doesn’t always get my vibe across but sometimes that’s the word I should use for my style…mixed-up genres, if you will.

1 | Out On Girl’s Night (With Heels)

A Try-on Of Farm Rio and anthropologie pretty white tops for summer

Top (M) | Jeans (29) | Similar Heels

Details: This combo feels fresh and fun but still my vibe. I love the cuffed wide leg jean trend right now and they’re much cooler than fitted denim for summer months. The slight crop of this top pairs well with them too and I love how the shape mimics the leg shape.

2 | To The Farmer’s Market (With Sandals)

Top (M) | Pants (M) | Sandals | The Best Market Tote

Details: I will be living in this combo. It’s perfect for those Saturday or Sunday market visits, brunch, travel (it’s coming to Aspen with me in July for sure.) If you want to feel breezy but covered for the most part, this outfit.

Gift Idea Side Note: Also, if you need a fabulous gift for someone (or yourself) grab one of those totes. I mostly use it for taking wine or other glass bottle beverages on weekend trips. It’s got 6 pockets that keep them from clinking together and a center space for holding lots of other snacks or groceries. It’s super well made and has held up for years for me!

3 | Visiting Our Pal Em in HMB!

Top (M) | Skirt (M Reg) | Sneakers | Bag

Yay! My kiddo and I are going to visit Em and her fam in Half Moon Bay this month and I’m stoked. I just got this Gap skirt in and I could immediately tell it’ll be a summer staple. It’s so cute with the matching tank here, too, but I’m love-loving it with my Farm Rio top. I’ll wear this site seeing around with Em eating all the good food we have planned!

Details: This skirt fits like a dream. It has elastic at the back waist and then also a side zipper. Pieces like this typically don’t fit me well but this is perfection. TTS. Comes in XXS – XXL and Tall + Petite in a few color options. SO freaking good. Also freaking good? I forgot how much I love these Nike Blazer Low Platform sneaks. So glad I pulled them back out!

4 | School (or Summer Camp) Drop-Off

Top (M) | Pants (8) | Sneakers | Bag | Coffee Mug | Hat

While we are still in school around here (we don’t start until right before Labor Day) I’m spoiled by my child biking themselves to school each day. Dear Lord I wish that for all the non-morning people like myself. It is heaven.

But in a couple weeks I will have to get my butt out of the house early for soccer camp drop off. I have plans to meet up with my pal Posy for a sandwich crawl (I know you’re jelly) so getting actually dressed to go work from a coffee shop for a bit in between will be necessary. This outfit is soooo comfy but still looks cute for lunch out. The hat is perfect for not having to fix the hair early morning (I hate fixing my hair any time of day so…hats it is all summer for me!)

Details: These are those comfort waistband cargo pants I’ve been living in and I love that they come up high enough with all my cropped tops where I still feel covered mostly but am able to show a little waistline definition (I like a leg lengthening trick anytime I can get one!)

5 | Going To The Pool, Shore, or River

Top (M)| Shorts (28) (or these) | Sandals | Similar Tote (or this, cute!)

Details: First off, go get on the mailing list for these shorts for when they are restocked. They’re incredibly comfy and soft and stretchy but still have decent structure and the best wash. Size down one from your typical size. Gap makes a solid stretch denim short if you need a pair right away.

How I Wear Jean Shorts, If I Wear Jean Shorts: I’m not always in shorts in the summer, but when I go to the beach or river I do like to wear them. I am loving the pretty flowy top with the distressed cutoffs. I’ll never be over distressed cutoffs for summer. The 90’s kid in me will always love. I feel good wearing my Birks when I wear shorts because of their wider, more substantial silhouette.

Eh, sorry, I know. I wish I could find a link to my exact bag but it was a recent consignment store purchase from my fav shop Raylee here in Portland. I’ll keep an eye out but it’s from British brand The Jacksons and I honestly didn’t think I’d love a straw tote but I love this one. And I’ve just been carrying mine as a purse lately. It gives that summery vibe to any outfit. Fine, you were right, Shana. LOL.

Here’s to trying something new for a new season, right? I guess I’m here telling myself life’s too short not to. Wear what you want, try new things, but keep those tricks on hand (for me, adding in sporty details) that makes the outfit feel like ‘you.’

That’s the fun of fashion is that we can all put our own spin on things. But figuring that out takes trying and playing with different pieces to find your jam. As always, I hope some of these ideas were helpful in inspiring some ‘fits for your summer activities! Thanks so much for being here, y’all. Happy June!



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  1. You are killing it, Laura!
    You styled this 1000x better than the item initially shows.
    I’m trying to hold off, because if I remember right you are on the shorter side, and I am not. But I love this look!

    • Ah you are so kind! Yes, I’m shorter in the torso-ish. 5’4″ height. I could easily be worn with a tank underneath but depending on your torso yeah it might be a bit shorter.

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