Leggings, Upgraded: Easy Outfit Ideas With Athleta’s Split Flare Pant


There’s something about the way jeans are getting wider and baggier that have made my plain black leggings feel very…tired. At least for everyday athleisure looks, that is.

Wearing leggings for my morning runs will never go out of style, but pulling them on to run to the store hasn’t felt quite as appealing anymore. 

Yet one silhouette of leggings still feels fun and interesting:

Yoga pan— uhm, I mean, flare leggings.

how to style flare leggings

pants (M Tall) | top (M) | sneakers

How To Style Flare Leggings (Hint: They Work With Almost Any Shoe)

YES, today’s flare pants (or flared leggings, or even bootcut leggings) are just the yoga pants of yesterday – minus the rolled waist – but since it’s been a decade (or two) since I wore them the first time, I can’t help but welcome them as a fresh update to the skinny leggings I’ve been wearing casually for so long. 

I scooped up Athleta’s Elation Split Flare Pant last year and was immediately in love with them. I had already been wooed by Athleta’s Elation line (think buttery soft fabric and the perfect amount of compression to make you feel hugged and happy), and the shape made my legs look longer than life.

how to style flare leggings

pants (M Tall) | sweatshirt (L) | sneakers

Athtleta makes their flare pants in a regular, non-split hem, but I personally find the split hem to be quite magical.

I’ve been saying for the last year that all split hem pants are some of the easiest to style, in my opinion. Why? Because nearly any shoe works with them. And if your shoes are easy, the rest of the outfit has a way of just coming together.

1| Flare Leggings + A Chunky Loafer 

Loafers are one of my favorite shoes to pair with flare pants, as they feel the most unexpected.

how to style flare leggings

pants (M Tall) | sweater (L) | tee (L) | similar loafers | bag

The loafer elevates the look of a legging, making it really easy to throw a softer knit sweater on top, of any length. I don’t shy away from shorter, hip length sweaters with flare pants, because that’s when you really get the full affect of the elongated leg. I love how tall this outfit makes me feel!

how to style flare leggings

pants (M Tall) | coat (M) | sweater (L) | tee (L) | similar loafers | hat | bag

This outfit idea is easily topped off with a coat (both short and long work here) and I love throwing on a ball cap to keep the overall look dressed down.

2| Flare Leggings + Sneakers

My personal favorite, and undoubtedly the easiest shoe to pair with Athleta’s Elation Split Flare Pant, is a sneaker. 

how to style flare leggings

pants (M Tall) | sweatshirt (XL/XXL) | vest (M) | sneakers

There’s nothing like the classic athleisure pairing of leggings and a sneaker, and a long split hem pooling over the sneaker takes the whole thing up a few notches. Instead of the shoes being the period at the end of an outfit, they get swirled up into the look for a visual switcharoo that I love.

3| Flare Leggings + UGG Boots

Even UGG boots work great with a split flare pant (and is the most 2000’s-flashback-inducing, for sure).

how to style flare leggings

pants (M Tall) | sweater (L) | mockneck tee (L) | bag | boots

I still have a bit of ankle showing (although hard to see as it’s covered up by a black sock) when wearing my Ultra Mini UGG boot, which means the Classic Mini UGG would be perfect here. And actually, I think I would even swap my black socks here for a cozy, slouchy version in a lighter color. Having texture break up the space between your shoe and the flare gives a really cool dimension to the entire look!

4| Flare Leggings + A Slipper Clog

If that apres ski, by-the-fireplace lounge look is your winter personality, then there’s nothing better than a clog slipper with a stretchy flared pant.

how to style flare leggings

pants (M Tall) | top (M) | scarf | similar clog slippers

Split flare pants have a way of working with everything from slim soles to chunky dad shoes, because you can sort of adjust where the legging sits on your knee and thigh with a few purposeful tugs. The pants are never really too long or too short. They always seem to sit just right (it’s that magic I was talking about). 

5| Flare Leggings + Heeled Boots

Yup, even a dress shoe works with these Elation Split Flare Pants

how to style flare leggings

pants (M Tall) | jacket (L) | similar boots

I’ve seen outfits with this pant silhouette styled with a dainty heel and it’s gorgeous, but since that isn’t something I have in my wardrobe, a heeled bootie is just as good. I tried on a few boots that had rounded or square shapes, and while those totally work, it’s a pointed toe that does an amazing job at mimicking the sharper look of the split hems.  

Have you been enjoying the comeback of flared leggings, or are you sticking to the classic skinny pairs?


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