One Pair of Clogs with Six Styles of Jeans: It works!


I am so IN LOVE with these beautiful blue Boden clogs. I had no idea, though, just how far my love for these shoes could go. 

My story begins much like any other ordinary spring day, except on THIS ordinary spring day, the new Boden catalog arrived in my mailbox. I scooped it up, plopped myself in my catalog reading chair, flipped through the pages hurriedly and then it happened….my eyes landed on the Blue Olivia Clog Sandal. It couldn’t be undone. I oohed and aahed over them in the catalog, and then promptly went online to ooh and aah over them on the glamorous model — and then more ogling of the shoes with the zoom in feature — and then back to the original oohs and aaahs when I started the whole process again, viewing the blood orange and tan versions as well. This went on for days until my husband finally said, “Can you just order them already and be done with this?” That’s all it took. They arrived at my doorstep 4 days later, and they were even more beautiful in person. So pretty, so fun, so…! 

They were placed on my bedroom shelf for a week (so I could properly admire them), and then I started wearing them regularly with a black sheath dress, a black jumpsuit, a floral dress, and all of my maxi skirts. They were my fancy summer shoes for special occasions and nights out. Then… the middle of the summer came and…here’s where this love story really gets juicy….the shoes surprised me by being equally as good with jeans as they were with my dresses, jumpsuits, and skirts. Gaahhhhhh! They were truly everything a lady could want now! These shoes are good. 

As if the shoes weren’t already perfection, they also helped me with my latest getting-dressed-in-the-morning struggle. As a skinny jean hater (hater is a strong word–I know….but “disliker” sounds weird), I am THRILLED that there are so many shapes of denim that are available right now, but utterly confused on what shoes to wear with them. Can’t there be one shoe that works with them all? I think the clog might be it!  Well…at least for me… you may have heard that I love a good clog and can pretty much make them work for any occasion.    

I got a little silly with my love story above, so to bring it back down to organized and structured Linzi ways….I tried on 6 styles of jeans systematically with my oh-so-loved blue clogs and took selfies so you can see how clogs look with all the denim silhouettes. This isn’t high fashion, you guys, but it’s easy and fun. And as for the happy ending to the love story? My Blue Boden Beauties and I lived happily ever after, of course. The End. 

Clogs with Demi-Boot Jeans

Top: Boden The Cotton Voop Tee  My favorite white tee…shrinks a bit so size up if you want it roomier.

Jeans: Madewell Cali Demi-Boot  MadeWell’s Cali Demi-Boot jeans are great and I’m very into the flare with the ragged edge. I have them in black and dark blue, and the ones above are an easy lighter color with a cute button fly. I usually don’t do distressing, but for some reason I like these. The distressing isn’t too in-your-face and doesn’t show that much skin. I like where these jeans hit on my ankle to show off the clogs, but because crop legs aren’t exactly leg-lengthening, the height of the clog helps a bit with proportions. True to size.

ShoesBoden Olivia Clog Sandals

Clogs with Wide-Leg Crops

Top: Boden The Cotton Voop Tee  My favorite white tee…shrinks a bit so size up if you want it roomier.

Jeans:  Madewell Wide-Leg Crop I haven’t figured out exactly what to wear on top with these jeans, but I do know that I love that big wide-leg crops are back. Whatever I wear on top, I know I will need a chunky shoe/clog to help with the proportions of the super-wide leg, and the height helps with those proportions too. True to size.

ShoesBoden Olivia Clog Sandals

Clogs with Straight Leg Jeans

Top:  Boden The Cotton Voop Tee  My favorite white tee…shrinks a bit so size up if you want it roomier.

Jeans:  Lucky Brand Haydens   These are my go-to favorite jeans. They are called Hayden Skinnies, but they are much more of a straight jean than a true skinny, I think (because, remember? I hate skinny jeans). Don’t buy the crop ones, though…I buy the regular Haydens and then cut them off myself. I always have 2 sizes of these jeans. The bigger for everyday comfort and the smaller for when I want them a bit more fitted. They run true to size except for the black ones, which run small.

ShoesBoden Olivia Clog Sandals

Clogs with Boot Cut Jeans

Top:  Boden The Cotton Voop Tee  My favorite white tee…shrinks a bit so size up if you want it roomier.

Jeans: Lucky Brand Sweet Mid Rise Boot Jean Sweet Jeans (in boot cut and straight leg) were my all time favorite jean until I met the Lucky Haydens. I still love the Sweet Jean, though, for the times I want to wear a good classic boot cut jean or when I want a very relaxed straight leg cut. They fit great for lots of different body types and I especially like them with the clogs. The height of the clog and the long length of the jean actually make me feel like I have legs that go on forever….note I am 5’2…so my legs DO NOT go on forever.

ShoesBoden Olivia Clog Sandals

Clogs with Wide-Leg Full Length Denim

Top: Athleta FWS Tank This is on super sale right now, and I have worn it a ton this summer with linen pants, high-rise jeans, and maxi skirts.

Jeans: Anthro Pilcro Ultra High-Rise Flare Pictured above are my old pilcro wide-leg jeans, but this season’s versions from Ella Moss are SOOOOO much better. They came home with me last week and I just haven’t had a chance to get them shortened yet or I would have used them in the photo. They are more fitted in the leg, but still have the fabulous wide leg swishy bottom. The ultra-flares/wide-legs are my favorite new denim silhouette. The height of the clogs lets me keep the jeans long and gives me a tall shoe option without having to wear real high heels.

ShoesBoden Olivia Clog Sandals

Clogs with Black Skinny Jeans

Top: Athleta FWS Tank  This is on super sale right now, and I have worn it a ton this summer with linen pants, high-rise jeans, and maxi skirts.

Jeans: Lucky Brand Sasha Skinnies  I Know, I know……I said I don’t wear skinnies. I guess I lied. I wear skinnies to go salsa dancing. Crazy? Maybe. There is something about a black skinny jean with a strappy tank that makes me want to dance. I change into fancy salsa heels when we get there, but these clogs are super fun to wear on the way. I think for those of you who wear skinnies on the regular, they’d be great with the height of a high-heel, but more interesting. These Lucky Sasha Skinnies are true to size and good for curvy ladies…there’s some extra room in the tush and they come in at the waist to help avoid that annoying gap at the back.

ShoesBoden Olivia Clog Sandals


Although it is very evident that I love my Boden Clogs, I got super excited about there being SO many other interesting clog options that would work well with dresses, skirts, jumpsuits AND all the denim cuts. Warning: Most Clogs aren’t Cheap. I don’t think they are going anywhere, though, so for me they’re a longer-term buy.  Here’s what I found:


I hope there are a few of you other “cloggers” out there who can truly feel my excitement over these shoes, and for any of you non-cloggers who are thinking about changing up your shoe routine and trying something new, Go For It!  Let me know how it goes and Happy Clogging!



    • Of course! Funny…it’s my son’s rug, but I lugged it up the stairs to my room b/c you couldn’t really see the wood bottom on the shoes in the selfies when I was standing on the wood floor. But the rug may stay! It’s a really pretty blue, is forgiving with stains b/c of the pattern, and has held up really well. Here’s the link: Crate and Barrel Rug. As for the Lucky Jeans…I keep trying to venture out to other brands and I always end up coming back to Lucky. They fit me well and are comfy. Thanks, Kelly, for the comment. 🙂

    • I’ve been wanting to try them too. Maybe your encouragement, Erin, will be my motivation….”for research” of course. I would love to try their boots, but I have been nervous to order since most of my go-to’s for easy returns don’t carry them. Will let you know if I give them a try…hoping to do a fall round-up of comfort shoes, so maybe they’ll make the cut. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  1. I have a pair of Lotta’s. They run true to size and are fairly comfy. Mine feel a bit like they push my feet inward — but I’m still getting used to them. I also have a pair of Hasbeens and a pair from Francesca’s that I wear pretty much every day.

  2. I love this post. I have been looking at some Sandgrens on Amazon in Ocean Blue. They look very similar to yours. I love wearing clogs. I have been wearing open toe clogs sandals all summer , MIA Anja. I get compliments all the time. Now I want to find some closed toe clogs. I have been looking at Lottas too. I would like to see a post on wearing the clogs with socks for when it is cooler. I think they are great for transitional footwear.

    • Great idea, Lindsey. I love the look of socks with clogs and totally agree clogs are a great transition shoe for fall and spring.

  3. I’m loving the look of clogs, but I just can’t get my walk right when I wear them- I’m just so clompy in them. I feel and sound like a large horse stomping around.
    Do you walk differently in them? Is there something that my big clompy feet don’t get? Help a girl out. I’m obviously not doing something right…

    • I say, Embrace the Horse….the clip clop is a part of the beauty of the clog. It does take a bit to get used to with true clogs where your heel comes up and down (and it’s supposed to)…but the more you wear them the less giant-horse-like and the more graceful-trotting-horse-like galloping smoothly through the meadow you become. ha! Just takes practice for some of them. I have found that the clomping is less with the Dansko sandal clogs vs the true all wooden Swedish clog sandals. If you like them and they’re comfortable, I say “Own the Clomp, Rebecca!”

  4. LOVE my Lottas! I have the high wood t-strap clogs in tan and low wood Mary Jane style in nude. They’re adorable with nearly everything! And can’t beat the price point for legit wood and leather handmade clogs!

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