How To Style Cold-Weather Workout Gear For All. Day. Long. (Sponsored Post)



Mamas, this is my year to GET HEALTHY.  

Like, seriously.  Despite the cold, despite my penchant for midnight brownies, despite the myriad of excuses I have made since Raines was born SIX YEARS AGO, it is time




And yeah that's great and everything…but it also means that I'll be spending much of my day in workout gear.  I can't seem to get it together enough to be one of those people who workout and then change into regular clothes.  I have to choose:  workout or get dressed.

My new mantra?  Embrace it.



So here's my strategy for working out and getting dressed in the winter months:

1.  Start with a workout bra that separates 'the girls'

This alone is a game changer.  Nothing depresses me more than a uniboob looking back at me in the mirror.  I love this one for flatter-chested Mamas, this one for the well-endowed and this one because it's crazy cool.  Can you believe it's a sports bra???

2.  The base layer is always leggings and a workout top

The is the easiest combo to disguise as real clothes. 

3.  Put on a cozy sweater

Instead of a workout fleece or a sweatshirt, I throw on a cozy sweater.  This one simple swap makes all the difference. Instantly, I feel dressed.  And unless I'm are doing some hardcore running (hint: I never do hardcore running) there's really nothing magic about a workout fleece.  Whatever I'm wearing comes off after the first five minutes anyway.

4.  Add cute snowboots and jacket

Obviously sneakers are in my gym bag.  Unless I'm going to yoga.  Or pilates.  Anyway…. 

5.  Finish with matchy-matchy accessories (and lipstick)

This is the one time I intentionally match.  Because the whole outfit is so casual, it feels fun rather than contrived.  I don't typically wear makeup to workout, but I do bring lipstick with me for errand running before and after.  It's amazing how lipstick perks up even a make-up free face.  Add bright sunnies and I swear (hope?) no one will know I'm not wearing makeup.



Want to re-create?  Here are a few outfit ideas, based on my very favorite pieces from Nordstrom's activewear collection.  Seriously, look how cute:  Pooch-hiding tanks, fabulous workout leggings (one of them has a slight snake print, I kid you not), and seriously flattering sports bras.


Option 1 – Aqua & Red 

My new favorite color combo.  And that sweater is fuzzy.  #wantit  Am also loving the HUGE waistband of the Solow leggings.  So flattering on a muffin top (or post-partum pooch).



tank | sweater | sunnies | sports bra

leggings | jacket | lipstick

gloves | boots


Option 2 – Pops of Neon and Pink

I swear, nothing looks better with gray than a few strategic pops of neon yellow and hot pink.  Love this. (And there's the snake-print workout pants….ooooo…..) 


tank | sweater | sunnies | sports bra

leggings | jacket | lipstick

gloves | boots



Who's with me, Mamas?  I can't be the only one stuck in workout gear all day long….



ps.  While Nordstrom is sponsoring this post, all thoughts, opinions, recommendations and product choices are my own.  Or, as three-year-old Pax would say, "MINE OWN".



  1. I always wear black workout pants because everything else shows sweat stains making it look like you peed your pants. And depending on the amount of jumping I was doing that’s also a probability…

  2. I am so glad you did this! I workout at 9 or 10 everyday and just told my friend yesterday I CAN NOT get home to change. So simple and adorable! Would you mind sharing where your leggings are from in the top picture of you? Thank you!

  3. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I remember going to a class post pregnancy and it was the first time I had done jumping jacks since having the baby…….. ..

  4. I have totally been fry ng to figure this out myself! I have been embracing leggings this year vs yoga pants because I feel like they are a better transition!

  5. You are totally singing my tune. I turn 40 in two weeks and have decided I HAVE to start digging myself out of this no-exercise post-kids scenario (just like you, over six years…) ’cause it ain’t gonna get any easier. Now I just have to ACT on this decision…;)

  6. Great ideas. I will tell you though that I discovered a few years ago the real trick to exercising and getting dressed is changing at the gym while the kids are still in the kids area. I pack a bag the night before and it only takes about 10 extra minutes.

  7. Nursing mamas…the gap fit breathe range is super stretchy. You can pull down the neck to nurse and it doesn’t bag out. Considering I’m currently an F cup, that’s saying something. I also find them pooch skimming and rather flattering in a slightly larger size.

  8. Sing it, sister! This is my 40th bday present to myself but time with three four and under is…yeah.
    Thanks, S, for the inspiration to squeeze it in without looking like a gym bunny at preschool pickup!

  9. What a fabulous post!
    I too have decided that it’s time to start taking care of myself. I have a collection of yoga pants which I love but I’m finding that tights/leggings work better for the type of excercise I do now. Also, anything with nylon in it makes me super clammy/sweaty so I’m sticking to cotton/spandex. I’ve been wearing cropped/capris under other pants so I can be warm on the street and not too hot while in the gym.
    Am I the only one having problems getting the links to work?

  10. So chic as always. My question is, what about sweat? I can’t stand wool, even cashmere, when I’m sweaty, so I always go for a sweatshirt post workout. Are there materials that don’t drive you nuts or is this just my own weird quirk?

  11. Hahahah Sooo true. I also don’t know if there is a bra that can lock down and separate these size g-h nursing boobs of mine for more vigorous athletics. It’s not a good sign when you are in more pain from not wearing a supportive enough sports bra than the actual running. In the mean time, I have a uniboob. This post has inspired me though to step it up a bit.

  12. I love this idea. It’s a pain to get dressed knowing I’ll be working out in a bit. I’m ok with changing after, but have wanted to look cute before going to the gym so I can run errands, as that’s the only time I have.
    One thing, though, I’m on a really really tight budget and am wanting to spend money wisely. Is spending $60+ on a pair of workout pants really better than $19 at Target knowing (er, hoping) I’ll lose enough weight to go down a size in 3 or 4 months? Does the price truly reflect quality in workout gear? I went to Athletica and literally gasped when I saw the $89 price tag on a pair….

  13. If you can afford the $89 pants, Athleta has very trendy stuff – printed leggings, etc. The materials are really good quality so you buy one or two and amortize the cost over several years. 🙂

  14. I have a ton of the C9 by Champion workout clothing from Target, and it is awesome. Well made, cute….I can’t imagine it wouldn’t serve your needs. For the record, I have some higher-end stuff too—including a pair of tights from Athleta that I got with the help of credit card rewards points—and I honestly don’t notice much of a difference. Stock up at Target, then watch for sales at Athleta. 😉 (P.S. the Old Navy compression line is good too–I have a GREAT pair of running tights from there, although I got them a few years ago so can’t vouch for current styles–and the GapFit G-Flex boot yoga pants are THE BEST EVER–especially the charcoal heather ones which are a different fabric than the basic black. Not super cheap but Gap has sales constantly.)

  15. Okay. I tried this today and felt like a college student — and not in a fun, young way, but in a hung over, tailgater kind of way. I think there must be some magical combination of a legging that’s not quite a legging but more of a workout pant with a sweater that’s loose and long and not too…sweaterish? My sweater was too short and too tight. My underwear lines were showing through the leggings, which were too short, and it was just…bad. Really bad. So maybe this is a post about workout bottoms and what to use, because regular leggings aren’t going to cut it. Help!

  16. I feel like a super sleuth figuring out where those AMAZING boots are from! Too bad they’re not available in my size anywhere… :o) Thanks for this post and I’m so glad to see you are doing ok.

  17. I’ve been thinking about you. A few things:
    1. workout leggings are usually thicker than regular ones, so that will help. However, I have worked out in my regular leggings before, but I tend to buy leggings that are a little thicker in general, and you gotta make sure you have enough length. 3/4 length leggings are disaster.
    2. If you look closely, my white workout top is actually peeking out from under the sweater – it helps with extra coverage.
    3. Do you have a sweater that is slightly oversized or longer? Could you steal one from your husband? This is a sweater that I can (in general) wear with tight pants or leggings anyway….
    Let me know if this still doesn’t help….. xoxo

  18. I wouldn’t, not if you are in-between sizes. When you are at your regular size, then it might be worth it. The workout leggings I’m wearing in the post are…12? 13? years old? Geez. The labels are so faded I no longer know the brand, but they are fleece-lined and were expensive and STILL what I wear all winter.

  19. Kim, I bought those bad boys almost 13 years ago. The brand is completely faded off. ALL I KNOW is that they are workout leggings and are fleece-lined. (And still holding up 13 yrs later).

  20. Thank you! I bought a pair of Athleta leggings on sale (called “Yin-Yang 2 in 1 tight) in black that has a sort of skirt thing over the booty. I was iffy on the skirt-over-leggings thing, but it looks awesome. I wore it with a thick, large cable knit sweater and boots. It totally worked. I think the solution was to finally bite the bullet and get some decent workout leggings.

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