How to Style Mom Jeans Right Now

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Mom jeans!!! What exactly are mom jeans?

Mom jeans are high-rise jeans with a straight or tapered leg. They make your waist look smaller, your hips wider, and sometimes they make you look like you have a penis when you’re sitting — I still prefer that over the low rise that I had to pull up before sitting to avoid a muffin top. Mom jeans used to be seen as frumpy and unhip by the younger generation. Now the tables have turned, and the younger generation is all about them, while moms are a little more hesitant.

As a young mom burdened by a saggy belly after birth, I embraced them super quickly. I’m not lying. High-rise jeans were my saving grace. As I got tired of skinny jeans, I really liked the comfort of a straight leg. So it’s not a surprise that I only have two pairs of skinny jeans and the rest are “mom jeans.”

I don’t give too much thought to how I wear them now — I have my system. But S, who initially named this blog “Ain’t No Mom Jeans”, asked for my help. She wanted to wear them with her favorite pieces — a cozy sweater and sneakers, and still feel cool.

Let’s see how that goes, and if she can say “yes, to mom jeans”. I’m also sharing my favorite tops to wear with mom jeans!

Note: Most mom jeans come in 100% cotton denim, so refer back for sizing and more info to “your guide to 501 Levi’s” and “The secret to breaking in your Levi’s jeans”.

What I’m Wearing With Mom Jeans

These are my favorite jeans in the whole world. My exact wash is gone, but I linked similar styles in other washes. I’m between sizes and sized down.

What Shana Is Wearing With Mom Jeans

S says her turtleneck is old, Vince but she linked up a few similar pieces plus her jeans and sneakers below.


Which was your favorite?

Chao, chao


Find more mom jeans on my Instagram (@julietatorresd), as well as my tummy tuck journey, and a raw and vulnerable take on motherhood. I believe social media shouldn’t be for the good things only. See you there!


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  1. Hi! How does that gold sweater run? It’s on sale and I’m pretty petite (24-25 in jeans) not sure if I should get XS? Thank you!! This was such a great video now I finally know what to do with these jeans I bought!!

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