How To Tie Your Scarf Like The November J.Crew Model




Did you guys see the latest J.Crew style guide?  (Us regular folk call it a catalog.)  Anyway, I’ve been obsessed – OBSESSED – with the girl on the cover.  That SCARF.  So I’ve been trying and trying to recreate at home….but couldn’t quite get it.  So I booked an appointment with my fav J.Crew stylist over at Suburban Square, and we figured something out together.

First things first:  those sneaky J.Crew stylists are actually using TWO scarfs, artfully draped, so we can’t recreate exactly.  (Unless you’re willing to stand still in a corner all day with your two artfully draped scarves.  If so, call me for details.)

Here it is!




1.  Start with a long scarf.  J.Crew’s scarves are slightly thicker (and make a fabulously large roll around the neck), but even a thinner scarf can work.  Length is key here.

2. Throw the long tail of the scarf over your opposite shoulder.

3. Bring the end of the scarf around, so it’s looped around your neck once.

4. Reach your hand UP through the roll at the neck, then….

5. Grab the end of the scarf (this is the same long-tail end that just went around your shoulders) and pull it through.

6.  Pull the long-tail end all the way through….then grasp the OTHER end to tighten the knot.




You’ll want to play with the placement a bit – I find that shifting the whole thing over one shoulder looks best.













sweater: Kate Spade Aura sweater c/0, size small

scarf: Mike’s old Gap scarf…in general, men’s scarves work really well.  J.Crew men’s bright plaid scarf is 25% off (and cashmere) the J.Crew model is wearing the fabulous Italian Brushed scarf  (oooo….also 25% off) and I think Gap men’s classic stripe scarf could look really cool.

jeans: Blank Denim (sold out)…but Blank Denim’s distressed boyfriend jeans make my heart beat fast, or OH MY their new distressed and patched skinnies!!!

shoes: old Aerosoles (I’m all about the low heel)….try RSVP’s low heeled red pump, or Tori Burch’s red suede wedge for even more stability.

bag: Kate Spade Lola Avenue Plaid c/o

umbrella: Target red stick umbrella (hey – did you know that you can order on and then pick it up at your store?  I just tried it for the first time yesterday and LOVED it.  I bought this hat.)

ring:  Stella and Dot (Last weekend to participate in our #fightinglikeagirl trunk show!!  Proceeds and hostess credits will go to someone currently fighting breast cancer – just use the Stella and Dot link above.)












  1. OMG- I have the same style guide- I mean catalog- and was hoping to recreate that same look!!!! THANK YOU!!! And, if you are ever up for it, I would love your take on a million other looks in that catalog (like making the look on page 31 look a bit edgier- love the vibe of it).

    And, good Lord woman you look like you could be in the dang catalog from your styling to your hair to your make-up. Seriously. LOVE. Can you PLEASE do a tutorial on your flawless make-up???

    • First of all, I love nerdy fashion comments like these. Yes, I’ve been studying page 31, and I think I have an idea. I’ll try to get something out soon. And all of my makeup is basically whatever my sister told me to do. I think she’s coming out with a makeup post THIS WEEK, so stay tuned. 🙂

      • Well, I LOVE your blog, your comments, your style, the fact you are working on an idea for page 31’s look AND that your sister is doing a makeup post!!!!! Seriously- wish you had a bat-phone (a la Batman- my son’s dream phone) and I had the number so I would know all that is in store!!! Wahoo!

  2. Ahh! I love your look. You (well your sister) already caused me to order leather moto leggings, now I have to buy a plaid scarf because I TOTALLY have a stripey sweater I could rock this with.

  3. I love how that scarf looks, and you better believe I’m going to try this out. But let’s talk about your hair for a minute. You can seriously wear ANY hairstyle. It looks fantastic–and not Dorothy Hamill at all! 😉

  4. I kinda miss wearing scarves. They add a great element of interest to an outfit. But it was almost 90 degrees here in Phoenix today, so…maybe in November?

  5. something is wrong with me I still can’t do it mine does not look like that…. I will practice more later but i can’t do it even with pics! my long part and short part are not near eachother

  6. so beautiful and i am loving the red! i want to get the red umbrella and possibly the cute little hat too and i wanted to order them from Target online and have them ready for me, but i always have a problem with the Target site 🙁 it will not let me order anything, or jump to another page 🙁 it’s the only site that does that to me. anyway, you look gorgeous!!

  7. As always, love the post! Just wanted to give a heads up to bargain hunters! If you do store pick up, it’s considered a order, so there’s NO price matching or adjustments! Ran into a problem with this, so wanted to pass along the info!

  8. Omg, love everything about this! The instructions (which I will have to reread a few more times before I get it haha. That sweater!! The pops of red, and the blue rings. GAH, love it all!

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