My Top 5 Favorite Essential Oils and How to Use Them


I consider myself a pretty pragmatic person… a thinker who’s not-so-in-touch with things like feelings or what my physical or emotional needs are. It’s taken me a long time to realize I need to pay attention to the other parts of me besides my brain and my to-do list. I’m still working on that every day.

One thing I never thought I’d get into was essential oils. I feel like the fact that I’m just now talking about them puts me way behind the game on this subject. But, alas, I’ve recently discovered the sweet-smelling (literally) world of essential oils and I’m never going back.

I love that they’re interesting, easy to use and 100% natural. I love that there are so many concoctions you can make from them to ease minor ailments and just help yourself relax for a minute. I love learning what a truly powerful sense our sense of smell is and how treating it throughout the day can change your entire mood or mindset.

I’ve only been using any essential oils at all for about the last year (a little diffusing here and there or putting some lavender in homemade body scrubs) but I’ve been using high-quality essential oils now for about the last 4 months. It’s then that I got hooked and you won’t see a day go by that I don’t use at least one of them in the course of the day. Because there are so many oils and they can be a little overwhelming, I only gathered my top 5 favorite uses for them for ya. I figured that would make jumping into this a little easier. These are things I use on a daily or weekly basis. I don’t know all the ins-and-outs of the world of EO, but I can share what I like so far!how to use essential oils

Lavender & Cedarwood Diffused At Night

3 drops each in the diffuser and you slip into a magical world of scent-heaven. Ok, technically this makes the list 6, but these are my absolute favorite scents in the world together. Lavender is just the best on it’s own (calming, gorgeous in homemade bath products and soothes bug bites & scratches) and definitely one-to-own. Cedarwood is warm and lovely and inexpensive. I have and love this diffuser, this diffuser and this one I just got for Sienna’s room and it’s great. I love that it’s small but works to use essential oils

Panaway For Sole Muscles

I’ve been dealing with some annoying calf pain lately and foam rolling and using Panaway in a roller bottle has really helped keep it under wraps. It’s a great replacement for your typical menthol ointment (ugh, this smells way better but has the same cooling effect). I put drops of the oil mixed with a carrier oil (olive oil, sweet almond oil or fractionated coconut oil) in a roller ball so I can easily apply this to the sore muscles. Just starting Barre3 or another new workout? You’ll totally love having this around.

how to use essential oils

Frankincense For Anti-Aging and Daily Drop On Crown Of Head

Frankincense has been revered for centuries as an oil with healing properties. The scent is royal and special and empowering to me. I heard about putting one drop on the crown of your head (sounded weird, but I tried it) and it’s amazing. You smell it occasionally throughout the day, more so than by putting it on your wrists or neck. It’s just a special thing that keeps me centered a bit more and I love it. Another way I love to use it is mixed with my favorite daily face moisturizer. It’s supposed to have anti-wrinkle properties so yes. Gimme.

thieves oil uses

Thieves For Cleaning and Immune System Support

Thieves oil is called that because the thieves during the plague would wear this combination of herbs/plants around their mouths to avoid getting sick. Interesting! But I love this oil for both making DIY cleaners for the home (pet and child safe!) and for diffusing, spraying or rolling on during times of the year when colds are prevalent.

get rid of bad smells

Purification Diffused For Bad Smells

Pinky brought in a bag of fish to the living room and left it there for 15 minutes. It stunk up the whole house. I diffused 3 drops of Purification for about the same amount of time and the smell was gone. It’s also great on pulse points so you enjoy the outdoors nuisance-free (stay away bugs!)

How to Use Essential Oils & The Oils I Prefer

My favorite oils I’ve used are Young Living. I appreciate their sourcing, purity of the oils, their involvement in the communities where they source the oils and their generosity in free stuff when you order regularly. I’ve been ordering for a few months and have gotten more than 3 oils for free already. So cool.

I recommend getting a membership if you choose to go with Young Living. You save 24% off the retail price each time you purchase any oils or products and there’s no on-going membership fee and no one will ask you to selling anything at all (a MUST for me if I’m going to join something). You just purchase a kit to get started that includes a ton of oils and information (at a big discount from purchasing all the oils separately). The kit includes 10 oils (all the ones I mention above except Cedarwood) and a diffuser, plus a bunch of other samples to try of various Young Living products. It’s a good deal, y’all. You’ll really feel official with your kit and they’re all great go-to oils.

YL has great beauty, cleaning, and home products that are all safe and natural, too, and convenient if you don’t care to DIY so much. I haven’t tried many of them yet, but my friend and I love the Thieves cleaner. It lasts forever because it’s so concentrated.

Essential Rewards is a great program to add on if you plan to order regularly or get addicted to making concoctions like I have. You get points back for ordering that you can use right away towards purchases of oils and other products. It’s great and I was skeptical of joining. You can adjust your order each month. And a note that the only oil I’ve had to replace so far was Lavender because I use it so much (I know buy it in the big size!) All of these last because they’re concentrated and you only have to use a drop or two at a time.

I typically only diffuse or roll-on the oils (mixed with a carrier oil in a roller bottle) or use certain oils directly on the skin if they’re safe for that. (These oils are highly concentrated so be sure to check information about each before use, especially on young kiddos/babies – this is a great app for oil information.) I’m not a fan of ingesting them but many people do. YL has a line of FDA approved oils called the Vitality line that you can choose to use in foods or flavor your water.

I cannot tell you how amazing some of these oils smell and how powerful just a little sniff can be in giving me a few minutes of grounding/relaxing/renewal. I’m just sharing about this because I love it. Sienna loves it. Scents are powerful and they definitely help effect our mood and can just allow a few seconds of escape from a crazy day.

Have you used essential oils? I’d love to hear your favorite oils and uses for everyday. We all need a little something to pull us out of the daily grind and lately these have been a bit of that for me.




  1. I just recently starting using essential oils, just some lavender in a small diffuser in my office. Helps calm me when I start getting stressed! I like the idea of the frankincense on the head, that might help too 😉

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