Packing Cubes! Two Strategies For Organizing That Suitcase

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If you haven’t yet discovered packing cubes….you’re in for a treat. They’ve been kind of a game-changer for me, but it took me a few trips (OK, several trips) to really work out a strategy for using them. In this video, I go into how I use packing cubes to pack for myself, how I use them to pack for the boys, and the items I almost never put into packing cubes.

My luggage (and packing cubes) are all from Away Travel, but I’ve linked some additional options below.

The Best Packing Cubes

Happy adventuring!




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  1. Just bought some Eagle Creek sets for a business trip and it was a total game-changer. Everything was organized, I could then throw dirty things into their own cube and separate. Totally agree. Cubes are awesome.

  2. Regarding labeling the kids’ cubes, each kid has a different cube color. We swear by the eBags ones, particularly the 3 medium size set. I can’t be concerned about various sizes for various things. We fill up the mediums and are done.

  3. Very timely for me – fellow Michigander leaving for California for a week on Thursday and had never heard of packing cubes! I still have time to get some from Amazon!

  4. Lois Soiffer on

    I bought the eagle creek packing set and LOVE it. Really makes things easier. But using their compression bags is LIFE-CHANGING! I do not say that lightly. Made it possible to use a carry-on for three weeks in northern Europe in late fall. The heavy sweaters and down layers became tiny and slippery and easy to pack. I bought the eagle creak brand in these as well but I would not recommend them, due to the zip-lock style zippers not holding up. There are many other brands on the market now so maybe someone else knows which are good. At some point I will need to replace mine, which will mean more plastic in landfills.

    Always pack a change of clothes or at least undies in your carry-on if you check your luggage. Things get lost!

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