Mom Jean Styling Tips (From A Gen Z-er)


Well, it’s our final week of the #TMEStyleChallenge over on IG (@themomedit) and we are going out with a bang: MOM JEANS. So many of you had asked us how the heck to style mom jeans that we added on this final bonus week.

After much discussion in the TME office, we turned to our resident Gen Z-er (and Drexel intern), Abby. Abby has been quietly rocking mom jeans — on the daily, with sneakers — for months now. The reason she loves them so much? Well…I’ll leave that to the video (it might surprise you).

Finding the Right Pair of Mom Jeans

We touch on this in the video, but finding the right pair is key. Abby swears by BDG’s High-Rise Slim Straight Jean (size 31 for reference,) and I’ve been loving AGoldE’s Riley jeans (high-rise, straight crop, size 26 for reference). After talking with Abby (see video), I think I need to crop mine even shorter. Here’s a list of our contributor’s fav pair of mom jeans, as well as the size they prefer:

Linzi (size 26): Madewell Perfect Vintage Jean

Scotti (size 28): Abercrombie’s Curve Love High-Rise Mom Jeans

Kat (size 22): Good American Good Curve High Waist Ankle Straight Leg Jeans

Laura (size 30): Topshop Raw Hem Mom Jeans (see them on her, here)

Emily (size 24): AGoldE Jamie High Rise Classic Jeans

What Shoes To Wear With Mom Jeans?

Well…the easiest shoes to pair with mom jeans are obviously high heels #thanksfornothing, BUT…we covered the two best boots to wear with mom jeans here (and Laura weighed in too, here).

But if you get the crop right…sneakers can also work (I swear by Adidas Superstars,) and Abby has been rocking the heck out of hers with classic Vans. I’m digging mine out, stat.

Pairing Tops With Mom Jeans

As you might have guessed, showing off the waist is key. But Abby has some seriously good ideas for not only showing off that waist, but keeping everything in proportion But you’ll have to watch the video to see. 🙂

BTW — you can shop all of Abby’s recommendations (including the tops she’s actually wearing) here.

If anyone cares about my t-shirt (and a similar button-down), they’re all linked here.

Good luck, everyone. Can’t WAIT to see what you come up with!! 🙂


Shana & Abby


  1. Abby is so fabulous! Great video! Shana your hair looks AMAZE! Appreciate the tips yet this older Mom is still not sold…..the comfort factor being the biggest problem.

  2. I love this post, thank you Abby, Shana! I appreciate the team/size options, this really helps when you list the sz that is modeled. What’s funny is I usually identify with Laura’s size and when I look at what size jeans she has on, I go whattt??? I wear a bigger size than that, really? So it’s hard to tell from pics so I think to myself, she must like a tighter fit or the jeans must be really stretchy, Ha.

  3. This is so helpful, thank you.

    Ridiculous request: Shana, would you be willing to provide a quick tutorial on how best to crop jeans? I know, I know….I am just concerned about getting it right, using the correct tools, etc. The last time I cut my clothing was the Benneton sweater I took to task (cut neck open) in 1988. Help! I have the COH Harlow jeans you referenced in a previous post and I think they are too long as well. Thank you!

  4. Has anyone tried Re-done jeans? I am not a huge fan of rigid or almost rigid denim, but I find them to be super comfortable (wearing their comfort stretch denim which is still pretty rigid). They are made from recycled denim. My jeans say they are 20+ years.

    I second the request for a tutorial on cropping your jeans yourself and which styles should be cut where, as I am evaluating my denim for cropping.

  5. Here’s my dilemma: Mom jeans and really any high waist style make my flat but look a mile long. Is there a trick to styling a pancake bottom or should I leave this trend alone?

  6. This is great. I love having the younger perspective from Abby! Are boyfriend jeans different than mom jeans? I’m thinking the difference is that boyfriend jeans are slouchy and mom jeans are fitted in the butt and waist??

  7. So- I do love my rigid, high waist, straight leg jeans reminiscent of the 80’s , but I admit I am the reader who really dislikes the “Mom jean” wordage. After many failed attempts at new jeans, I have my personal holy grail of “Mom jeans” with vintage men’s Wranglers. They are slim through the hip and thigh with a high waist and straight legs. The best thing about them is they have already been through many years of the shrinkage/stretch game and they are perfectly faded with no weird fake whiskering or machine made holes. I love them!! I have found through trial and error, it is crucial to get not just a waist measurement, but also hip and thigh measurements (since they do run narrow with no stretch). Plus, they are usually well under $50. Here is one of my favorite sites (I have no connection with the owner but can only guess that Utah must be Wrangler heaven since this Etsy site is amazing)

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