Mom Jean Outfit Ideas (For Late Winter / Early Spring)


We’re reaching that time of year when our dreams of sun feel more like an exercise in futility, rather than an eventual actuality. This is the time of year when I’m sick to death of my usual winter uniform…but I can’t fully commit to spring outfits. I needed some tried-and-true outfit formulas, ones that combined a spring-like vibe with a healthy dose of reality. And since we have mom jeans on the brain, Abby and I threw together 8 different outfit ideas featuring mom jeans.

1. Mom Jeans + Silky Cami & Trench Coat

I’ve been relying on my old faux-fur trench to warm up a silk cami on date nights…but any sort of belted coat will give the same vibe. And the second the weather warms up, I’m swapping out my faux-fur for an actual trench coat — I love how the belted waist looks with mom jeans. So chic.

trench (faux-fur is sold out but we love this classic trench) | cami (xs) | AGoldE Riley Jeans (26) | boots

2. Mom Jeans + Ladylike Bag & Doc Martens

I’m a huge Doc Marten fan, especially with mom jeans. In a totally unexpected twist, Docs look kiiiind of amazing with a vintage-inspired, ladylike frame bag. The bag is substantial enough to balance the shoe (and adding a sweater in a pretty color doesn’t hurt either). The sweater, BTW, is one of my very favs. It’s super-lightweight, yet surprisingly warm.

sweater (xs) | AGoldE Riley Jeans (26) | boots | similar bag

3. Mom Jeans + Topcoat & Vans

It turns out that wool topcoats look SO freaking cool with Vans. This is a combo I’ll be wearing on repeat. (And if you don’t have a wool topcoat, try any sort of wool coat with a boyish vibe — even a peacoat would work.)

topcoat (s) | sweater (m) | jeans (31) | vans

4. Mom Jeans + Girly Tee & Light Accessories

I love taupe boots for end-of-winter. Same with white bags. Throw them on with literally any of your wintery pieces and you’ll immediately feel like spring. And if the day happens to be a warm(ish) one? Add a puffed-sleeve tee. Done.

tee (xs) | AGoldE Riley Jeans (26) | boots | bag

5. Mom Jeans With Layers of Blush

Similar to the outfit idea above…instead of swapping black accessories for light ones, try swapping out your normal black or gray sweater and coat for light-hued layers. This is an easy way to channel spring and still stay warm. We really love blush pink, but any sort of soft color will do.

similar faux-fur | short-sleeve sweater (m) | jeans (31) | vans

6. Mom Jeans + Graphic Tee & White Sneakers

This classic combo is one we all wear on repeat. Nuff said. (ps. That tee is so freaking good…that Free People re-issued it in several colors. Still one of my all-time favs.)

tee (xs) | AGoldE Riley Jeans (26) | sneakers | similar bag

7. Mom Jeans + Statement Sleeves & Slip-On Sneakers

Abby swears by statement sleeves to balance out mom jeans. The best statement-sleeve tops (in our opinion) are ones that aren’t overly fancy…and can be worn with cool slip-on sneakers. Abby’s top is basically a glorified thermal, which is perfect for not-quite-spring days. (It comes in a ton of really pretty colors, too.)

top (m) | jeans (31) | vans | similar bag

8. Mom Jeans + Ivory Sweater & Snake Print Boots

Snake print booties are such an easy outfit upgrade…and they look even more sophisticated when paired with ivory, cream or beige.

similar sweater (xs) or try THIS ONE, wow | AGoldE Riley Jeans (26) | similar boots | similar bag (same designer)

Spring has gotta come soon, right? Until then…well…these. (What outfit combos are you guys wearing on the regular? Help a girl out…)


Shana & Abby


  1. I’ve got to say, there are some trends that should be ignored and I feel like Mom jeans are one of them. They don’t really flatter anyone, that I’ve seen (Sorry, ladies, not a slight against you!).

  2. Well, I have to say I disagree with Cindy. I loved everything about this video; you guys look fantastic!!! Then again, this is what makes the world go round, right? All of us liking different things. Keep on rocking the jeans you love.

  3. While I still can’t find mom jeans that work for me, this is a super cute video! Shana, your hair looks amazing!!!

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