Are You Wearing Baggy Outfits Wrong? Let’s Talk.


Ok, this is the type of video that I wish I watched EONS ago. (Well, maybe a yearish ago* when I first started trying to figure out how to wear baggy outfits without looking like a crazy person.)

If you’ve also been inspired by all of the oversized, cool-girl looks over the past year but don’t necessarily know exactly how to make it look so put-together, Amy (someone who knows how to get it right) came to the rescue. And she NAILED it.

The Right Way To Wear Baggy Outfits: 7 Easy Styling Tricks

Not only are baggy on baggy outfits often tricky to get right, but baggy jeans on their own can even be a challenge. All that material can wayyyy too easily look frumpy and messy, and we obviously don’t want that. There’s just lots to consider when creating oversized outfits: silhouettes, shoe styles, accessories, layers, bags & proportions?! Whew. Luckily, Amy addresses it all and makes. it. make. sense. Two claps for cracking the code!!!

Psst — curious about all the pieces Amy covers? You can find this latest video here on our Youtube channel. Just click “More” in the description and you’ll find allll of the shopping links.


Abby & Amy

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Incredibly creative and artistic, Abby is the one we turn to for absolutely jaw-dropping, stunning curation. She’s got a knack for finding hidden gems and has the ability to make any space beautiful, plus her own style is enviable. Abby is one of the few team members who is not afraid of color, so her contributions (both digitally and in real life) feel like a breath of fresh air. She manages to come up with options that are both wildly original…and exactly what we want to wear.


  1. Thanks, Amy! As a similarly tall human, any tips for pulling of that slightly cropped loose pant? I have a few baggy gauze pants I love but were clearly made for average height humans. They do ok with a slide or sandal. But socks and sneakers are tricky, low socks looks dated, but socks start making me feel like Steve Eurkle. (How’s that for a dated reference?!) Any tricks?

    • Ahh, great question. I don’t have any tricks different than what you said — I usually skip the socks all together so as not to complicate that area visually, it just doesn’t flow well no matter your height. I’m very pro Steve Eurkle-socks with a cropped loungewear pant (where the overall outfit leans comfort-focused and the shoe is something akin to a Birk clog where your heel is out), but with a denim/structured cropped pant I like to keep it old school and make sure to truly have zero sock showing/only my ankle. That could mean using a true no-show sock that doesn’t peek out around the opening of the shoe, orrr my preference is opting for a slide/sandal (investing in unique sandals/flats is my key – the more interesting the shoe the easier this whole problem is) and wearing tall boots that tucks up underneath/around the pant! Xx

  2. Thank you, this level of detail is fantastic!! I had noticed the open heel factor but not really thought it through.

  3. Hi Amy, will you please link all of the bottoms you show in this video? Specifically the nili lotan looking ones (barrel with splatters) and the blackish ones you’re wearing with a belt in your yard. Thank you!

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