How To Wear Black In The Summer (And 16 Pieces To Keep You Cool)


Calling all fellow color-phobes….all wearers of faded black jeans, snugglers of black turtleneck sweaters, and hoarders of black jackets….it’s SUMMER.  Now what?

While I do tend to lighten up in the summer (white tees all day every day), there are a few black pieces I turn to, even when the temps rise.  I mean…thank god for linen, that’s all I’m saying.

I do, however, like to ditch my black leather accessories (bags, shoes) when wearing black in the summertime. Instead, I find that black pieces accessorized with tan or straw accessories is the perfect, summery pairing. Like Corona and lime, baby.

Outfit Details

dress: Paige Perrine Maxi Dress (xs for reference) – this isn’t linen, but it’s nice and cool, and I’ve found myself throwing it on over bikinis and flip flops at the pool, as well as dressing it up for a night out. This thing is SO easy. The knot is a genius add, and the neckline is low enough to be flattering.

What We’re Wearing



Pants & Shorts


Jumpsuits & Rompers


Tan Sandals

Straw Bags





  1. I would definitely add the Athleta Roaming Romper to the list of lightweight black summer options. It travels really well and looks cute with tan Eileen Fisher sport sandals.

  2. I love that Paige dress. It’s so so good. And that UO romper is adorable! Love it. Also, I’m totally on board with tan sandals. I currently have three pairs that I go between these days and I realized over the weekend that I don’t have any black sandals/shoes for summer at all!

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