Our Daily Uniform Just Got Brighter….

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LOFT reached out, asking if I’d take a look at their early Spring line-up which is chock full of brights, stripes and florals.

Since my normal mode lately has black, gray and a pop of navy-when-I’m-crazy….I turned to my friend Linzi for help.  Linz and I recently cleaned out her entire closet (coming soon!), and it’s packed full of bright colors, gorgeous patterns, and allllll the stripes.

I knew she’d flip for LOFT’s Spring line.  And besides, there’s not a lot of arm-twisting involved for a kid-free shopping date and coffee, amiright?

Here are a few fool-proof outfit combos we loved….

Layers of Stripes + Bright Florals

Remember when mixing prints (stripes and florals) was considered…wild?  Now?  I call it a classic – like red lips and white tshirts. Like peanut butter and jelly.  Like two moms without kids and a coffee shop.


We piled on some soft sweater jackets (LOFT does these so well), and ended up with a perfect daily uniform for these strangely mild temps.

True to form, I was still a little bit cold, and Linz was boiling.  Ah, March.  I mean January.

Outfit Details – Linzi

sweater moto: Lou and Gray Zip Moto Jacket (size small for reference) – Such a good cardigan upgrade.

striped shirt: LOFT Textured Striped Top (size XS for reference) – Linzi and I are both obsessed with this top.  It has a swingy shape, and is made from a slightly nubby fabric that smooths over lumps and bumps (but isn’t itchy).  Has a cool back-zipper detail at the top.

jeans:  Modern Frayed Cuff Straight Leg Jeans (size 28P for reference) – we were pretty happy with Linz’s bum in these jeans.

accessories: LOFT Round Sunglasses (in red), LOFT Block Floral Scarf

Outfit Details – Me

sweater jacket: LOFT Fringe Sweater Jacket (xs for reference) – like Chanel, baby.  Like Chanel. (But seriously I live for a good sweater jacket.)

striped sweater: LOFT Stripe Banded Sweater (wearing a medium for reference) – this thing is very soft and cozy.  The color I’m wearing is almost completely sold out, but there’s a red that’s gorgeous.  I like it a little oversized…the extra slouch and length also makes it cute with faux-leather leggings.

jeans: LOFT Modern Patchwork Skinny Jeans (size 24 for reference) – love the wash and patch detail on these.  The 24 was tight, but there’s a decent amount of stretch.

accessories: LOFT Abstract Tulip Scarf


Brights and More Brights

I took a page from Linzi’s book and mixed brights with….more brights.  For some reason, the sum total of this approach felt easier than my usual OH HI.  I’M WEARING THIS ONE BRIGHT THING BECAUSE MY BLACK TURTLENECK IS DIRTY.  DON’T PAY ANY ATTENTION TO ME.


Have you seen the Instagram Husbands spoof?  I was trying to demonstrate for Linz…

Outfit Details – Linzi

bright tee: LOFT Puff Sleeve Swing Top (size XS for reference) – This unassuming little tee is so freaking perfect.  We adore the forgiving shape and the little puff-sleeve details.

jeans:  Modern Frayed Cuff Straight Leg Jeans (size 28P for reference) – we were pretty happy with Linz’s bum in these jeans.

accessories: LOFT Round Sunglasses (in red), LOFT Block Floral Scarf

Outfit Details – Me

bright sweater:  LOFT Shoulder Button Sweater (xs for reference) – I’ve had my eye on this one ever since Scotti brought it to our attention as one of her weekly picks.  Scotti was right:  it’s fantastic.  The color was gorgeous on both of our skin tones, and we both liked the cut.

jeans: LOFT Modern Patchwork Skinny Jeans (size 24 for reference) – love the wash and patch detail on these.  The 24 was tight, but there’s a decent amount of stretch.

accessories:LOFT Block Floral Scarf


Shop Our LOFT Favorites

Gang, a bunch of new arrivals (including many of the pieces we’re wearing) are currently 40% off!  Just for the sake of a little shopping enabling  (who doesn’t need a bout of retail therapy after a long week?)….here are our current favorites from LOFT.  A few caught my eye online, but many of these pieces Linzi and I actually tried on.  Enjoy!




photo credits:  Redfield Photography

A huge thank you to LOFT for sponsoring this post!  Linzi and I both had a blast working on this one.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own (or in this case, Linzi’s too).  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.


Here’s to girlfriends who make you laugh until you cry. xx


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  1. Christy Hartman on

    Hmmm, I gotta say I’m just not a fan of the color story they’ve got going on. The red and blue look very “primary colors”. I think I see enough primary colors in all the kid stuff floating around my house.
    The only thing that caught my eye was that sweater with the lace up back. That looks divine.

  2. More, more prints please. I’ve purchased a few core pieces you have highlighted but it would be great to see more patterns and color combos.

  3. Hi, love you blog! Great pieces, can’t wait for the spring lines to be featured. 🙂

    Is there a way to email an editor? I have a question about content. Thanks!

  4. Now I know this is something you can’t really help, because your friends are your friends, but I would love to see women of a larger size when you guys have opportunities like this. It would be more helpful to see what something looks like when you are a size 10 or 12 then everything on teeny, tiny women.

  5. I have the stripped open cardigan–no pic–but it is divine! So many compliments when I wear it. Size down because Loft seems to run so big lately. And with 40% off now it so worth it! Thanks for this post! My wardrobe is 99% Loft! Love to see items I may have passed over highlighted!

  6. If Loft stopped making Petites I wouldn’t have much of a work wardrobe. I love the blue sweater and the patchwork jeans. I’m too pregnant for any of it, but I might have to order those sunglasses.

  7. Love all of these and the recommendations!

    You know what is a pet peeve of mine? Seeing all fashion blogger/instagramer/etc pictures with all their disposable coffee cups. It’s practically part of every fashion photo in the last few years. I just wish someone would have the guts to use a reusable coffee cup and start the movement. We care about the earth for our kids, why not in fashion photos or for ourselves?

    But don’t worry, have always loved your blog and tips & will always follow. Just thought I’d put it out there.

    • So funny you mentioned this because I have noticed the same thing! Although I have not noticed as much on TME, I have commented on another blog where the mom says/blogs/shows pics of her daily and sometimes multiple to-go coffees. I am not Mrs Mother Earth but I do think every little bit helps and bloggers are the influencers of today, right? 😉

    • You’re so right, I haven’t seen TME do this very often. But, it makes my heart so happy to hear others feel the same about this! I hope we all notice the trend changing soon.

  8. Most of this stuff is 50% off at Loft right now. Hooray! I went to pick up the striped shirt Shana and Linzi both loved, and I agree, it fits beautifully. However, the care label says “dry flat” (and it’s 100% rayon), major bummer. With 3 young kids and constant laundry, we’ve accidentally thrown too many shirts of mine into the dryer and ruined them for my long torso. Sadly I’m not in a “dry flat” stage of life.

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