3 Tips to Pull Off the Cropped Wide-Leg Pant


For quite a while now I have observed how great wide leg cropped pants look on my favorite stylish people. I’ve always thought that I’m too short or too petite, or that my life is too casual for them. Still, I always had them in the back of my head and looked for a pair every time I could. There was always something, but to be honest, I think my mind was not ready. Most times when I don’t like something, it’s because I’m just not ready for it.

Right before my trip to Colombia I ordered these Everlane wide leg cropped pants. As a matter of fact, I ordered them twice. At first, I got my size and one up just in case, both big. I loved the style and fabric so much that I sent them back and immediately ordered a size down and anxiously waited for them. They got here one day before my flight.

Finding the Perfect Length

I inherited my love for fashion and sewing from my dad’s side of the family. I learned to sew at a very young age thanks to my grandma and aunt. Grandma worked in haute couture, and my aunt at a factory. I know how important alterations are for a great fit. I don’t base my purchase decision on length if I know the alterations are simple. Most times I do it myself, others I use my visits to Colombia to recruit family members to do it for me.

So, cousin R came to my rescue. I had a pile of clothing for him including these pants. I had to get the regular length because the shorter length was on waitlist and I could not wait. So I stood on a stool and tried these pants on while we both deciphered where the length would look good. I showed him the picture of the model, and told him to pin the hem so I could see how it would look that cropped on my petite frame. I checked in the mirror “a little bit more” I said. Then it was perfect! Even my dad who is a total critic agreed they looked great. I couldn’t believe it!  A few days later I had my pants and I was in love. The length is about 2″ above my ankle and I think it is perfect.

Now how to make them work for this mama?

It All Comes Down to the Colors

If you follow me on Instagram (@julietatorresd) I recently talked about how I’ve been more mindful about the colors I wear. How they look on me, and specifically how they look depending on the occasion. I’ve been growing apart from my beloved black and it’s been surprisingly AMAZING. These pants come in 7 colors, and I specifically went for this color because it’s more casual than black. It’s also more wearable by shorties like me since it’s a color close to my skin. That makes the styling much easier. It’s also a color that I can wear in my everyday life, but also dress up for a meeting or event easily. God knows I can’t have too many things that only work for formal occasions.

Once I chose my color, as a petite who’s gone deep into finding out how not to look shorter, I knew I had to play with the colors in order to keep a well-proportioned look. For that, I created 3 looks to explain.

How to Wear Wide-Leg Cropped Pants

1. Keep top and pants in the same color family

When I got the pants I knew I wanted to wear them with these patent black boots (great boots to wear in the rain and look stylish). The black and camel have a high contrast which creates a horizontal line that cuts my body visually. When that happens I don’t want more horizontal lines, so I usually go for a color that’s either similar or has low contrast with the pants. I am obsessed with the result!

Top (XS) I Pants (00) I Boots I Bag

2. Create a vertical line with the pants and shoes

OK, so maybe you want a different colored top that creates high contrast with your pants. Every time I want a different colored top, I go for shoes that are the same color or avoid creating a very visible horizontal line cutting my body.

For this, you can go for nude heels, but since I wanted it more casual and comfortable, I went for tan block heeled boots. I would have applied the same principle to black pants. Black pants, black boots and other colored top. I added a red bag because I just adore how polka dots look paired with red.

Top (similar) I Pants (00) I Boots I Bag (bigger size here)

3. Keep a full vertical line with a different color top layer

You don’t necessarily have to go for very similar colors. Just go for colors that are not high-contrasting. I like to keep a full vertical line whenever I’m wearing a top layer in a very different color. In this case it was a black leather jacket. It can also be a longer coat or cardigan of a different color. I apply the same principle.

I kept my top, pants and shoes close in color. And because I had to try the pants with sneakers I went for…Yes, sneakers! I loved it! I’ve found that for my shape and height it’s easier to wear sneakers with wide-leg pants when the pants are cropped than when they are full-length. And by the way!!! — Adidas just released the superstars with leopard print stripes!!!! I’m obsessed and they would look amazing with these pants.

Top I Pants (00) I Shoes I Bag

A little note here, I was initially going for a white tee with minimal graphics. I’m not big on graphic tees, so I go for very subtle things. However, if you are the queen of graphic tees, I think it would look so cool with this look. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring a white tee to Colombia, so I decided to give a pop of color to my outfit with my favorite marigold colored tank. Check it out, it’s gorgeous and comes in Ecru and Plum.

End result? I can totally wear this to take my kids to the park.

I hope you enjoyed and found these tips helpful! Does it feel a little less scary and easier to wear cropped wide-leg pants? Expect more on wide-leg and flared cropped pants soon!

Chao, Chao. Julieta

Now let’s hang out on Instagram @julietatorresd for more high rise bottoms covering my mommy tummy, and a real and vulnerable take on postpartum body and motherhood. I’m a believer that social media shouldn’t be to document only the good things.


  1. Such a timely post! I wore wide leg cropped navy blue pants today with a blue/white striped top. I didn’t tuck it in because it was too short to do so, but should have. You’ve given me some great ideas… especially with shoes, too. Hard to do the navy blue, but I love the style you’ve got. Time to play! Thanks!!

  2. These look great! The dot blouse combo is so cute, I also love your patent boots. I went to HK last summer and everyone was wearing cropped wide pants, old & young, it was soo cute! The funny part about it is in HK, whatever is on trend, most people follow and the stores sell it. So, I got a pair, but mine are more like wide skirt/pants. So when you stand they look like a skirt but they are actually pants. I wear them a lot to work, they are navy and I also have a pinkish floral pair. They are super comfy too. Mostly wear with ankle boots too.

  3. You look great! I love wide leg crops. I just ordered a third pair in a rust color. I’m already tall so that’s not a worry, but I’m going to try your color schemes anyway because they look so good!

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