Three Surprisingly Cool Ways to Style Bermuda Jean Shorts


We love our jean shorts here at TME but you know what we also love? Our long jean shorts. You know what are a little tricky to style though? Our long jean shorts.

Have no fear, though. Not only have Cam and Scotti already tackled this styling challenge with beauty and grace, but I’m also here today to share even more options for wearing these comfy long cutoffs we all seem to love.

With a Tee + Blazer

I love this outfit so much. And I love owning a white blazer so much. It adds a modern, dressier vibe to the distressed shorts, and well, I just think it’s cool. The white tee keeps the outfit fresh for summer, too, as all white can do. I’m digging it with all the shoe choices above, but the white sandals are my current favorite option.

Outfit Details

Linen Blazer (similar) | Tee | Shorts (wearing 1 size up, US 6) | Black Sandals | White Sandals (similar) | Sneakers or these (similar)

With A Crisp White Top

My absolute favorite thing when styling an outfit is unexpected combinations. That’s what works here. Pair the distressed shorts with a clean, crisp white top and then add high tops into the mix. YAS! Me. These outfits are me, y’all. Love.

Outfit Details

Flutter Sleeve Top (wearing US 4) | Funnelneck Top (wearing US 4) | Shorts (wearing 1 size up, US 6) | High-Top Sneakers

With a Wrap Top

I think we’ve all shown that a pretty wrap top works amazingly well with these shorts. I’m LOVING this top from J.Crew worn backwards: the neckline this way is super flattering and the open back is gorgeous. (Next up…to work on that tan line tho…)

Outfit Details

Wrap Top (wearing S) | Shorts (wearing 1 size up, US 6) | Black Sandals (super close) | White Sandals (similar)

A Few More Pairs I’m Loving

Have you rocked the longer jean short yet? Do you have a favorite way to style them? The wrap top outfit is seriously going into rotation stat. I’m intrigued by this high-rise version of the same shorts they’re offering, too, now. Hmm. Might be a good option to check out.

It’s Rose Festival season here y’all, and I don’t know if you caught my IG stories the other day (@elletrain) from the International Rose Garden, but the roses are stunning right now. We’re off to the Junior Rose Parade this week. It was Sienna’s first parade ever! I can’t believe I’m taking my big five year old now.

I promise I won’t talk about her turning five forever, but gah…I didn’t realize what a big birthday this was. We were both eating avocado toast the other morning and I said “This is one of my favorite breakfasts.” She said, “Me, too! We must be related!” #fivegoingonthirtyfive

Good luck out there, Mamas…you’re doing the good work.




  1. Thank you thank you thank you for doing a post on what many of us consider NORMAL length shorts! (And thanks Cam and Scotti too for your previous pieces.) I have no issue with shorter shorts, just prefer a Bermuda length especially on days when it’s over 100 degrees – no need to worry about sweaty thighs/thigh chafe for those of us who aren’t blessed with a thigh gap. And frankly I think they just look more elegant. Some of my favourite tops to pair with my Bermuda-length denim shorts: peasant/gypsy style blouses, striped t’s of any persuasion, kimono-style shirts over a tank….

  2. Yes! I want a whole fashion site devoted to the anti-thigh-gap (ok maybe that’s just Beyonce). For the same reason, dresses in high heat are a no-go for me.

  3. love bermuda jean shorts!! but yeah… styling is tricky. thanks for posting the additional options! wrap top is still my fav!

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