How To Wear Leggings Now




I’m taking over our usual #myeverydayedit spot to talk about leggings.  In the comments section of the cozy sweater article, Beth had asked us for legging inspiration, so I’ve been doing a little thinking.  If you follow me on Instagram (@shanachristine), I threw a few of these pics out there already, and asked TME’s insta-community for additional ideas.  They’ve been insanely helpful, tagging relevant pics with #themomeditleggings.  (I know, I know – so literal.  I’ve been busy, you guys, and the only other hashtag I could come up with was #TMEslicklegs and NO.  Just NO.)

In any case, here are three ways I’ve been wearing leggings-as-real-pants (as well as a few ideas from the #myeverydayedit community on Instagram).

Use a Collared Shirt (or Shirt Dress)

Leggings always feel like pajamas to me, so a collared shirt helps to keep the whole look intentional.  I like the shirts long enough to peek out at the bottom to cover the, uh, *girlfriend* region, so tall mamas might want to try a shirtdress.  (This is Cam’s fav trick.)



A few of our favorite long shirts are Equipment’s Margaux Blouse (or Equipment’s silk shirts), Express’ Portofino Tunic, Lush Roll Tab Tunic (from the BP section at Nordstrom), Joe Fresh’s long shirt….or, for more plaid, I can usually get away with Rails, but taller mamas should probably stick with plaid shirtdresses.  I like this one.


Let’s gracefully gloss over the Pilling Sweater Issue, please.  I haven’t yet unpacked my sweater shaver, and sooo….anyway, I had started photoshopping out some of the fuzzies and after five minutes of that nonsense was all WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE so whatever.



Outfit Details

sweater:  My poor, sweet, abused Vince sweater (only available in gray, but currently 25% off)

shirt: old Elizabeth and James, from eBay

leggings: Plush liquid leggings

boots: Coach Bonnie Bootie

bag: Rebecca Minkoff Julian Fringe Backpack


Pile On Lots of Flowy Layers, Ground It With OTK Boots

What’s better than one cardigan?  TWO CARDIGANS.

Just kidding.  I kinda hate cardigans.  Actually, it’s really complex relationship that we don’t have time to fully explore.  So suffice to say that if I’m going cardigan, I prefer mine thin, drapy, and circle.  Which often means they’re not that warm.  So…..two.  Layered over a flowy long-sleeve tunic-tee.   (Confusing, hybrid clothing names are what I resort to when confronted with Free People anything.)

And the boots help to ground this outfit by giving it a little edge.




Layering gets tricky – in general, you want the thicker knit on the outside.  But if they’re a similar knit, then layer the shorter one on the outside.



In hindsight, the hat may have been too much.


Outfit Details

flowy long-sleeve tunic-tee: Free People Ventura HIgh/Low Top (size xs)

cardigan ONE (under): sold out, but this All Saints cardigan is even better

cardigan TWO (over): old Banana Republic, but this H&M chunky knit cardigan would totally work

leggings: Plush liquid leggings

boots: Nine West Tiberia Boots

bag: Rebecca Minkoff Julian Fringe Backpack

hat: Madewell Softest Rib Beanie


Go All Crazy Legs

I love crazy, patterned leggings  – such a fun departure from basic black.  Per usual, I paired them with OTK boots and a longer top.




Outfit Details

shirtFree People Ventura HIgh/Low Top (size xs)

leggings: Onzie Low Rise Long Leggings in Moonwalk (currently on sale!)

boots: Nine West Tiberia Boots

bag: Rebecca Minkoff Julian Fringe Backpack

sunglasses: Ray Bans


Here are a few other ways the #myeverydayedit community has been wearing their leggings….


Clockwise, from top left:

1. @cbdesignsshop paired hers with combat boots and a long, skinny blazer.  Love.

2. @alifeunstyled nailed it with belted drapy layers (and, I think, pom-poms?).  Whoa.  Cool.

3. @dawnparsons_ shows how lux, patterned sneaks instantly glam up leggings and a basic sweater

4. @the_fly_mommy has lots of drapey black layers and animal-print booties.  She’s gone in a classic direction with a plaid scarf….I plan to copy this outfit but will swap the scarf for a leather jacket.  Instant rock-chick.



Happy Monday!




  1. Love this post, Shana! Couple of questions. Do those leggings look like leather in person? And do they show every lump and bump or camouflage the bumps with their shine?
    I think I’ll wear leggings today with my husband’s shirt. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Weighing in quickly to say that I think the beanie is adorbs! It might be a bit much with the sunglasses, but more in an incognito Olsen twin sorta way (but that’s a fine look, too. No judgements).

  3. Loving this post super cute looks! Can you tell me where your blue and gray scarf is from? I tried looking and relioking through this post and couldn’t find mention of it. Please let me know. Thank you!

    • Hi Christina… I remember her saying in an older post from way back, that the scarf is old …I think from a couple of years ago… So it may not be available.

  4. I really love those plush leggings, the band on them looks like one that might be really tight (when I followed the link) and just a friendly comment to add for any pregnant mama’s – I am obsessed with Ingrid & Isabel’s maternity leggings, super comfortable. I rarely ever do the leggings as pants thing, but a winter pregnancy means I’ve just given in


  5. I would love to see a leggings post with a round up of different types and price points and what sort of fit/flaws they are good for. I’ve never been very comfortable in leggings, but after a difficult delivery of Baby 5 a couple of weeks ago and finally buying some OTK boots, I think I’m ready to branch out this season! I love how The Mom Edit gets me to try new things!

    Related question: is there a tag for posts that mention pants/clothes good for after c-sections? I had an emergency surgery after delivery this time so I have stitches sort of in the same area as a c-section and I remember Scotti writing several times that pants were good for that, but now I can’t think of how to find those posts! Thanks!

    • Yes!!! I second wanting a post on which leggings are the best!! And how come you all look so cute in leggings and I just look like I forgot to put pants on :s is it just a mental thing I have to get over?! Maybe i just need the right leggings, ie thicker ones lol. I love the shirt dress idea, sounds like a good middle ground for virgin legging wearers like me hahahahaha!

      • Yes! Please just tell me which leggings to buy. I looked at the ones you are wearing but they look like they will be clammy and plasticky and I just can’t even. I love the look with two sweaters. Why didn’t I ever think I was allowed to wear two sweaters at a time?!

    • After my C-section I found the leggings at Lululemon to be the most comfortable because their band sits higher up and doesn’t rub against the scar. I lived in their Wunder Under High Rise pant for a few weeks very comfortably!

  6. Love this post. You are hilarious (the pilled sweater, love that you just don’t give a f***ck). LOVE ideas for leggings, as lately they are all I want to wear, since I am constantly on on the floor with kids. THANK YOU!

  7. I just bought that All Saints cardigan! I have no idea how to wear it so you may see a pic of me tangled in my new sweater on IG soon.

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