How We’re Wearing Leggings Right Now


We just finished up another great visit from my sister Scotti, her hubs and baby Greenlea. We love when they visit almost as much as they love visiting (I may or may not bribe them to move here EVERY time they’re in #sorrynotsorry). Coming from a little place like our hometown of Marquette, MI a trip to the city is a huge deal. I mean, have I mentioned the nearest shopping mall was hours away growing up? Yep. When Scotti’s in town we make plenty of time for Sephora, city shopping and FOOD. A trip to our beloved Pub & Kitchen is usually a must but this time, we took lil’ G to Lil’ Pop Shop – one of the my new favs and now Scotti’s. Not only are these ice pops seriously delicious, they’re hand-crafted in small batches from a seasonal assortment of fresh, natural, locally-sourced ingredients. Yum.

Greenlea was alllll in. . . until she tried my chocolate brownie. Then she was graciously willing to let Mama finish her popsicle for her.  We’re kind of spirit animals like that.  (See evidence of crazy chocolate buzz below).

We can all probably agree – packing is tough. Weather gets crazy, plans get changed, little babes spill God knows what on you right before adult double date night. The usual. But after years of visiting, Scotti finally got her packing list down and has officially (maybe) traded in her hottie heels for comfy city shoes. FOR GOOD. If ya can’t keep up with the crew head back to Marquette, right?

Kidding. Move here. I’m serious.

This time around Scotti stuck to the basics: comfy pieces that can be dressed up or down and can go from lunch to shopping to dinner with easy layers for when it gets cold.  We often leave the house early and won’t return until after dinner, walking everywhere and never really knowing when a trip to Trader Joe’s will turn into a night of sushi and wine. She’s one of those people who always looks cute and put-together. It’s a gift. But even for my glam Scotti, comfort is key and Free People does all of that really, really well.

Together, we came up with an easy formula for the perfect cute & comfy outfit:

cool leggings + slouchy top + cute jacket + lace-up flats

Done.  We were still able to maintain our own personal style while we tried the formula ourselves. We even put G in her own version for fun (minus the flats).

Hey everyone! I had chocolate! Now I’m crazy!

Outfit Details – Me:

sweater:  Alana Pullover Sweater  – (xs for reference, currently 40% off) This one is super versatile – I’ve worn it everywhere from bumming around with kids to date night.  Sexy and comfy.

leggingsKyoto Leggings (xs for reference) – My all time, bum fabulous favs (originally featured here).  One might argue that these are, actually, sweatpants, but their official title is ‘Kyoto Leggings’ and so tomato-tomahto and all that.  But ‘sweatpants’ gives you a better idea of what they feel like.  SWOON.

jacketMidnight Bomber Jacket (xs) – Also in light pink, a golden brown, and red wine color.

shoesCallisto Ghillie Lace Pointy Toe Flats (from last year – still surprisingly comfortable)

Outfit Details – Scotti:

cardiganBrentwood Cotton Cardigan

sweaterVertigo Pullover – Wearing an XS

leggingsLiza High Waist Leggings – Size small . . . Scotti says the medium was just a tad too big and definitely too long.

braLace Racerback Bralette – They come out with new colors all the time – check out the back!

shoes:  Free People from last year – see below for more options.

Outfit Deets – Greenlea

Boots (similar, Scotti also likes these shorter ones for the coming warmer months and into fall!)

Her leggings and sweater are old, but how cute are these floral leggings and this French Terry Hoodie?

Hair Bow (similar)

Shop Cool Leggings

Shop Slouchy Tops

Shop Cute Jackets

 Shop Pretty Flats


Move here.  I’m serious.



photo credit:  Redfield Photography

A huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! Lounge clothes that don’t look like pjs are kiiind of my jam, and Free People always nails the whole relaxed-but-cute vibe. And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.


  1. Beautiful clothes. I’m in love with the Kyoto leggings! Random question, is Scotti short for anything? I love her name and wondered if it has a longer version. Thank you!

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