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Hey. If you’re reading this…. are you also leopard-curious?

Because SAME. Well actually, I’ve made up my mind on this emerging (though not-so-new, don’t yell at me ’90s leopard fanatics) leopard print trend. So I guess that makes me leopard-certain? That is not a statement I thought I’d make, you guys. But look….

leopard print pants outfits

left: coat | similar hat | pants | boots | right: top | pants | similar sneakers | bag

If you’ve been seeing bits of leopard print popping up here and there but you’re unsure if it fits your style, I toooootally get it. I usually watch trends from afar before being actually convinced they’re assimilable into my own style – but this time was different. This time I was quicker to add to cart and thus, put on my body with hope. And that’s shocking for me. So I feel the need to explain!

Leopard Print Is Back: 4 New Rules For Wearing It (Says Me):

I’m officially saying (well we, a bunch of us here at TME, are saying) that leopard print is in for 2024. BUT – there are some rules for wearing leopard that we’ve pondered & discussed. Here are those said rules:

1. Pick cool-toned leopard prints instead of warm-toned leopard prints

2. Choose sporty pieces: oversized styles, loose-fitting pants, sneakers, baseball hats, belt bags or totes

3. No feminine details: stay away from frilly accents like bows, lace, ruffles, etc.

4. Get creative with outfit pairings: AKA don’t just default to black – play with color and/or other prints.

leopard print trend, outfit inspo

1A / 1B / 2 / 3A / 3B / 4A / 4B / 5A / 5B / 6A / 6B

SO! In order to make sifting though the right prints & silhouettes as helpful as possible, I’ve outlined my top 6 wardrobe categories that easily meet my 2024 Leopard Print criteria & make for effortless outfit pairing.

For Coats: Think Oversized, Casual or Sporty

This Ganni x Barbour coat started my interest in the leopard print trend this past fall. I was surprised to find it was such a sharp contrast to what my previous idea of leopard was (usually something girly, slim-fitting, sexy) and I loved that departure because it had never really been my style.

leopard print coats

left | right

In order to ace a fresh take on leopard, I’d say go for coats that mimic that idea of the opposite of tiny & feminine – pick oversized, casual styles like this one by Rails (GAHH I LOVE) & this other one by Sezane. It’s the model-off-duty, effortlessly chic feel for me.

shop more leopard coats:

For Pants: Go Loose Or Baggy

These pants are what convinced me that leopard can work with my style. I loved the baggy fit to begin with (the only style of pants/jeans I’ve been wearing for months) and this leopard print felt….easy. Not too big, bright, loud. It just worked well with my wardrobe. Like, shockingly well. I think the bagginess offsets what could be a more precious, girly leopard vibe.

how to wear leopard print pants


That being said, they went out of stock very quickly and are now just able to preorder. Wamp wamp. I’m finding a lack of similar options out there right now…. but keep an eye out for new drops. I have a super strong feeling that retailers have ’em in the works. Ganni in particular has some amazing leopard styles (but they keep going out of stock too, so be quick). And I love these trousers by AllSaints.

shop more leopard pants:

For Shoes: Sneakers Or Flats Work Best

This is an easy rule to follow. Our favorite leopard shoes have been sneakers (by a long shot), and then really simple flats in really any iteration of leopard with the exception of a saturated, orangey wash. (That one may be more of a snow leopard below, haha.)

leopard print sneakers and flats

left | right

It’s how great they look with full length pants and denim that got us. Just picture them peeking out. So cute + a bit of added interest.

shop more leopard shoes:

For Tops: Stick With Unfussy, Simple Silhouettes

Sezane just so happens to do leopard juuust right. Their simple silhouettes & subtle, almost elegant leopard prints are the easiest to dress up and down.

leopard print tops

left | right

The two tops above are genius for layering, which is a really fresh way of wearing leopard. The turtleneck works under a crewneck, tee or dress and the cami over anything, really. The trick here is to go with styles that don’t have too much going on – simple cuts, no extra buttons, ties or details. It makes the leopard print blend into an outfit more seamlessly.

shop more leopard tops:

For Lounge: Wear As Real Clothes

Yeah, you read that correctly. Luckily there’s a lot of leopard lounge/pajamas to choose from. Additionally luckily (haha), these styles tend to work really well as everyday outfit pieces – not just PJs. (I know. Mind blown.)

left | right

In my experience, dressing pajama pieces like the ones above up proved much easier than I thought. I wore silky pajama pants with a pretty sweater and silver flats, as well as with a fancy top and.. more silver flats. I think the key is to make sure your footwear levels it up a bit.

shop more leopard lounge:

For Accessories: Lean Into Sporty

Another easy idea. Turn to baseball hats and sporty bags to add in a bit of leopard print if you’re not fully convinced to buy another larger wardrobe piece.

left | right

These are easy to add to outfits not only because they’re neutral (thus, going with pretty much anything), but also because the print tends to enhance other colors and patterns, not distract from them. A prime example is that outfit picture on the left^. It just works in a cool, non-eccentric way.

shop more leopard accessories:

Bonus: If you’re looking for dresses, I’ve got you:

Bonus Bonus: If you’re fully convinced, here’s some leopard home:

Now you REALLY know how to get wild. 😉

Xo, Abby

Hey there, Pinners!

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