Six Different Ways to Style a Maternity Tank



When I was pregnant, I stumbled upon these maternity tanks from ASOS and immediately fell in love.  They were cheap (like $10 cheap), comfortable  and I’m still wearing them today because they drape so nicely (even when you don’t have a cute baby bump . . . like my friend Ashley here!).  I found myself in a rut, though, because every day seemed to consist of this tank and jeans . . . this tank (in another color) and jeans . . . every . . . single . . . day.  Sooo . . . I came up with some ways to change it up using my adorably pregnant friend Ashley to model the looks.

1. Add a Scarf

This can work in cold AND warmer weather . . . just use a lightweight scarf in the warmer weather (like this bright neon eternity scarf) and a thicker one (like a plaid blanket scarf) when the days turn cold.

scarf with maternity tank

maternity tank with scarf


Scarf (on sale for under $5!)

Maternity Tank

Maternity Skirt

2. Add a Statement Necklace

Adding a big statement necklace is a fun way to dress up these tanks . . . it kicks up the outfit a notch.

statement necklace and tank

maternity tank with statement necklace


Necklace (similar)

Maternity Tank

Maternity Jeans

3. Add (Baby-Safe) Statement Jewelry

If you already have a little one, a big necklace may not be an option for you.  In that case, add some fun bracelets and/or earrings (they don’t have to dangle if your little one likes to grab at them . . . some of my favorite earrings lately are ear jackets and ear crawlers . . . perfect for those of us who miss the danglies!).  Another great option is to layer these teething bracelets on your wrist . . . safe for your little one to gnaw on when they need a teething toy!

how to accessorize maternity tank

how to style maternity tank


Earrings and bracelets (similar)

Maternity Tank

Maternity Shorts

4. Add a Denim Vest

I’ve never been hotter than when I was pregnant.  As in temperature.  (Not that that needed to be clarified).  Sooo . . . where I used to wear a denim jacket, I substituted a denim vest.  You get the look without the heat.  Win-win.

how to wear denim vest

denim vest over maternity tank


Denim Vest

Maternity Tank

Maternity Skirt

5. Add a Belt

Belts were my friend when I was pregnant . . . a belt can emphasize a smaller waist and create some curves when you feel like you’re just round.

belt over maternity top

how to wear a belt while pregnant


Belt (similar)

Maternity Tank

Maternity Jeans

Turquoise Ring & Stud Earrings (Similar)

In my upcoming #MyEverydayEdit post, I’m wearing one of these maternity tanks.  Greenlea is almost a year old (OMG WHERE DOES THE TIME GO) and I’m still loving these tanks.  ASOS has them available in different colors all of the time and I love scooping up the new ones . . . seriously, on sale for $6, how can I not get new colors??  

*For sizing reference, I wear a US size 6 and 4 . . . in the pics above, Ashley was  wearing size 6 except for the grey, which was a US size 4.  






  1. Thank you for this post! I’m 19 weeks pregnant and full of envy over all the things I can’t buy from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but this post showed me something I CAN buy!

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