How To Wear Maxi Dresses – For Moms


Marah2019226108_prod_medium_v1_m56577569831589536._SX201_ Don't be afraid of the maxi dress – I actually think there is a maxi
dress out there for all body types.  It helps to hide flaws, adds a
certain elegance to all who wear it, is easy and comfy.  It may not be an optimal choice for
kickball day at the playground, but I've worn mine running errands with
the babe, going to the zoo, museums, etc.  To make this look work for
moms, here are a few guidelines:

  1. The optimal length is only a couple of inches off of the ground. 
    You ideally want your toes to show, but not your whole ankle.  This is
    even more important if you are very short.
  2. I like to wear mine with flat metallic sandals or flip flops.  If
    you are a die hard heels mom, feel free, but make sure the dress is
    still only a couple of inches from the ground, even when wearing heels.
  3. Find a maxi dress in a comfy fabric – cotton, rayon blends, etc. 
    This is supposed to be an easy look – let's not make it hard by getting
    one in a fussy fabric.
  4. To keep the dress from looking dowdy, the top must be bare.  You
    want to show enough arm, chest, etc. to offset the long skirt.  
  5. With so much dress, skip jewelry, unless you want to wear something small and simple.

So how
much skin is "enough"?  Keep reading….the subsequent posts have my picks for the best maxi dresses for those of us with big boobs, saggy mom boobs, and for nursing moms.     

FYI – The gorgeous dress above inspired this series of posts.  It is the Long Spaghetti Strap Dress by Mara Hoffman, $427 at  It reminds me of the ocean.  Sigh.  I'm a sucker for beach anything.

I'm also a sucker for a great deal.  The below dress is the Twist Strap Maxi Dress from Wet Seal, and for $16.90 is the best deal I've found.  It also comes in a ton of colors. LOVE.




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