How To Style Mom Jeans (#TMEStyleChallenge Week 5 Results)


Did Week Five go super-fast for anyone else? Mom Jeans definitely seem to be a love ’em or hate ’em topic. I’m still on the fence myself, BUT you guys have done a pretty amazing job convincing me to add them to my wardrobe. This week also brought a video to life, inspiring us to figure out our favorite ways to style this tricky, tricky denim. You can check out our Mom Jean Styling Tips (From A Gen Z-er) video here.

Winner, Winner…

Laura Barker (@lkbarker12) is the winner of our Week Five random raffle! Send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook, and we’ll get you your prize.

p.s. If you submitted using our hashtag (#TMEStyleChallenge) and/or you made sure to tag @themomedit, you were entered to win!

8 Ways To Wear Mom Jeans

1. Surprising But GOOD:
Tuck Mom Jeans Into Your Midi-Calf Boots or Show Off The Socks

These were the two things we didn’t see comin’. And we’re absolutely digging both of these looks.

2. Oh, To Be Just A Little Taller: Wear Mom Jeans With Heels

We like what heels can do for a pair of jeans, especially some cropped mom jeans. They elevate the whole look juuust enough.

Laura’s Look

3. Mom Jeans With Light Or White Boots

Yes, white boots are still a thing! If you’re on the fence, try grabbing a pair of light camel booties instead to pair with your mom jeans.

Emily’s Look | Linzi’s Look

4. A Little Western Touch

Okay, so there were a LOT of ‘yeehaw’ references made over these last five weeks, but we still absolutely adore that little western touch to an outfit.

5. Show Some Little Ankle: A Treat For The Man

Historically, has there even been anything more tempting than an ankle? Sometimes we just need to give the men a little treat.

6. Lace ‘Em Up — Mom Jeans With Combat Boots

We absolutely love adding a little edge to an outfit with some combat boots.

7. Ahh, Old Faithful: Black Boots

Tried and true favorites will always be our go-tos.

8. Skip The Crop: Wear Mom Jeans Full-length

We’ve been seeing a ton of cropped mom jeans, but wearing them full-length or even cuffed has been a bit more rare. Props to you, girl, for keeping ’em vintage.

We did it, folks. WE DID IT! Five weeks of making the difficult things in our closets WORK. Y’all have given us some major inspiration. A big thank you to everyone who played along!

Team TME

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