How To Style Overalls (#TMEStyleChallenge Week 4 Results)


So there was a little…apprehension about this week’s challenge. Overalls? In 2020? Ladies, please. But honestly guys, I really love the way overalls look when they’re styled up. And those of you who championed this challenge CAME THROUGH. These entries range from styling up the good ol’ blues all the way to a snowsuit. I even saw some #yeehaw tags. I have to say this is my favorite week so far. (Although I am a teeny bit bummed no one went the Fresh Prince route.)

It’s not over yet though, guys. One more week remains. Hope you’re ready to style up some Mom Jeans. BUT if you’re like, “wait no, I have no ideas!”…don’t worry. Kat and Scotti both recently styled some up for us.

Week 5 will be taking submissions starting now (2/14) and ending Thursday (2/20).

Winner, Winner…

Melissa (@saguarostyleblog) is the winner of our Week Four random raffle! Send us a DM on Instagram, and we’ll get you your prize.

p.s. If you submitted using our hashtag (#TMEStyleChallenge) and/or you made sure to tag @themomedit, you were entered to win!

How To Wear Overalls: TME Readers’ Take

Which Outfit? Left or Right

“One of them leads to the castle in the center of the Labyrinth. And the other one leads to… bumBumBUMBUMMM… Certain Death!”

We can always appreciate some options.

Laura 1 | Laura 2 | Scotti 1 | Scotti 2

Overall Dresses

An overall dress still counts in our book! 100% bonus, if you style it with a teeny cactus bag that would make Lizzo proud.

Overalls: Classic Blues

This section just goes to show how versatile a classic piece can be. Dress ’em up with some booties or dress ’em down with some Docs or sneaks.

Shana | Cams

Overalls: Add A Top With Some Flair

Balance out those yeehaw vibes with a touch of fancy. Lace, ruffles, embroidery.. it all works.


Overalls: It Ain’t Just Blue Denim Anymore

When the classics just won’t do, reach for something a little different.

Overalls: Bring On The Black

When it comes to black overalls, what we’ve noticed is it all comes down to the accessories. Those socks with hearts, the cute hat and bag, all those fun pins and brooches; they make it.

Whew. Anyone else feel like they’re in the last stretch of a marathon with these challenges? But the finish line is coming up. One more week and possibly the most daunting challenge yet for some of us: Mom Jeans. We’ve had four weeks of training, and it all comes down to this. We got this mamas! A big thanks to our readers for playing along! We will be taking submissions all next week on Facebook and Instagram until Thursday 2/20.

If you post on IG make sure to tag us @themomedit and use the hashtag #TMEStyleChallenge.


Team TME

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