How To Wear Plaid Part Two – Look For Girly Details, Add a Jacket (Postpartum and Nursing Friendly)


We went to the Art Museum on Sunday for the King Tut exhibit.  There were some seriously amazing statement necklaces.  (Among all of the other rich history, of course.)

R did pretty well.  In the future, I'm getting him his own audio tour.  He took over control of it (calling it a "phone"), quickly learned how to make it "talk", and spent an entire hour wandering around with it up to his ear booming out little gems like, "he DIED mum?  And 'nother one DIED?  Is that one DEAD?"

Yup.  All dead, baby.  Why?  Ummmm…

(I'm so not quite ready for that conversation.)

Anywho, the plaid.

I'm loving this blue plaid shirt from Banana Republic.  I couldn't find this exact shirt online (here's a similar one), but I have seen this shirt in stores. I'm loving this shirt for post-partum use.


One of the biggest problems with the post-partum pooch is that it sticks out farther than your boobs.  Lovely.  This plaid shirt, however, helps camouflage that sad fact by adding a few extra inches to 'the girls' via ruffles.  Bring 'em on. Buying this shirt a size (or two) bigger, and layering it over a slippery shaper cami also does wonders.  (NOTE:  The thinner and softer the fabric, the better the drape, the more hidden the pooch.  This shirt is both thin and soft, and drapes well.)P1027818

I also like how girly ruffles soften up a plaid shirt, while a jacket (of almost any kind, really) adds instant polish.  My jacket is actually a sweatshirt material in a moto-jacket cut.  Even this very casual take on a jacket helps up the sophistication level.  Ruffles or no, try throwing your plaid shirt on under a jacket – blazers, moto jackets, leather jackets, even a denim jacket can look cute.  (Unless you are very confidant, I'd avoid the denim jacket with denim look.   It can be done, but is tricky.)

I'm also wearing a pair of Gap maternity jeans (cut-off) and Plush's fleece lined tights. 

NOTE:  Having trouble with leggings?  Layering a pair of shorts over leggings is a good way to ensure bum coverage, and avoiding the whole "it looks like I forgot my pants" look that can sometimes happen when wearing leggings.

Lastly, I'm thinking that a statement hat may usurp the statement necklace this season.  Of course, this look is only for the very fashion-forward.




Statement hats.  You saw 'em here first.


What I'm wearing: Banana Republic plaid shirt (similar here), Flexees Shaper Cami, Roots moto jacket (similar here), Gap maternity jeans that I cut-off, Plush fleece-lined tights, Mia Buckaroo Boots.