That Time I Tried Purple Lipstick And Loved It


As a gal who loves buying makeup but rarely wears very much of it, I’m not exactly sure what prompted me to try bold purple lipstick recently but I did and WOW. SO fun and so out of the box and fellow green-eyed ladies? YES. Try it.

We casually mentioned purple lipstick as a possible style challenge this month at a team meeting and I think that’s what made me intrigued. I LOVE A CHALLENGE. Ha. The only bright/bold color I ever really wear is a perfect shade of red (I’m super picky.) But I threw caution to the wind (I know) and bought some purple.


Lipstick – This color is Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Cloud 9. I like the Vice Comfort Matte lipsticks for staying on well without being drying. They aren’t super moisturizing but somehow they aren’t drying either. They’re great. And this color. I’m wearing it on my next night out or really any night out. Scotti suggested a simple eye, mostly just mascara, and let it be about the lipstick. Love how it turned out.

EyeshadowPacifica Mystical Eyeshadow Palette Gold – Love this little palette. I mostly use the gold and here I used it a little in the inside corners of my eyes, too, for highlights.

MascaraBenefit They’re Real – I’ve recently been trying different mascaras. This one gives great length. Be aware that it doesn’t layer though. Once it dries it’s ON there. But I do like how it looks. It’s a little hard to remove and if you sometimes wear your eye makeup the next day like I do, it may not be for you.

ConcealerNARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla – My everyday don’t-leave-home-without-it favorite concealer for a few years now. LOVE it. Blends easily and covers well without being heavy. Great for a primer for shadow and moisturizing, all in one.

Blush – Elf Blush in Mauve – I’m really lazy with blush and mostly use what’s left from the previous application on the brush, unless I’m doing a heavier makeup for evening. So, in all honesty, I’m not sure I have much blush on at all here. Ha. Even with Sienna dousing me with the brush for fun.

Have you tried this bold purple lately? Would you? It’s fun for us monochromatic, low-maintenance makeup peeps to step boldly into color sometimes. I just ordered a bright pink rug for my dining room. Maybe it’s these pops that will get us through the rest of the winter. Whatever it is, surprisingly, I like it.  For more makeup tips and tricks, head over to our Beauty blog section!



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  1. Love this! So pretty! And if you’re looking for mascaras, Benefit Roller Lash is That and Lancôme Hypnose are my absolute go-tos for killer lashes.

  2. Beautiful!! Love the purple color on you. I am looking forward to trying it. I typically stick with red, go neutral, or maybe berry, so this will be a fun one to check out. Great photos!!

  3. I had a purple lip color from a subscription box ages ago and while I freaked out at first, I then actually tried it and found that I loved it, too. Totally out of the box. Looks great on you, too! I am a more neutral or berry person, but the purple was fun and pretty easy to wear (mine was sheerer too)

  4. Love it! You look beautiful! I’m typically a smoky eye/neutral lip gal, I’m also a makeup artist so I’ve been stepping out of my box and going brighter on the lips and I like it!

  5. Love the Urban Decay Vice Comfort Matte lippy for all the reasons you outline above – have it in many neutral and bright colours, but not yet a purple = added to my shopping list. Also, while not at the same time as the purple lipstick, green eyed (and hazel and brown) should give purple eyeshadow a go for the same reasons – either a subtle lilac or lighter shade washed over the whole eye, or as a more intense accent along the lashline, layered over your preferred neutral base. Makes eyes pop!!

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