A Luxe Color Combo to Try: Red, Burgundy & Camel


If there’s one trend I’m totally and surprisingly on board this fall is “something RED” If you took a look at my closet you’d see a lot of black, white, navy blue, gray and denim (can I call that a color?) Let’s just say indigo. While I’ve always had a place for red, it’s always been as a pop of color or as a special occasion thing in a dress or jumpsuit. However, this year I already have about 5 new red items and have been having a lot of fun with them.

The thing about red and well, all colors, is that you don’t have to stick to just one shade of it and mixing them up looks chic and stylish. I wanted to try red boots but it wasn’t for me, however when I saw a burgundy pair I couldn’t resist myself. And when put I put them on with some true red? It just looked amazing. So here I am with my new favorite combo of red and burgundy. It works right?

Camel is another great color to add to the mix because 1. camel and red are great together. 2. It’s a nice way to escape the usual black.

Here’s the final look:

how to wear red

how to wear red

red booties

frame denim

camel coats for winter


Top – Everlane The Cashmere Crop V-Neck – (xs) TTS Cashmere is really soft and high quality for a great price. I love the crop length to tuck in high-waist jeans. It comes in black, charcoal, pink, navy and a sand color. More sizes and colors here.

Jeans – Frame Le Nouveau Straight jeans – (size 25) I could have sized down cause they are very stretchy. I picked them up during the anniversary sale but they are on sale right now at Shopbop or some sizes for under $100 here. See if you have luck) . They’re really soft and love the front seam and split hem. Wish they would have come in petite size so I wouldn’t have had to chop them off and open the slit more. I have a plan to have the original hem again, will let you know if it works.

Shoes – Seychelles Audition Bootie  – TTS Really comfortable boots that totally make an statement. The heel is really unique and is a nice height. They come in black and taupe which I love.

Coat – Asos (old, similar currently on sale) but this J.crew one is really good and I love that is lighter cause I feel it would look better. I got the red one and loved it so much that if I didn’t have this camel one I would totally go for it in camel too. I sized down and got the regular because petite was sold out but still works.

Bag – Asos (old,) but love this Madewell burgundy crossbody.

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Chao, chao. Julieta

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  1. I would never have guessed you wear a petite size from the photos, so well done on getting all the proportions just right! That’s not easy with cropped pants and ankle boots!!

  2. I love the red trend. Here’s my dilemma. I’m a redhead. Currently a rose-gold-y red. So, I’ve pretty much always stayed away from the color. Suggestions? Or just wait for the color to pass?

    • Hi Jen…well whenever there’s a color I love but I’m not sure about waring it too close to my face I’ll go for the common route of getting a bag or I’ll get a pair of pants in that color. Like yellow. It washes me out horribly but I’ve tried mustard pants and loved it.

      Of course this season there’s red shoes (don’t know how you feel about them). I also just spent some time looking at pictures of redheads wearing red and loved how true red or burgundy looked in them. Amy Adams wears red so well. If you decide to try it send us pics (if you want)..I’m sure there are others with the same dilemma.

      I also just remembered Amanda is a redhead and asked her. Let’s see what she says.

      • Thanks! I just realized I have a pair of red Converse that I love. Because…Converse. I’ve gotten so used to them I didn’t even realize they were red anymore. 🙂 I love burgundy. I’ll hive that a try. And googling pictures of Amy Adams in red next. Thanks for the guidance!

  3. Love the look! o that color combo niiiiiiice. You look great — ditto Meredith ^ great job tailoring regular size to petite needs! But put on a belt, no? 😉

    • Thank you!! I love belts! Tried one but it seemed to cut my body and I was already playing with other things. I don’t think it was thin enough though. Thank you again!

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