A Mob Wife Starter Kit


I had no idea I was a mob wife until the Mob Wife Aesthetic became a thing. When I heard it described as a blend of sophistication with a hint of seduction, I was like yesssssthat is going to be my new personal style description! When later, it was also referred to as “unapologetically glam,” I was straight up excited. My style…is in style, you guys.

Think fitted silhouettes that accentuate curves, luxurious fabrics like satin, velvet, and lace, bold pieces in faux leather and faux fur, and statement accessories like oversized sunglasses, gold jewelry, and all things sparkly. Add in a little leopard print and some red lips…and you’ve got yourself a mob wife look to die for. (But not, like, “sleep with the fishes” die.)

Mob Wife Starter Kit: 5 Things to Glam Up Your Closet

I looked back through old pictures to see if I could come up with any examples of my Mob Wife Aesthetic, and…cough…there were a few (hundred). So, as the resident expert on all things unapologetically glam, I thought I’d put together a little tutorial – a starter kit, if you will – on how to get that Mob Wife Aesthetic that’s everywhere right now.

(And, you guys – this was one of my favorite posts to write ever. It was SO fun.)

1. Go Get Your Faux Fur 

faux fur coats, mob wife trend

NOTHING says glam like faux fur coats. You can layer them over anything from head-to-toe sequins to distressed denim and look downright fancy in seconds. The jacket I’m wearing on the left is SO good–it was more of an investment than others, but it goes with everything and is deliciously warm. I also like to experiment with different textures and length and even some color, but I try to keep those budget-friendly. NOW is actually a great time to pick up some faux fur on sale since we’re entering into spring. I’ve gotten some of the best deals in the off-season…you’ll thank yourself come fall and winter!

Shop Faux Fur

2. Pair with Faux Leather

faux leather pants, mob wife aesthetic

There’s just something a bit badass about faux leather. I always feel sexy when I’m wearing it…and it accentuates curves so well. I’ve been obsessed with Gap’s high rise vegan leather vintage slim pants for awhile now, and they’re now on sale for $35. 😳 I also love their 70s flare pants in vegan leather that are also on crazy sale. And I’ve been wearing Spanx’s faux leather leggings for years, now and YES I would say they’re still in style…especially given the leggings-as-pants trend (and they suck everything and smooth everything out as well).

Shop (Faux) Leather

3. Accessorize with Leopard Print

leopard print trend

I’m not talking head-to-toe leopard, here, but just enough to add a bit of playfulness. A bag, some shoes or even a coat gets the vibe going. I just bought this scarf to tie on a handbag for a hint of leopard. Also, Abby just broke down the entire leopard trend if you want more detail on how to wear it in a non-mob-wife way. (Yes, that’s totally a thing.)

Shop Leopard Accents

4. Add Gold Statement Jewelry

gold statement jewelry

No mob wife closet would be complete without a pair of large gold hoops and multiple gold chains. I have (and love) this layered set that’s all-in-one (and comes in a TON of color combos), but you can easily layer individual necklaces as well. I love mixing different textures and sizes…and that goes for rings, too! I love a good statement ring (love that set)–but they don’t have to be expensive, either!

Shop More Gold Jewelry

5. Finish with Stiletto Heels

stiletto heels

Listen, I’ve been leaning into the sneaker thing the last few years but nothing makes me feel more confident than a gorgeous pair of stilettos. (Comfort be damned, they look good.) My two must-haves? A pair of classic black booties (I prefer at least a 7″ shaft so I can pair them with cropped jeans without legs showing…no, but seriously 🤣) and minimalist sandals that go with everything.

Shop Stiletto Shoes

Bonus: Add Oversized Sunglasses

oversized sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses aren’t just for the Mob Wife Aesthetic, but they look especially good with all that faux fur and gold jewelry! If you want the “real” thing, Saks OFF usually has Gucci’s for a fraction of the price, but Target works just as well if you want to spend under $20! J.Crew has some adorable tortoise shell frames (on sale) and Le Specs is a great mid-range option.

I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed putting it together! ❤️



Oh hey, pinners…

Unleash your inner mob wife with this trendy aesthetic. From fitted silhouettes to luxe fabrics, elevate your style with unapologetic glam.

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