How To Wear Tights (For People Who Hate Tights)


Ah, tights. A necessary evil during the winter months? Based on the number of questions we get about tights: YUP. And tights are…tricky. Tights can either be the quickest way to ruin an outfit — OR — they can also make an outfit more interesting.

So. In this video, we pulled in Laura (our biggest critic of tights) and Jeni (our wildly creative designer) to see if the three of us could pull together some outfits that legitimately look good with tights. Truth be told, Laura came kicking and screaming…but in the end, she pulled together the freaking best outfits with tights (SEE, LAURA??).

So. Here’s our best advice on how to wear tights. How to make thick black tights work with all outfits, when to wear sheer tights, the best way to rock patterned tights, and what the heck(??!!) to do with colorful tights.

We tried, guys. We really tried. (For more ideas, see sexy tights for the holidays here).

Outfit Details

Several of the pieces featured in the video are old, well-loved items…and are long gone. We tried to round up similar pieces where possible (and the similar pieces will be marked as such – everything else is exact).

My (Shana’s) Outfit Details

Laura’s Outfit Details

Jeni’s Outfit Details

Shop Our Favorite Tights

All of the tights featured in the video can be found below (with a few sold-out exceptions). But this is the short list of our favorite tights in each category (thick opaque black, sheer, fishnet, colorful, lace and patterned).

Good luck with those tights, Gang. Hope this helps.


S, Laura & Jeni

P.S. This one’s for the pinners

Think tights are an evil necessity? Or evil-y unnecessary? This how to wear tights video is for you. Different kinds of tights, how to wear 'em...we got you.