White Ankle Boots: The Easiest Way To Rock This Trend


We recently returned from our trip to Iceland, and this outfit is what I wore – on repeat- in Reyjkavik.   I’ve been patiently waiting for the white boot trend to hit a lower price point (trends seem to start high and trickle down), and after lusting after $1200 booties for over a year….YES:  We. Have. Options.  Soooo many white boot options, at varying price points.

Reyjkavik was the perfect backdrop to test out this trend.  I picked a pair with a chunky, walkable heel, and I’m now completely obsessed.  They give fresh life to my old uniform (black skinnies, black leather jacket), and have a 60’s mod-rock vibe that’s seriously fun to wear.

I was worried that white boots would skew too costume-y, but when paired with my usual skinnies and tshirts, the look was unexpected, but effortless.  My only word of caution is that white booties do cut your leg line horizontally, and they can make your legs look shorter.

But to be honest…..we all complained about this exact issue when skinny jeans and black ankle booties first became a thing.  Remember?  And then we (collectively) became used to the silhouette.  It often takes time for our eyes to adjust to a new trend.

So.  My top tips for wearing white ankle booties – especially if you are new to the trend – are:

  • Choose your bootie carefully – I think it’s especially important to find a white bootie with a longer shaft (or vamp).  Your ankle bone should be covered by the boot.  You’ll want minimal socks (or skin) showing when paired with pants – it’ll help keep the leg line long.
  • Go monochrome – All black is my normal uniform when the weather turns chilly, so that was obviously my first choice. But I think that any sort of general tone-on-tone will keep the leg line long, regardless of the white boots.  And they’ll still provide that sort of mod-rock vibe regardless of what color you are wearing. (Like red, for the brave.) In any case, I’d match socks to your pants (unless you can rock the quirky, contrast-sock look.)
  • With Sporty Stripes – white boots were made for stripes.  Classic nautical stripes work, but I’m especially loving varsity stripes with white boots.  The stripes are *almost* preppy, and the resulting look is very cool-collegiate.

Outfit Details

sweater: Etre Cecile Merino Wool Sweater (xs for reference)

jeans: AG Skinnies in 10 Years Well Worn (my fav black skinnies of allll time – size 24 for reference)

jacket: Iro leather jacket (mine is from a few years ago, so I linked to a current one.  Size 38 for reference – has enough room to fit over a sweater.) The IRO jackets are pricy.  For a more affordable (yet fabulous) alternative, Madewell’s are pretty amazing.  There’s the Madewell original version (with a similar belt as mine), or the newer one – Madewell’s washed leather jacket.  It’s rumored to be super soft.

boots: Dolce Vita Block-Heeled Bootie

bag: Rebecca Minkoff Medium Julian in putty (mine is actually ‘taupe’ from last year, but the one linked is similar)

hat:  mine is Under Armour, but a here’s a similar one (comes in a bunch of colors, too)

On the boys:

Hudson Knit Terry Jeans – these are amazing.  They’re skinny jeans, but knit, so they’re super stretchy and comfortable

Adidas superstars (always)

Shop White Booties


Shop Sporty Striped Tops


A whole Fall trends article is coming soon – promise!  But I had to talk about white boots – they’re easily my favorite of the Fall female fashion trends.  Which trends are you the most excited about?  Which one are you hoping will be covered in more detail on TME?  Spill, you babes.



A huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!!  We take fall trends pretty seriously around here, and you do them sooooo well.  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed and is so very much appreciated.


  1. I think you hit it out of the park. This is the first thing I’ve seen in quite a while (anywhere) that really excites me. As you’ve said, there isn’t anything really new in fashion. It’s about unexpected pairings. It’s definitely something FRESH. Thank you!!

    • Thank you!!! Yeah…I feel that too. Especially since I’ve been doing this for so many years now, I totally get the “nothing new” vibe. But I was excited about this one. Thanks for the supportive comment!

  2. Question about the kid jeans – do you (or anyone else here) know of any jeans like these Hudson Jeans but like HALF the price? Last year you recommended the Joe Fresh knit jeans (which were about $25) and they were great, and now we’re totally hooked on knit jeans for my boys. But I see Joe Fresh doesn’t have them anymore. I saw some online at Target, has anyone liked the target ones?
    I love your adult clothing recommendations, and I can see myself in these boots, but your kid clothing is usually WAY more than I would ever spend on kids.

  3. Great post! Posts like THIS are the reason I started reading TME in the first place.

    I’m not even sure I like the look of white boots, but simply the idea of something fresh and new, Shana’s thoughts on the trend, how to wear it, with photos of how Shana rocked it, including associated clothing items. Again, fantastic post!

  4. You can rock this trend. I think most moms decidedly cannot. I like the “out of the boxness” of this post. But I think the reality for most people is just no.

  5. I see these and immediately think “marching band”. A little too out there for my taste but that’s the beauty of fashion – everyone gets to rock a look that makes them feel good.

  6. Red boots! Just picked up a pair of low-heeled ones sock boots from Topshop. They say they’re real leather so I’m hoping they will be decent quality for the price.

  7. You rocked this, as always! So I’m noticing that these boots come up higher on the leg. That being said, are ankle boots on their way out? Trying to decide if I should return the ankle boots I got and look for a taller style for the upcoming season.

  8. Shana you look good in everything. I don’t think I’ll do the white boots, but so many of your recs make it into my cart. I had to comment I got the green suede Julian bag from the N Anniversary sale, and I love it. Every time I wear it, like three people ask me about it. Plus, its so darn convenient. Pockets for all my things, and the color goes with everything. I bring that up because I thought I’d never wear a backpack 😉

  9. I tried on the Madewell washed leather jacket in the store and I LOVE it! It is sooo soft and comfy, and I sized up to a medium from my normal size small for more shoulder room and option of sweaters underneath. Totally saving for it now, I’ll be sure and use your link when I pull the trigger. Thank you for showing us the white boots that *could* be the next big thing we all get accustomed to wearing!

  10. Nice outfit, but not for me. The boots would be dirty in a heart beat. (Learned my lesson a couple of years back from white saltwater sandals!)

  11. Love this post! At first glance I was a bit Meh on the white boots but I keep coming back here and looking at them. They’re growing on me. I can totally see picking up a pair at some point. Especially with the Seventies vibe you’ve got going on. Very Nancy Sinatra!

    That’s exactly what a fashion blog should do – make me think differently. Awesome job!

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