White Flares and Graphic Tees – My New Fav Combo




I remember I once joked sarcastically about the mom-friendliness of white jeans.  I mean seriously:  So. Much. WHIIIITE.  Just a blank canvas for millions of tiny little handprints, if you ask me.  But then I was chastised, you guys.  Mamas from all around the globe (I’m exaggerating my reach, just indulge me) wrote in, outraged at my disparagement of white denim, vouching for the mom-friendliness of the style.

It turns out that I had completely forgotten a key component:  BLEACH.

Anyway, I’ve covered white denim before on the blog, but it’s never been something I wear much of.  From time-to-time it’ll make an appearance, but white denim often seems too…precious to make it into my daily rotation.  And part of me may be subconsciously rebelling against this staple of Mainline moms everywhere.  I don’t know.

In any case….I’m changing my tune.  I’ve been eyeballing the destroyed white denim (of course I have) and LOVE it – it totally solves that ‘too precious’ problem, but then….I found white flares (in petite!) and there is NO GOING BACK.  Thanks to a perfectly proportioned flare and a higher rise, they’ve got a ’70’s fabulous’ vibe that feels seriously badass.  (And yes, tall mamas, *cough*Cam*cough* they also come in a regular length.)


True to form, I’m wearing them with graphic tees, for both day and night.

Graphic Tees and White Flares For Chasing Two Nutballs Around Philly

This is what I wore to see the Arden Theater’s The Jungle Book.  It wasn’t my favorite, I thought it was a little heavy handed and/or slow or something, but the boys LOVED IT.  Which is the whole point of ‘children’s theater’, I suppose.  They aren’t *quite* ready for Blanche Du Bois.


Neither am I, actually.






Yes, I’m totally wearing these flares with Danskos.  It’s the best part of flare denim, if you ask me:  COMFORT SHOOOOS.  I mean either you are or you are not a clog girl, and I totally am.  (Especially when the clogs are also super padded and are like walking on two little pink clouds.)

I think even the petite jeans need to be hemmed just a bit.  Thoughts?






tee: Thug Life Tees – Feed Me and Rub My Back (wearing a woman’s medium for reference)

jeans: Mih Casablanca Petite Flare Jeans (it looks like the Casablanca is the petite version of the MiH Marrakesh white flare)

shoes: Dansko Theas c/o (I really like the all-nude, too)

bag: Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Julian Backpack

sunnies: Ray-Bans


Cause Nothing Says Date Night Like White Flares and a Hairy Purse

I swear the white flares make this freaking outfit.


You can’t really tell, but it’s raining.  Seriously FAT drops.  I knew going in that rain was a possibility, but I was all white flare don’t care…








tee: Ramones tee c/o Goodnight Macaroon (size M for reference)

jeans: Mih Casablanca Petite Flare Jeans (it looks like the Casablanca is the petite version of the MiH Marrakesh white flare)

shoes: ancient Aerosoles (I’m all about those comfort pumps lately….WHATEVER.  I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT.)  Sole Society’s leopard print pump has a lower, more walkable heel

bag: old Sondra Roberts furry monster clutch – it’s long gone, but the closest thing on the market (for wow factor) is this fab oxblood feather clutch on sale at Reiss.  LOVE.

sunnies: Ray-Bans

bangle: old Stella & Dot, but this Metropolitan Station Bangle is virtually identical, but looks more expensive (which it is).


Shopping – The Best White Flare Denim



Thoughts?  Are you going to jump on the white-flare train with me, or are you happy with the preppier, classic version?




  1. I love the clogs (another clog girl here!) and love the white flares but yeah, I think you could take them up a bit.

  2. I’m also a clog girl (live in my no. 6’S) and love these looks! Just bought the pink clogs via the link, they’re so irresistibly adorable…would love to see them styled with other pant cuts, or are they a flare-only look in your opinion?

    • I, too, would like to know what size you are wearing. Thanks!! And do you have any of the tanks? I am interested in the sizing on those as well. I am loving the the following one 🙂 “Hey Mom, Can I help you clean?” -No One Ever

  3. ok so yes I am ALWAYS on the bandwagon..:) not sure if I would hem… wash and dry first….guess it depends on the shoe you wear…get another pair and hem to wear with flats! right?
    so …cute necklace also…

  4. The forever dilemma with flares…whether and where to hem. They look perfect with the clogs but maybe a touch long with the heels? BUT the date night outfit drives a stake through the heart of the precious (PERFECT word choice) problem with white jeans. You look like a) a woman who could actually name a Ramones song rather than one who just bought the “cute” tee and b) a woman who tosses back her tequila with no lime or salt required. Rock on, S!!!

  5. I have white flares from Paige Denim, so I am super stoked to know that they are “in.” They look fabulous and even though I am 5’8″ the regulars are a bit too long, so I only wear them with sky high heels or wedges. Would have never thought to pair with a graphic tee…will have to try it!

  6. Shana, copying is the best flattery? Right? Well, anyway, after reading this post, and admiring that feather goodness one more time, AND feeling challenged by its unavailability, I set out on a mission. Recently I joined Poshmark…verdict is out but I’m contemplating selling some clothes there this summer while I’m home–you know feed this hobby! Anyway, I found something similar–it’s in no way as cool as yours but I’m giving it a try. We’ll see. And don’t worry; you know I’ll share it with you. A x

    • (For some reason my reply comment has posted but not the original comment. I’m trying here. We’ll see…)

      Shana, both outfits are irresistible! Right when I get the perfect pair of white skinnies, I now want white flares. Keeping up is hard! ;D I think you could hem the jeans like just a centimeter or two. Does your local nordies do the jean hem? In Spokane, WA, they’ll expertly take off the hem and reattach it seamlessly so it looks like the original seam. I bet yours does too…And Shana, we all want that feather bag so bad. What a score!

      Love your style posts. Seriously. I anticipate them like a kid at Christmas. ;D

      Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

      PS I linked to your Instagram account in today’s poston Kremb de la Kremb. It’s a May Instagram highlight, and I find you to be so inspirational that I had to mention you. A x

  7. The flares-and-graphic-tee combo might actually have sold me on white jeans! I’m really surprised how much I like both looks. Now to find some in a tall length…I don’t suppose you’ve come across any with a 36″ inseam?

    I do love the clogs, too. I wear mine with skinnies, inspired by a friend with excellent style, but I’m starting to feel you on the high-waisted flares. I’ve had my eye on those Dankso Theas for awhile, but haven’t been able to decide between them and some red Swedish Hasbeens…have you seen those? They seem to have a greater variety of heel heights, which is making the decision even tougher!

  8. I love the white tee with white flares look! And the purse, so fun. Totally fits my “feminine tomboy” vibe =)

  9. What’s the trick with getting clothes white again with bleach? I have two white item of clothing that are stained and I’ve washed them in my front loader with the max amount of chlorine bleach in the bleach slot and they are still stained. So, what’s the trick?

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