How To Dress Up White Jeans For Winter Parties


One of my favorite wintertime styling tricks – one that I’ve been trottin’ out for years – is the trick that I’ve been referring to (in my head, silently) as Going All Snow Princess.  How does one Go All Snow Princess?  Well, white jeans are involved, first of all. And if one is of the type that leans more style mess than style icon, maybe those white jeans are ripped.

Doesn’t matter.

Snow Princess those white jeans up with….more white.  Or cream.  Or beige.  Or ecru (a word I’ve only ever heard my mother use).  Layer white upon white, vary the texture, and add a dusting of bling, with a sprinkle of sparkle.  (Read that last bit in your best Disney Princess voice.)

But for those who are not yet fluent in Snow Princess, allow me to translate:

White jeans.

Cream sweater.

Earrings and Fancy Clutch.


Outfit Details

sweater:  Everlane xs c/o – size xs for reference

jeans: Rag and Bone Dre Jeans – size 25 for reference

boots: Dolce Vita Studded Boots

earrings: J.Crew, similar pair : Marchesa 

bag: my mom’s prom purse – here’s a similar bag


Why All-White Works For The Holidays

Monochromatic outfits always bring the drama.  A white/cream monochromatic outfit – especially in a sea of little black dresses, in the middle of winter – is both dramatic and unexpected.  Which is why the casual combo of jeans + sweater looks fancier than normal.  (Picture this exact same outfit with regular jeans and a gray sweater.  It’s not the same.)

But in order to pull this look off….shoes matter.  I wanted to really nail Going All Snow Princess, so I went with white boots.  It was the most dramatic possible choice (that I could still wear with socks.  Glitter heels obviously work, too.)

But I realize that not everyone has a pair of white boots lying around.  (If you are tempted, however, I highly recommend these Dolce Vita Studded Boots – I’ve been wearing them with everything.) And what I suspect most people want to know is this:  can I wear black shoes with an all-white outfit?

Can We Make Black Shoes Work With An All-White Outfit?

I still think the best possible shoes for an all-white outfit are either really light shoes (white, cream, nude) or something metallic or glittery.  Beyond that, black shoes can work, but require a little bit of outfit tweaking.

Black Heels

If your heels leave a decent amount of skin showing, the black heel will only require a tiny bit of balancing.  Add extra jewelry (like statement bracelets – mine are old, but try these) to visually balance the bit of dark shoe.

sweater | jeans | shoes | bracelets | earrings | bag

Black Booties – Balance With a Bolder Bag

I hate cold ankles in the holidays, so most of the time I’m a bootie-and-sock kind of girl.  Black booties are even more of a visual impact than the black heels, so they need a little more balance.  Keep the bracelets and raise the ante with a bold bag.  An oversized black clutch would work, or….FEATHERS.  Yay for feather bags.

sweater | jeans |shoes | bracelets | earrings | bag

Or Balance With a Pattern

Something patterned with a bit of black can also help balance the white jean + black boots combo.  (I wore a striped sweater with white jeans and black shoes this Fall, if you remember.) Leopard print is also great for this.  The below outfit looks pretty cohesive, without completely losing that unexpected, monochromatic vibe.

jacket | sweater | jeansshoes | earrings | bag

Swap Out The White/Cream/Beige Top For Something Pastel

I don’t know why a pale wash of color makes such a difference…but it does.  Pairing a pastel sweater with white jeans might lose the Snow Princess look, but does retain a sort of Ice Princess vibe that still feels unexpected and fresh.  And there’s juuuust enough color to balance with black (the nubby texture helps, too).

sweater  (xs)| jeans (25)| shoes |  earringsbag

If All Else Fails, Go With a Black Top

This look may not be Snow Princess or Ice Princess (maybe Wicked Queen?)….but it works.  Especially if you can find a black top in a pretty texture, like velvet.  There’s just something so classic yet cool about a black top + white jean combo.

top (xs) | jeans (25) | shoes |  earringsbag

Happy Holidays!




  1. The link to the leopard jacket featured in the “How to Dress Up White Jeans for Winter Parties” doesn’t appear to be the same jacket. Love the cropped one Shana is wearing – not seeing anything similar online…

  2. Love your posts and style. These outfits are great and I am going to attempt to pull one off for a party next week. I just had one comment that I wanted to share with you. The feather bag is so cute — but, I clicked on the link, and saw that the bag is made of ostrich feathers sourced from China. Most of the feathers from China are obtained by live plucking, which is incredibly painful for the birds. Do some googling if you’re interested in the process — and don’t be fooled by the Chinese propaganda trying to claim their live source numbers are much lower, like the Europeans, because it’s been proven to just be more propaganda / lies. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but I just wanted you to be aware of the cruelty and torture that is behind feather products. Maybe it doesn’t bother you, but it does me, deeply, and I haven’t been able to purchase feather since I found out how they are procured. (Never have been able to wear fur.) Just FYI — the more you know! Hope you don’t mind me pointing that out! Thanks, and again, I enjoy your blogs and videos!

  3. Love this!! I’m a huge fan of white jeans, and the white on white Ice Princess theme is great! I just styled a customer who bought white jeans (on sale! Another win!!) and told her she could absolutely wear them all year! You showed some fun options, and as always look adorable! Such a fan of y’all and I’m obsessed with your blog!

  4. I waited too long on the Everlane sweater and it’s sold out in the ivory ??. Can you recommend any other pretty ivory sweaters like this (doesn’t have to be cashmere).

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