#TMEStyleChallenge March: Week 4 Results!!


Well, all good things must come to an end (for now at least). We are wrapping up this round of #TMEStyleChallenges and leaving it off on a white denim high note. I’m not even surprised you guys rocked Wear Your White Jeans Right Now – seriously. At this point I’m just used to the greatness.

Readers, thank you to ALL who have participated! Whether you’re one who didn’t miss a single. week. or only some of the challenges were really for you..we are so grateful to have this awesome community. Your style solutions continues to inspire us and like I said, this isn’t the end. Throw some future #TMEStyleChallenge suggestions into the comments and we’ll put them in the pool for next time around.

This Week’s Winner Is…

For our random drawing, this week’s $50 gift card winner is: TRACY! (@chardonnaynshopping) Check your IG DM’s, chick!!



Jennifer (IG: @jenfackrell)

Striped turtlenecks all the way… same goes for that pretty pink sweater and blazer!

Krista (IG: @kjkauff)

Cozy and cute.. great everyday outfit, Krista!

Jessica (IG: @jessthurbergould)

The sweater and boots are to DIE FOR. Love the little details, Jess.

(IG: @valleyoftheshoes)

Camo + cheetah print = a big yes from us!

Shay (IG: @shaypaulsoncreative)

Denim jackets always pair so well with white jeans. Good call, Shay!

Melissa (IG: @stahlabouttheoutfit)

An outfit that you can lounge in comfortably AND wear out of the house is right up our street. LOVE.

Anne (IG: @aracheld)

The red stripe is such a great detail, love love love.

Janice: (IG: @janicepersico)

Those red rain boots are too cute. We love this whole look, Janice.

Elizabeth: (IG: @elizabethrafter)

Head to toe fabulous. Those shades are amazing, Elizabeth.

Tracy: (IG: @chardonnaynshopping)

YES to the hot pink!

It’s hard to choose which of Tracey’s outfits we love more! Those knee-high boots work perfectly!

Alastar: (IG: @ozncocosmama)

An outfit even prettier than the view..

Audrey (IG: @audshapiro)

THIS. Made us so so happy. You three are beautiful and Audrey, we love how you styled up your white jeans.


Shana (IG: @shanachristine)

Comfy, cozy sweaters and winter boots are always a good idea. (And black turtlenecks of course.)

Jess (IG: @jessbobess)

Pair your distressed white jeans with booties and a denim jacket like Jess!

Laura (IG: @elletrain)

Julieta (@theunbosom)

Contrary to popular belief, you CAN rock white jeans while rocking a baby.

Cam (IG: @camilledipaola)

YES to everything about this. Bring your white flares out to play!

Tiarra (IG: @beingtiarra)

We just had to steal this girl from the “reader” side over to the “contributor” side…her style’s too good. Try your white jeggings with some mixed pattern play like Tiarra!



Team TME


  1. Thanks! This was a fun challenge! I actually had to pick my favorite of my own outfits to submit! I love so many looks here and I hope the challenges continue in the future. They’ve given me some great ideas!

    • Also, I just thought of two challenge ideas. I know there’s been a workout gear one already, but what about the reverse? What do you do to look cute/presentable on your way to the gym when you also have to go food shopping and school pickups? Do you wear something other than a hoodie over your gym clothes? And also, how to wear sneakers with something unexpected? I’m not gonna lie, there’s almost nothing I won’t wear sneakers with, but I’d love to see what others do!

  2. Thank you for the feature! I love to wear white jeans but it has been a while so this was a very welcome challenge for me. I look forward to future TME challenges!

    The following could be fun challenges for spring, now that we’re all spending more time outside: your favorite spring jacket, scarf/bandana, hat or sunglasses. I can’t wait to put the puffer coat in storage. Also, how you plan to dress up for Mother’s Day. xx

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