How To Wear White Flats (and Our Favs Right Now)


The world of fashion has gone — and still is — crazy for white shoes. It only takes a quick look for major fashion editors, bloggers, and celebrities to notice white shoes in any form. Shana got obsessed with white boots last fall (remember?) and still is rocking a different version this season. Me on the other hand, couldn’t pull them off. Not sure why. I was obsessed with having a pair, but when the time came and I ordered them, they didn’t feel me. I hate it when that happens.

However, there’s a type of white shoe I would wear, year after year. I’ve been wearing it since my first, who is almost 5 years old, was 6 months. And that is the white flat. It’s the fancy version of white sneakers, in my opinion. It’s actually the first flat shoe I loved after becoming a mom. I hated flats with my life, but now white flats are a staple in my mom closet and have been a part of all my motherhood stages. 

So, when I proposed a white shoe round-up on during one of our TME weekly meetings, Shana said: white shoes are a hard sell, so show a few ways to wear them. I was ON it. If you’ve taken a look to my Instagram page (@theunbosom), you’ll see them in my pics and also in my stories constantly. The number of pics I have in white flats from the last four years is a lot. I just get a better pair every time.

How to Wear White Flats?

Exactly the way you would wear white sneakers. I’ve worn my white Converse or Adidas with dresses, jeans, skirts, and that’s the same for my white flats. Whenever I want the cool factor of a haute sneaker but a not-so-sporty vibe, I’ll go for my white flats. They make everything a little fancier while keeping a level of comfort. Of course, not every style of flat will work with everything, but the style I swear by is loafers. Pointy in my case because they elongate my short legs.

Here are a few ways I style them, and I could keep going. Starting with the picture below where I was in my early pregnancy with my last baby: Dressy shorts with a linen tank and my white loafers. It’s comfy, but says I’m put together at the same time. Now let’s get on with four more ways. Let’s take into account that they would look great with work pants, too. I apologize for my lack of formal pants, but I practically live in denim.

1. Pretty Top and High-rise Denim Shorts

2. Tee and Relaxed Shorts

3. Button Down and Jeans

4. All White (Works with All Black, too)

5. With a Midi Dress

Now let’s get into the fun part! I spent hours looking for white flat shoes. Main reason: I like to get a new pair every couple of years and it’s time. I narrowed it down to five categories: mules, espadrilles, loafers, ballet flats and pointy flats. Even though in the first four categories there are pointy options, I separated them because in my opinion they deserve their own section. Two reasons are: they are incredibly chic, and they have the power to elongate legs without a heel. All my flats are on the pointier side.


One quick tip: if you’re not into trying to keep your foot inside your shoe, the more the mule covers your foot, the more it will stay put.


If there’s one type of shoe that immediately screams warm weather, it’s espadrilles. I’ve been obsessed with my platform Soludos slip-ons for two years already.


Want to look tall without wearing heels? Pointy-toed flats are your best bet.

Ballet Flats

I’m not the delicate type who loves ballet flats, but I do love how they look on other people (probably taller than I am).


Classic, chic and elegant, and make everything they are paired with the same way.

Now, will you come hang out with me on Instagram (@theunbosom) for more white shoes, and a real and vulnerable take on motherhood? I’m a fan of being real on social media.