5 Ways To Wear White Cut-Off Shorts Now


It turns out that white cut-off shorts are exactly what my wardrobe has needed…I just didn’t realize it until recently.  I had typically avoided white cut-offs simply because I (wrongly) assumed they would skew overly preppy, but since they’re both leggy and ragged (referring to the hem here) they just…work.  And to breathe some new life into this old staple, I’ve come up with a few tweaks to the usual white cut-off outfit combinations…that still take full advantage of that end-of-summer tan.

(A big thank-you to Social Threads, for sending me the shorts in the first place!!)

Five Outfit Ideas With White Cut-Off Shorts

1. With a Tomboyish Striped Tee

I know, I know – stripes and white shorts are THE most expected combo ever.  The twist here is to find a slightly oversized, boxy, and/or cropped striped tee.  That makes the look more boyish French Girl rather than preppy.  It’s v. 2018.

striped tee | white shorts | sunglasses

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2.  With More White (or Cream)

If there’s one way to instantly upgrade an outfit, it’s to try the monochrome trick.  Tone-on-tone dressing is going to be a big trend this Fall (in any color), but an all-white look at the end of summer is pretty hard to beat.  You can even throw some cream tones in there – it all works.

white tank | white shorts | sweatshirt (on sale!) | sandals | straw bag

3. With A Sexy Black Cami

The black-top-white-bottom is very Jackie O (and solidly a classic combo)…but the twist here is to pair the white-cutoffs with something silky, sexy, and, preferably, tiny.  Show some skin.  Tuck the top in for polish, and finish with flat sandals.

cami | shorts

4. With a Knotted Band Tee And Straw Bag

I need to get a few more band tees – I seriously love them with everything right now.  Especially knotted over white cut-offs and straw bags – this combo hits that perfectly done/undone vibe I love.

similar tee | shorts | similar bag (on crazy sale!)

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5.  With a White Graphic Tee And Belt Bag

This is similar to the look above, but when the graphic tee is mostly white to begin with, it evokes almost the same feel as the chic, all-white look….with just a little bit of an edge.  The graphic also adds a pop of color, making this a good alternative to the white shorts-bright top combo.

One last note:  I added a cool belt bag to this outfit.  I would NOT have added it to the completely monochrome outfit (#2 above), because the belt bag would’ve interrupted the all-white flow, reducing the impact.  But because the tee already had some color on it, the belt bag worked.

tee | shorts | belt bag | sandals | sunglasses

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