How We Use Our Echo Show Every Day


If you recall, I recently named Amazon’s Echo Show THE best gift for grandparents. I totally stand by that statement. But we do more with our Echo Show than just drop in on my Mom. So when Amazon reached out, asking us to write an article about how we use our Echo Show, I started making a list. It had stuff like, “Add item to shopping list” and “double-check door is locked” as two examples.

But it’s so much more fun to show you how we use our Echo Show than to write about it. So. With the help of our video guy, Conor Hader, and the patience of my husband and kids…we all became (at least for a few minutes)…ACTORS.

*lights come on*

*cue laughtrack*

It turns out that my husband is actually pretty natural in front of the camera. When I quizzed him later, he just laughed. “I’m not good at acting,” he explained, “I’m just….always….the same. I’m the same guy in any situation.”

Too true. (Hey Hollywood, if you ever need someone to play a middle-aged, skateboarding Dad who loves math, data science, and arguing about politics, religion and philosophy…I’ve got your guy.)

Anyway, check out our video to see how we really do use our Echo Show everyday. (And please be kind — none of us have any illusions about our “acting” — this was all just for kicks.)

Not covered in the video? Our epic kitchen dance parties, and my kids learning the lyrics to all of their favorite songs. (Those pesky music copyright laws, man. We would’ve had to film our epic dance parties to what basically comes down to either free elevator music or bad techno so we skipped it.)


A huge thank you to Amazon for sponsoring this post! This was an easy partnership — we really are crazy about our Echo Show. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. And readers, thank you for your continued support. It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated!