How We Wear It: Capris & Cropped Pants


This is our monthly series called How We Wear It, where *we* show all of the different ways to rock a wardrobe basic.  And by "we" I mean…all y'all.   If there was One. Thing. our readers have communicated again and again, it's this:  You want to see a wide range of body types represented here on ANMJ.  

So.  I'll show you how I've been styling my old standbys, and so will Cam.  And then, dear readers, we want to hear from YOU.  You can play along via our Linky party at the bottom (you can sign up at the bottom of this article or on Cam's page), you can send us an email (send it to either Cam or me), upload a pic to ANMJ's Facebook page, or use Instagram with the hashtag: #howwewearit.  As reader pics come in, I'll be keeping this page up-to-date.





I don't really own many capris.  Cropped pants?  Those I have in spades.  Not sure of the difference?  We covered it in gory detail here. (And don't miss our capri vs cropped pant infographic – an genius idea from a reader.)

In any case, my whole issue with capris and cropped pants is that they can skew fairly…mumsy.  Or overly preppy.  And some are just glorified khaki pants (like these).  But cropped pants/capris are perfect for showing off cool shoes, and their shorter length makes for all sorts of fun proportion play.  Here's how I'm wearing mine:


Killer Accessories

You guys know that I need a leeeetle bit of edge in my outfits.  Sexy ankle-wrapped sandals and a pretty bangle (worn high on my arm) worked for me.  It's just tough enough.  And gosh I love the pattern of this pant.  Gap nailed it.


Shirt:  an old Soft Joie shirt that I could nurse in – similar shape or another banded bottom

Pants:  Gap Printed Skinny Mini Skimmers

Shoes:  old  - similar for $30

Bag: Moop Paperback in Brown Waxed Canvas

Bracelets:  Chan Luu wrap bracelet – similar, Stella and Dot Tribute, Harlow (worn high)



With a Boho Tunic (The Long-Short, I Calls It)

My favorite?  Short pants + long top.  I actually do this with any form of short pant:  crops, capris, bermudas, whatever.  In denim, khaki, etc.



Jacket:  old…this is actually a sweatshirt (Gap) – similar

Top:  old Free People – love this tank or this tee or this nursing-friendly, pooch-hiding top

Jeans:  old AG skinny ankle patched denim – same cropped style or some  with patches

Shoes:  Zigigirl sandals, now on sale for $46

Bag: Makr Farm Rucksak


I like my tunics with a boho vibe….and Free People makes some ah-mazing, pooch-hiding tunics that are perfect for pairing with a short pant. 



Ready for Cam?  I'm digging her red-hot cropped pants and lips.

Cafe capris and zara sandal pumps

And holy moly those shoes!

Go see more of Cam here.


OK READERS!!  Over to you!  Send in your pics to aintnomomjeans (at) gmail (dot) com.  Or…use the linky tool below my signature.


From Sarah L:

"Terrible picture right after loading three kids in the van, but still, I wanted to play!"

Awesome, Sarah.  So glad you did. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Thank GOD for that infographic, Shana. I died laughing at the post on Mom’s lake house capri stash when I read it last spring – my Mom too owns the motherlode! I am dismayed that I cannot participate in this month’s How We Wear It … because I do not own a pair of capris. Nor crops. You make them look amazing, edgy even. Maybe one day I will break down … or when the cellulite gets the best of me. My husband swears I don’t have any (God love him), but I know better.

  2. I have an interesting conundrum…I am just shy of 5’10”, and I have always steered away from capris because I feel like they make me look squat, and from crops, because the vibe seems like I just bought pants that weren’t QUITE long enough. These past few months I experimented with rolling the hems of my skinny jeans, but that’s as bold as I’ve gotten. Can us giants pull off crops?

  3. My 7 yr old daughter saw that graphic of the “danger zone” for capris and crops you had last year, and ever since then she has to ask if we’re in the danger zone when one of us wears any kind of short pants!

  4. While I love these looks on you guys, I’m a permanent opt out. At 5’7″ with a long torso/short legs (and rather muscular legs at that), capris make me look ridiculous. Short and squat. Even Trinny and Susannah (BBC What Not To Wear) say so, and I agree. ๐Ÿ™‚ Godspeed to the rest of you!

  5. I say yes! I even like the look when capris are a bit short…J.crew styles them both ways, actually- short short and longer, rolled. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope that helps! I know what you mean…I’m 5’10 as well and pants have always been interesting.

  6. They look fabulous on you, and it’s nice to see a tall person working them! OK, maybe I need to go shopping this weekend and be bold. Thank you!

  7. Absolutely! It’s the long-legged lasses of the world who have it easiest when it comes to wearing cropped pants of any length. Play around with where they hit you on the leg; you should be able to see what works and what doesn’t.

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