How We Wear It: Maxi Skirts


This is our monthly series called How We Wear It, where *we* show all of the different ways to rock a wardrobe basic.  And by "we" I mean…all y'all.   

So.  I'll show you how I've been styling my old standbys, and so will Cam.  And then, dear readers, we want to hear from YOU.  You can play along via our Linky party at the bottom, you can send me an email, upload a pic to ANMJ's Facebook page, or use Instagram with the hashtag: #howwewearit or #anmj.  As reader pics come in, I'll be keeping this page up-to-date.



With A Looooong Top




There's something about the long-on-long that just works shockingly well.  Even for a shortie like me.


 (wearing: shirtFree People High Noon Teeskirt – old Target but this one is better)


With a Cropped Top



If you have a stomach that you can bare…then a maxi skirt is a perfect way to balance all of that skin. For the rest of us poochier mamas….I hike the waistband of a stretchy maxi skirt up underneath my boobs, then add the cropped top.  If you're tall enough, hoisting your maxi skirt turns it into a midi skirt.  You know.  Just for funsies.

This next pic isn't the greatest outfit shot, but I did a fancy braided thing in my hair and was so proud of myself and am obviously fishing for compliments. Oh, the vanity!


 (wearing:  Very old Sunner top…found another one in beige on Ebay, or this longer version)


Knot A Roomy Tee


This is an awesome pooch-hiding trick.  I'm using Mike's shirt here (he's so used to it by now that he's actually stripped one from his body and handed it over – forget flowers, that is LOVE, BTW)…


 (wearing: teebag)

…and I'm pretty sure I used to do this with my shirts in 1989.  The technique came back to me all at once:  

  1. Bunch up the fabric you are knotting and tie a loose knot right by your hip.  Initially, your shirt will pull rather tight.
  2. Holding the tee above the knot, slide the knot away from your body until the knot settles on your hip just so.  

This trick tightens up the knot (so it won't slide out) AND lets you play around with how the tee drapes. 


I also wanted to mess around with maxi skirts and denim vests which I think would be a really fresh way to wear a maxi….and then I remembered that M beat me to it  two years ago.


What is Cam up to you ask?  Good question!  Here's a sneak peek…  

8 (1)



Oooo…look at that cute little baby bump!  Look at it!!!  Love.  You can see the rest of Cam's How We Wear It (preggers version) here.


Ok Mamas!  Your turn!  



ps.  We've covered maxi's before…I've linked to some of our old articles below, also.


From Our Fab Readers:

Kristen, The Mom Stylist, sent in these pics.  She styled up a high-waisted maxi with two different cardigans.  Cool!



Marianne had emailed me this pic sometime ago:


She wrote:

"I recently ordered a gray chevron maxi skirt on Etsy, and a matching one for my daughter like the one you featured in this post (mine was only $20, and Darya's was only $12! – from this Etsy shop.  We wore them to church, and when we got home I had my eight year old son take this pic (my daughter was not in the mood and I'm a bit gross from the Florida heat, but I wanted a photo of us before she ate lunch and got all messy).  Anyway, I thought you'd like to see!"

YES, thank you!!  And that is a seriously awesome price for that skirt.  Thanks for the link!