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Mamas!!  This is our new monthly series called How We Wear It, where *we* show all of the different ways to rock a wardrobe basic.  And by "we" I mean…all y'all.   If there was One. Thing. our readers communicated LOUD AND CLEAR via the survey, it's this:  You want to see a wider range of body types represented here on ANMJ.  

So.  I'll show you how I've been styling my old standbys, and so will Cam.  And then, dear readers, we want to hear from YOU.  You can play along via our Linky party at the bottom (you can sign up at the bottom of this article or on Cam's page), you can send us an email (send it to either Cam or me), upload a pic to ANMJ's Facebook page, or use Instagram with the hashtag: #howwewearit.  As reader pics come in, I'll be keeping this page up-to-date.



I typically wear my sneakers for all kinds of standard mom-ing around:  going to the park, going on walks, backyard picnics, etc.  According to our Pinterest board, sneaks look amazing with all kinds of chic ensembles (cool blazers, especially), but I find that I reach for my sneaks on days when a t-shirt and jeans are my top speed.

So.  How to make sneakers look cool when you are limited to uber comfy, rather than uber chic?  Here are my tricks thus far:

Mixed Prints


(wearing: shirt….shortssimilar….shoessunniessimilar)


Mixing up a few prints is the easiest way to make a t-shirt & jeans momiform look cooler.  Seriously.  The easiest way.  I recently wrote a pattern mixing article for, if anyone is still confused by this trend.  Warning:  I'm pretty geeky, and so is the article.

I find that as long as I keep the individual pieces casual, I can mix prints and wear sneaks and still feel effortlessly cool, not overly contrived.

Wear Loads of Eyeliner

Isn't this a strange little tip?


(wearing: sweater (on super sale in-store, but not online?)…jeanssunglassesshoes)


I have no idea why this works.  But when I'm all blah-wearing another pair of jeans with a t-shirt blah blaaaaaah, and let me put on my – SURPRISE – sneakers blaaaaaahhhhhh….eyeliner helps.  And in this case, I find less is not more.  Mo' eyeliner, mo' better, that's my motto.  I mean let's not go crazy, here.  I'm not watching YouTube smokey eye tutorials.  Perfection – or heck – even blending is not required.  I just smear a black eye pencil in the general vicinity of my eyelids.  If I get it right, I feel all Brigitte Bardot, if not….Courtney Love.  But either is better than blaaaaaahhhhhh.

Skirts and Chambray


(wearing: shirtsimilarskirtsimilarbagsimilarshoes)

Have you met my magic skirt?  It's short.  It's tight.  My husband loves it.  And it's surprisingly good for running around with the kiddos.  With my sneaks on, natch.  It just doesn't flip up or get in the way, and when paired with chambray (love that fancy name for denim)….sneaks are a perfect match. 

Ok!  Enough about me.  I know what you Mamas are thinking.  You guys want to know how Cam is styling her sneaks.  Here's a peek:


You can see the rest of Cam's sneaker styling on her blog, Life in Modification.


OK READERS!!  Over to you!  Send in your pics to aintnomomjeans (at) gmail (dot) com.  Or…use the linky tool below my signature.






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  1. i didn’t even know converse made nude sneakers! i love these! did a little google searching and found that color is called “frappe ox”. unfortunately, hard to find. found a pair on ebay and just ordered! thanks, in a way 🙂

  2. Ok! I posted a (silly) photo from two years ago when I was 8 months pregnant. Here’s the story: I’ve always admired friends who could throw on a dress like it was a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. When I would put on a dress, I’d just feel like I was trying too hard or something. I don’t know. I’m a casual girl! But it all changed when I was pregnant and discovered that 1) dresses are super comfortable and 2) slip on sneakers are necessary when you can barely reach your feet and 3) dresses and sneakers work together! Now that my kid is two years old, I still feel comfortable throwing on a dress (even a silky one!) as long as I can pair it with some keds or converse or my trusty old plimsoll slip ons! It took me nearly 30 years to figure out how to wear a dress casually, but I did it! Woo hoo sneakers!!

  3. Love this and just got myself some cream colored Converse earlier this year. Honestly it didn’t occur to me to wear them without socks. Yay! 🙂

  4. Love all of these, but I always find the sneakers to be so narrow on my wide feet. Any ideas for a cool sneaker that comes in a size 7 wide width? Or has a bigger toe box?

  5. Belinda, I have been scratching my head over this one. The *blue* bag? Is it the one I’m holding in the last pics? That one is supposed to be black…or the 2nd pic? Because that’s R’s blue baseball mitt….which, now that I think about it, would be a cool starting point for a funky clutch…LOL

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